Some Holders, Crafters, and Weyrfolk Walked Into a Bar....

Date:  June(?), 1996
Places:  Benden Weyr's North Bowl and Living Cavern, the Lava Lounge,
the Dawn Sisters, the Rusted Hulk, the Beastcraft Lounge, the Wave Rider,
the Winecraft Tasting Hall, and the Winecraft Courtyard
Game:  PernMUSH
Copyright Info:  The World of Pern is copyright(c) to Anne McCaffrey 
l967. The Dragonriders of Pern(r) is a registered copyright.


Kassi's Note:  For all that I certainly took my sweet time posting it,
this may very well be my best group-RP log ever.  This pub crawl went
on for hours, involved people from every Weyr and several Holds or 
Crafts, was a *lot* of fun--and dragged F'hlan out to get mildly drunk in
public!  You can't ask for much more than that!  I've never seen any 
group event yet that's been quite its equal.  Anyway, most things here 
are probably self-explanatory; things prefixed by <*> take place away 
from Lysseth while I'm riding her, and things prefixed by Lysseth> occur 
in places where Lysseth is, and Kassi isn't.


The Log:

You slide off of Lysseth's neck to land beside her easily. She rumbles, 
cocking her head down at you, and you rub her eyeridges gratefully.

Tabith warbles cheerfully both to the dragons already in the bowl and to 
those landing.

Vidarth backwings for a landing.

R'val slides down from Vidarth's back and lands in a crouch.

R'val leaps to his feet and smiles, nodding respectfully to Tamma, 
"Benden's duty to Ista."

Tamma waves, hurrying into the living cavern, and attempting to make it 
look like she isn't.

R'val walks beneath the lintel and disappears into the living cavern.

Kassima waves to R'val and Tamma as she heads into the Living Cavern, 
Lysseth crooning a greeting of her own.

You walk past the lintel and into the wide living cavern.

Salless blows a stray lock out of her eyes and continues polishing a 

R'val walks in with Kassi and grins at the sight of C'ron, "There you are! 
Ready to start the fun?"

Tamma walks in from the bowl.

C'ron chuckles happily, "Ayup! Sure am, nice ta see ya, again R'val. 
Ista's duty."

Kassima grins, waving to Aph and C'ron. "Benden's duties to Ista and her 
queens and all that. Things're about ready to take off, then?"

Tamma hurries up (still trying to look like she's not hurrying) to stand 
near C'ron.

Aphrael chuckles amusedly and slips into a seat. "Ayep." She agrees with 

C'ron chuckles brightly to Kassima and replies, "Ista's duty ta Benden. 
An' I think we should maybe wait for a few stragglers, if they be 
anywhere. Tamma!"

R'val grins and plops into a seat near Aph and C'ron, "well. Where shall 
we start our drinking?"

Aphrael blinks at R'val. "Shouldn't we wait until we get to a bar first?"

R'val thpts at Aph< "Why? There's drink here!" He grins foolishly.

Tamma apologizes, "I'm sorry I'm slow." She pauses, as if hastily trying 
to find an excuse. Failing, she just shuts up.

Kassima chuckles. "May's well have a mug of Red long's we're here... and 
aye, thought Nie said she'd be along. May be a few others." She pulls up a 
seat and sits in it.

C'ron pats Tamma's side and introduces everyone to everyone. After that he 
proposes, "Let's go to Boll's secret lil hideaway!"

Aphrael rolls her eyes and grins. "Yeah, but last time we hardly made it 
all the way." Actually they -didnt-, but she was too drunk to realise 

R'val laughs ruefully, "Boll? There are already a million folks on Boll's 

Tamma echoes, "Secret? How secret?"

Aphrael giggles at C'ron. "We just came from there actually."

Kassima grins. "Eh, only 'cause dawn came too quick. But you may have a 
point. We can always have a glass after we've been to everywhere else, 
after all."

R'val chuckles, "NOt as secrete as people would like it to be."

C'ron chuckles to Kassima, "I don't even know where all the nine pubs are. 
Should be fun findin' 'em."

R'val grins, "Where shall we start out with then? Do we want to charge 
into the already-inflated crowd at Boll?"

C'ron nods to R'val, "Sure, the more the merrier!"

R'val grins at C'ron, "I suppose so."

Kassima hmmms. "Well, there's the Lava Lounge, Winecraft, the Hulk, the 
Master Beast Lounge, the Dawn Sisters, the Wave Rider--though they only 
serve Tillek there... y'know, I can't think of any more. Might have to do 
some searching indeed."

C'ron laughs at Kassima's comment, "Well, it'll be a lot o' fun tryin'!"

R'val grins towards Kassima, "WEll, we may not..last long enough..to find 
all the weyrs."

Meli walks in from the bowl.

Meli slaps her gloves against her palm. "heyla the cavern."

Jerissa walks in from the bowl.

C'ron waves to Meli brightly, "I'm C'ron an' Ista's duty ta Benden!"

R'val looks up and smiles, wavingtowards Meli, "Meli! Hey! Join the fun."

C'ron adds to Jerissa, "And Igen."

Tamma turns, smiling at Meli, "Ista's duty," then brightens. "Rissa!"

Jerissa giggles and nods to C'ron as she strides in, "Igen's duty!" She 
grins brightly to Tamma, "Hey Tamma!"

Aphrael waves over at Meli and Jerissa, adding a "Benden's duty to Igen." 
To that.

Meli grins. "Evenin', an' well met to you all."

Kassima hrms. "Aye, and some of the Weyrs are in the South, nay? Never 
been there. May have to just stick with the Northern Weyrs and the 
taverns." She grins and waves to Meli. "Heyla! Welcome to the festivities, 
as 'twere." She nods to Jerissa and echoes Aph with, "Benden's duty to 
Igen and her queens."

C'ron grins broadly to all the other riders, "Alright, I propose a rule 
for tonight. Ya just gotta say your duties once, otherwise it's gonna get 

Tamma scampers over to Jerissa to hug her. "I didn't know you were doing 
the Nines with us!"

R'val grins and nods to C'ron, "Agreed."

Aphrael chuckles amusedly at C'ron. "I second that notion, bronzerider." 
She murmurs.

Meli quirks a playful brow. "Say our duties? Hmm, maybe I should recite 

Jerissa chuckles and hugs back, "Well, T'vor's out so I thought I'd come 
do em. Not done them for awhile" she mentions to Tamma.

Kassima laughs ruefully. "Aye, you've certainly a point there. Agreed."

Kassima grins at Meli. "The Lament?"

C'ron nods his head brightly to Aphrael and R'val, "Well, then. It's a 
rule for the Pub Crawl. Anyway, I assume everyone knows how ta get to 
Boll. Last one ta the lava lounge pays for the drinks!"

R'val bounces to his feet, and out the door.

R'val walks down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

Meli rolls her eyes. "You know, the Candies lament... Whoops!" as she 
hears C'rn.

Meli walks down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

C'ron walks down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

Jerissa walks down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

You walk down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

C'ron climbs atop Mammeth dextrously, rubbing his hand lovingly over his 
lifemate's side. He settles himself quickly as Mammeth croons happily.

Meli climbs smoothly up Juliath's extended foreleg and settles herself 
between the neck ridges, as the green gives a welcome rumble from deep in 
her throat.

Aphrael comes out of the short tunnel from the living cavern.

Amrieth takes flight, using the thermals rising from the bowl to carry her 

You place one hand on Lysseth's neck and she warbles down at you fondly. 
You grin and scratch her eyeridges once before climbing up onto her lower 
neckridges, using the riding straps and Lysseth's thoughtfully offered 

<*> Lysseth springs from the ground, the air from her wings churning up 
dust as she takes to the skies.

You spring into the air and catch the thermals rising from the bowl floor 
to carry you aloft.

The rim of the bowl falls away from you and you soar into the open skies.

<*> Lysseth disappears into Between.

You gasp as the icy black nothingness of Between surrounds you! You hear 
nothing, see nothing, and feel nothing. The trip takes five heartbeats...

You suddenly emerge...

<*> Lysseth emerges from Between with a blast of cold air!

You wing down onto the gather beach.

Benden Weyr> P'tran watches a mass disappearance from Benden :) What's 

<*> Jerissa lithely jumps down off of Amrieth. Her eyes glaze for a brief 
moment and she smiles, whilst the green whuffles her hair affectionately.

<*> R'val slides down from Vidarth's back and lands in a crouch.

<*> Aphrael climbs down from Prefeth's neckridges with practised ease, 
reaching up to give her lifemate a thankful scritch as the blue dragon 

Benden Weyr> R'val says, "Pub crawl :}"

Benden Weyr> Kassima says, "Drinking party. :)"

You slide off of Lysseth's neck to land beside her easily. She rumbles, 
cocking her head down at you, and you rub her eyeridges gratefully.

C'ron chuckles as he unstraps himself and dives off.

From the sky, Tabith emerges from Between with a blast of cold air!

R'val bounces to his feet and grins happily, "We're heeeeeeere!"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan says, "Ah yes. Mehlani heard about this. :)"

Benden Weyr> P'tran ahs :)

Davidon watches the dragons come back and slowly shakes his head.

Aphrael laughs gleefully and waves.

Juliath wanders up the trail from the west and steps out onto the beach.

Jekar smirks at R'val. "Wow. How observant. He knows where he is."

Tabith backwings to a landing.

Meli slips smoothly down from Juliath's neck to her foreleg and to the 
ground, giving her a gentle caress.

Kassima grins and waves to everyone. "Heyla, all! Back t'begin the 

R'val winks at Jekar, "That's right, sweety, i do indeed."

Jerissa leans back against Amrieth, eyes scanning out over the crowd, 
waving to a few she knows, nodding to others.

C'ron scratches his head, "Alright...Now how do ya get to the Lava 

You wander up the jungle path.

You push aside some creepers and enter a hidden cave.

You climb up the crude ladder and disappear from view.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan considers that his eight-Turn-old daughter heard about 
a drinking party that he himself does not know about. What's wrong with 
this picture?

C'ron flies up the ladder and cheers mightily at not being last! 

Benden Weyr> Aphrael laughs at F'hlan. :) You're welcome to come along. ;)

Meli yawns dramatically as C'ron arrives. "What took ya so long?"

R'val grins, rubbing his hands together impishly, "Let's DRINK!"

C'ron laughs rumblingly and pats Meli's shoulder, 'Ya got here a few 
moments before me, don't give me none o' that."

Kassima grins. "Good, I'm nay the last. Don't have to buy the drinks!" She 
waves to Marcus and sits down in a chair. "This place reminds me--I've got 
that drink for you to try, R'val." She winks and pulls a bottle out of her 
belt pouch--it's rather discolored, and filled with her homemade brew from 
a couple days ago. "Saved it just for you to taste-test."

Aphrael giggles at Meli. "Showoff." She mutters. "Jul's faster than the 

Ursa climbs up from the caves below.

R'val Hmmms?at Kassi, "Drink? what drink?"He turns to her curiously.

Meli looks over the drinklist. "Eh, wha's good here?"

R'val says "Blue dragons, Meli!"

Fiona climbs up from the caves below.

Jekar climbs up from the caves below.

Meli snorts, and slaps R'val's shoulder. "Ya, right." And orders a green 

Marcus hands Meli a glass of Green Dragon.

Jekar hmphs at Fiona. "So don't wear one."

Kassima grins. It is not a reassuring grin. "Aye, drink. Made it m'self." 
She passes him the bottle, which seems to be filled with a greenish-blue 
gold-tinted liquid that has managed to discolor the glass of its 

Marcus places a glass of Blue Dragon in fron of Aphrael.

Channie climbs up from the caves below.

Tamma climbs up from the caves below.

Kassima shakes her head at R'val. "Green dragons are best, I tell you." 
She turns to order one for herself.

Marcus hands Kassima a glass of Green Dragon.

Fiona winks at Jekar, "I'd look awful silly going around skirtless."

Aphrael eyes Marcus warily and settles down a short distance away with her 

Benden Weyr> F'hlan eyes Aphrael, and suspects that if he got roped into 
this, he'd come back with either another kid sired or another fire 

Channie pushes her way in, "oh, hiya."

Jekar hms. "Yes, well, that and kinda prettier, I suppose."

Benden Weyr> Meli votes for both.

C'ron chuckles and grins, "Looks like Tamma is last so far." He goes over 
to her and gives her a hug, "Our Weyrsecond may be payin' for this."

Benden Weyr> Aphrael giggles.

R'val regards Kassima with deep suspicion "you made this. Yourself?"A 
volume of suspicion and doubt in one word.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan has to wash his hair? :)

Benden Weyr> Kassima snorts. :)

Tamma wrinkles her nose at C'ron, demanding, "Can I help it if you people 
walk so fast I get lost?"

Benden Weyr> Aphrael says, "Not good enough. ;)"

Kassima nods, looking absolutely innocent. "I did, at that."

Jerissa climbs up from the caves below.

Kethran climbs up from the caves below.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan has to wash his fire lizards!

Fiona laughs at Jekar, then moves to see if there's a menu."

Benden Weyr> F'hlan has to wash his fire lizards' hair!

R'val chuckles, "WEll..I've never been one to refuse alcohol."

Randival climbs up from the caves below.

Benden Weyr> Aphrael . o O (Of course, I could just be trying to convince 
you cos the last one here picks up the tab.. ;)

Channie pushes her way in a little more and looks for something to drink.

Ursa points at that brozne firelizard, "Does he -have- to come?"

Aellya climbs up from the caves below.

Meli swirls her drink, giving it a long look. "So, this stuff taste 
anythin' like good brandy?" to no one in particular as the crowd grows.

R'val grins and accepts the drink, "Though it may kill me, I'll try it 
anyway." He takes a deep drink.

Jekar silently follows Fiona.

Aellya wipes sweat from her brow as she comes in.

Davidon climbs up from the caves below.

Ursa looks around, "okay, I wanna try something I've never had before."

Benden Weyr> R'val says, "Would F'hlan actually come to something like 
this? Seems far too social for 'im ;) Besides, there might be a clutch 
around or something. Mwahahahahah :)"

Aellya looks around the croweded cavern, eyes searching.

Tamma adds, "And I'm not the last. I'm not picking up the tab."

Aphrael blinks over at Meli. "Brandy? Neh, you'd have to go to seacraft 
for that."

Meli leers. "Well, Ursa, ya could try R'val..."

Kassima blinks at Meli. "You drunk already, Meli?"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan thinks y'all won't know unless you ask.

C'ron grins broadly to Aellya as he talks with Marcus a few moments about 
the havoc which might ensue. "Ya made it! :)"

Ursa waves at Davidon. "You didn't get lost!" she grins.

Meli blinks back at Kassi. "Neh. Haven't even tried this one yet."

Benden Weyr> Aphrael says, "Okay, F'hlan, will you come? :)"

R'val slaps a hand over his mouth and /gasps/ heavily, "SHARDS KASSI!" He 

Jerissa grabs a drink that she's handed, wrinkling her nose once at the 
taste and then knocking back in one sweep. "Ah!" she pronounces, "Thats 

Benden Weyr> F'hlan meant _IC_, Aphr. :)

Kethran grins and plops down beside Ursa with a grin. "I'll have whatever 
she's having," he says, without even looking to see if the brownrider has 
a drink or what it is.

Davidon makes a face, "Just about! But look, I made it!" he moves through 
the crowd towards the bar.

Kassima grins. "Okay. Just with a suggestion like that, I wasn't quite 
sure...." She peers at R'val's reaction and smothers a laugh. "So what's 
it like?"

Benden Weyr> Aphrael okies. Hang on.

R'val hands the drinkback, hoarsely gasping, "Too..strong."

Fiona moves over to the group, curious as to what R'val would consider too 

Marcus pours Davidon a goblet of spiced wine and hands it to him.

Marcus nods and pours Ursa a drink.

Marcus places a glass of Kahluah in front of Ursa.

C'ron asks the room in general, "Can ayone get me a strong drink? An' 
whose payin' anyway?"

Aellya hears C'ron's booming voice over the din in the cavern and makes a 
line for him. She squeezes through people and gently nudges another untill 
she arrives at his side.

Duke climbs up from the caves below.

Kassima laughs! and recorks the bottle, wincing as it burns her hands. "I 
finally found a drink too strong for you! Didn't think it could be done!" 
She carefully places the drink back in her pouch.

R'val gives a shudder, "Ugh. Think I'll stick to more traditional drinks, 

Jekar sighs, shoving through the crowd to stay near Fiona. To R'val, he 
calls out, "Can't stand it, rider?"

Marcus blinks, "Are you sure you want that drink?"

Marcus shrugs and pours Meli a shot of Thread.

C'ron hugs Aellya happily, "What took ya, dear?"

R'val laughs at Kassi, "Not too strong, by any means! I just..prefer to 
make it out of this bar still able to walk."

Meli holds out the shot of Thread for C'ron. "Think this'll do?"

Davidon glances over at Kassima, quietly drinking from his wine as he 
watches her through the crowd.

Marcus blinks, "Are you sure you want that drink?"

Marcus shrugs and pours R'val a shot of Thread.

Jerissa studies the wall with interest, reading.

R'val takes a shot of thread from Marcus and grins, "Now this is a good, 
strong drink."

C'ron smiles boradly to Meli and booms, "Thank ya! Uh, what's your name? 
I'm C'ron."

Aphrael peers dubiously over at R'val. "He survived Kassi's brew?"
Duke climbs down the crude ladder.

Tamma turns to find Jerissa. Where is that greenrider? Finally she spots 
her and hurries over. Somebody she knows, besides her wingmate, is always 
a welcome sight.

Meli gives a salute. "Meli! Green Juliath's toy."

Kassima snorts in amusement. "I think that classifies it as too strong," 
she informs him, taking a sip of her green dragon. Then she nods to Aph. 
"Aye... I just can't seem to get him t'die, much though I try." She 

R'val nods to Aph solemnly, 'Uh-huh. I don't think it's quite strong 
enoughf or me." He grins impishly.

Fiona asks Kassi, "Was that that southern green stuff?"

C'ron chuckles happily to Meli, "How's it feel ta be a toy?"

Aellya grins and says "A little trouble finding this place, Those 
instructions Mammeth relayed weren't so hot." She leans into C'ron's 
embrace, and tickles him, "Whats that you're drinking there?" She perks 
up, looking at C'ron's mug.

Aphrael rolls her eyes at R'val. "Shards, how strong do you -want- it?"

Channie finds a quiet place to sit, and watches the people.

R'val sticks his tongue out at Kassi, "watch it, or I'll make ya drink 
blue dragons."

Jerissa grins at Tamma, "Sorry about the other night, that drudge was 
getting seriously out of hand" she comments, sipping between sentences.

Kassima snorts. "Aph... I think next time I'll mix this stuff with your 
doom drink and let him see how strong 'tis then!" To Fiona, she shakes her 
head in negation. "Nay, 'tis a drink I made m'self when I was 
experimenting nay long ago."

R'val Hmmms? at Aph, and waves a hand negligently in the air, "I dunno. 
Stronger than that for sure."

Finding a seat in the crowd, Meli finally sips at her drink, eyebrows 
lifting in appreciation. She replies to C'ron "Eh, mostly a lot o'fun, 
y'know. Better'n bein' a drudge."

Kassima grins and shakes her head in disbelief at R'val. "I like Blue 
Dragons fine; Green Dragons are just better."

Aphrael bursts out laughing at Kassi and nods. "Ayep, that'd be strong 
enough." She directs this to R'val as well.

Aellya starts laughing at C'ron, nudging him roughly. "What a 'question' 
C'ron." She grins and wrinkles her nose at Meli and then asks, "But now 
I'm curious too. What 'is' it like?"

Fiona ahs, then slips into a seat at a booth.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan, as his dragon informs him he's being invited to drink 
something called a 'bronze dragon', splutters on a mouthful of klah in the 

Benden LC> P'tran walks in from the bowl.

Benden LC> Salless tells her girls to look sharp when the weyrleader walks 

C'ron holds a mug of Thread after taking a sip. He coughs slightly and 
then gasps aprpeciatively. He says to Aellya, "I got no idea, but I like 

Jekar quickly looks in Meli's direction and frowns slightly at her 
statement, before he sits next to Fiona.

Marcus blinks, "Are you sure you want that drink?"

Marcus shrugs and pours Jerissa a shot of Thread.

Benden Weyr> Aphrael snickers. :)

Tamma says, "Oh, that's okay. He needed it, from what I heard of the 
conversation. What's that?" She nods towards Jerissa's drink and adds, 
"And is it any good?"

Aellya whips her head around and says petuatantly, "Well, where in 
sharding blazes is mine?"

Benden LC> P'tran pulls off his riding gloves and is about to issue 
greetings when he sees the caverns largely empty, save for another 
bronzerider and a few stragglers.

Jerissa grins and toasts generally, sipping cautiously at first and then 
nodding, "Oh, that certainly warms you up. Someone called it Thread or 
something? Horrid name for a drink."

Benden LC> F'hlan, looking rather startled, coughs, gasps, "No, 
Salless.... m'fine...." He waves off the woman, takes a few sharp breaths, 
and stares out into the Bowl...

Meli nods to Aellya. "M'name's Meli... didn't catch yours. Did ya mean 
what's it like bein' a 'toy', or were you askin' about th'drink?"

C'ron chuckles and kisses Aellya head, "Marcus, give me another of 
whate'er the shells this is. An' I know the feelin' Meli. I was a drudge 
for a time, ridin' is better!"

Fiona pokes Jekar in the ribs saying softly, but emphatically, "You are 
/not/ a drudge, so lighten up."

Benden LC> P'tran ums as he looks around. "Evening, F'hlan," he says. He 
raises an eyebrow when he sees the bronze's reation. "Something the 

Benden Weyr> Kassima giggles at F'hlan. Would you rather have a Gold 
Dragon? They serve those here, too. ;)

Jekar snorts. "Aye. Lighten up in a bar full of noisy drunk riders. Sure."

Meli laughs between sips. "Ya, was one m'self, down Seacraft way. Rather 
spend all m'time cleanin' an' oilin' Juliath rather'n cleanin' an' oilin' 
an' scrubbin' there."

R'val grins at C'ron as he spots his drink, "Ah, so you like Thread, do 
ya C'ron/ S'a good drink."

Benden LC> F'hlan half-smiles at the younger rider, and, blushing a bit, 
says gruffly, "Prefeth, ah, just asked Tzornth something..."

Ursa raises her glass to Davidon, "So," she grins. "Should I have left you 
at the weyr with your studies?"

Benden LC> P'tran ohs? and tucks his riding gloves into his pocket. 
"Something you care to repeat?" he asks with a slight smile.

Kassima lifts her glass in a toast to Aphrael. "Here's to drinks too 
strong for mere mortal men to stand. We'll have to remember to set it on 
fire 'fore serving it next time, too."

R'val blinks at Kassi, "A flaming drink? OUch."

Tamma nods, "But an entirely appropriate one to start the night off with, 
I guess?" She asks the bartender when he's nearby, "Can I have one of 
those? Thread? Thanks." She peers at it once she's got it.

Marcus places a glass of Blue Dragon in fron of R'val.

Davidon coughs and runs a hand through those stray hairs hanging around 
his face, "I don't know, I don't think I would have had nearly as much 

C'ron chuckles to Meli, "Well, I never met a table that when I cleaned it 
said 'thank you'." He hands Aellya a mug of Thread.

R'val tosses his mug to Marcus, and then orders a Blue Dragon, beaming 
with pleasure, 'Should try one of these, Meli, C'ron. They're the best."

Aellya grins and says "Aellya, of Igen Weyr, rider ta Green Jyrith." She 
replies, "If you wanted to know." She nuzzles C'ron briefly and says "Yes, 
do Marcus, one of what C'ron's having."

Benden LC> F'hlan says dryly, "Tzornth, it seems, has just learned of the 
presence of some drink called a 'bronze dragon'... at Boll. Prefeth wanted 
to know what Tzornth and I were doing..." He looks slightly startled, 
still, though regaining his composure.

Aphrael giggles at Kassi and lifts her own drink. "What an interesting 
toast." she says, drinking deeply.

Ursa burst into a big grin, apparently awfully tickled to hear that. 
"Well, good."

Meli laughs, tossing back the last of her green dragon. "S'right!"

Kassima grins at R'val. "Aye--Aph's doom drink goes up like a torch, and 
mine would prolly explode."

R'val grins, "Aph, do I wawnt to taste your doom drink?"

Davidon takes a sip of wine, "I just wish I knew a few more people."

Benden LC> P'tran ahs and nods slowly, and then takes another look around 
the caverns. "I take it then that's where most everyone is at the 

Aellya takes the mug casually from C'ron and sips, gasping as it touches 
her lips. She chokes for a moment and says hoarsely, "Thats good. Real 
good." She then proceeds to tilt her head back and swallow a few gulps.

Benden LC> F'hlan breaks off with, "Oh, no, Tzornth...!" His expression 
goes slightly distant again.

Jerissa chuckles to Tamma, "Well, a drinks a drink I suppose. Nothing 
lost, nothing gained."

C'ron turns to R'val, "Sure, I'll take a sip." He takes a blue dragon and 
sips it. "Nice! Not as much kick as Thread, though. An' that is a bad 

R'val grins at C'ron, "No, but it's kick is more in accumulation than in 
one drink, Drink five or six of 'em, it'll nail you to a wall."

C'ron looks aghast at Aellya, "Shells, lass, ya're chuggin' that like its 

Benden LC> P'tran hmms? and looks over to the other bronzerider with 
mostly concern, but a slight bit of amusement.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Tzornth rumbles sagely that his rider 
should, absolutely, drink anything called a 'gold dragon'.

Aphrael giggles at R'val. "You could try.. but I cant make it with," She 
points. "Marcus at the bar."

Ursa peers around the room suddenly. "Where'd I lose Fiona?" she asks with 
sudden concern. Finally she spots her friend at a table across the room, 
way over there.

Meli pauses to look over the crowd. "Hmm... what t'try next... any votes?"

Fiona calls though the crowd to Ursa, "Hey! Bring your friends over here. 
We've got a quiet table. Well, sorta, anyway."

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Laerth yawns and peers at Tzornth 
confusedly. << Come again? >>

Benden LC> F'hlan smacks his forehead, and turns a mild shade of pink, 
moaning, "Tzornth..."

C'ron responds to Meli, "Try R'val's drink. It's good."

Jekar grumbles, "Not anymore..." And turns to the bartender. "Water," he 
calls, and doesn't /care/ if it earns him some jeering.

Dragon> Tzornth bespoke Benden dragons with << Prefeth! Where did you say 
these 'gold dragon' drinks are? >>

Kassima suggests to Meli, "The tunnelsnake's not bad, and the Sea Spike's 
got quite a punch to it...."

Marcus places a glass of Kahluah in front of Jerissa.

G'rel climbs up from the caves below.

Aellya licks her lips as she lowers the mug and says "What, its not?" She 
winks at C'ron, weaving a little before leaning into him for support.

Meli hrmps playfully. 'Neh, tha's a blue dragon... maybe th'tunnelsnake, 
in Slithereth's honor"

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Lysseth rumbles in amusement. << My 
rider says the drink called the 'Green Dragon' is better. >>

Davidon glances over at Kassima once more, then moves with Ursa and 
Kethran to the table with Fiona.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Prefeth seems rather amused as he 
replies. << The *lava lounge*, at *Boll*. >>

Tamma nods to Jerissa, "True enough." she lifts the glass and says 
cheerfully, "To Thread, and may it go *between* and freeze there." Then 
she lowers the glass to take a long sip. Blinks several times. "Yow."

Dragon> Juliath bespoke Benden dragons with << My rider agrees, 
Lysseth. >>

Ursa pulls herself to her feet, turning to her friends. "Friends?" she 
asks. "Shall we join em?" and ambles across the room.

Benden LC> P'tran glances towards the bowl for a moment and then returns 
his gaze to F'hlan, his expression now much more amused than concerned. 
"Ah, let me guess. Tzornth has latched onto some interesting tidbit of 
information and is pestering you about it."

Marcus places a glass of TunnelSnake in front of Meli, "Enjoy"

Marcus puts on a thick leathis apron, thick gloves and puts a thick cloth 
over his mouth and nose, unstopping a metal container, filling a metal 
goblet and handing it to Meli at arm's length.

R'val nods to Meli, "Blue DRagon, green dragon...tunnelsnake. They're all 
quite good."

Jerissa chuckles, already working her way through the menu like a trader 
lass once more. She nods, "This one's not bad either Tamma."

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Laerth gives a rumble of understanding. 
<< My rider was wondering where everyone was tonight >>

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Prefeth snorts over at his two 
clutchsisters, keeping his own opinion on Green Dragons to himself.

C'ron hugs Aellya tightly as he takes a gulp or two of Thread. He winces 
and shakes his head, "How'd ya drink it so readily?"

Kassima grins at Meli. "Reminded me quite a bit of Slithereth. 'Tis good 
that this isn't a later stop, or I'd be drunk enough t'break out into my 
tunnelsnake song right about now... and I'd prolly get thrown out."

Meli eyes this new swirling concoction with a hint of suspicion, but tries 
it anyway. "Eh..."

Davidon sips his spiced wine, "I wonder when this place saw this many 
people last eh?"

Tamma asks, "Which on is it?"

Aellya grins as she replies with a chuckle, "Experience. I know how to 
drink it. "

R'val grins at C'ron, "It's an acquired taste."

Ursa grins at Jekar. "That water, Jeklar?" she asks good naturedly.

Tamma attempts to finish off the Thread after she asks. She fails. 
Spotting G'rel, she waves to him.

Marcus pours Channie a mug of Brown Dragon.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Tzornth announces that if _he_ cannot 
have a gold dragon, then by Faranth his rider is going to, and he is not 
going to let F'hlan rest tonight until he gives in.

Meli looks over at Kassi. Raising her voice a tad, she says "Yah, Kassi, 
sing us a song?"

C'ron chuckles at R'val and Aellya, "Well, I'm an ale an' cider man, 
m'self. These strange concoctions is jus' odd. But nice!"

Jerissa tilts her glass, "I think he said something about _klahuah_ or 
something like that. Its more mellow I think" she comments to Tamma.

Channie takes her drink and ambles back to the quiet spot in the back of 
the room.

Dragon> Prefeth bespoke Benden dragons with << My rider says she is 
strengthening weyr relations. >>

R'val grins at C'ron, "You'l get used to 'em, just conserve yourself. 
Can't have you passing out just yet!"

Benden LC> F'hlan says sheepishly, peering sidelong at the younger rider, 
"Tzornth has decided I need to drink tonight." He's still blushing.

Kassima winces. "Meli, y'don't want t'say that too loud--people might hear 

Tamma echoes, "Mellow? Aw, Jerissa, that's not what we're here for."

Fiona sits back in her seat, eyeing Jekar's water with distaste, "I 
suppose you woulsn't get me something else, even if I asked, would you?"

C'ron rumbles roaringly to R'val, "Shells, it'll take more'n a drink ta 
knock me down, I assure ya."

Jekar snorts. "Like what?" He sips at his water.

G'rel walks closer in, quickly reaching the cluster of the riders, the 
glass pushed in his hand. He waves back to Tamma and C'ron, and grins to 
Channie and Jerissa, "You're here, too?!" He grimaces after a sip from the 
glass. "Too spiced.", he says, after swallowing with effort.

R'val grins at C'ron, 'You just watch those Thread drinks m'friend, 
they'll knock you down quicker'n you know!"

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Tzornth mutters something about, << And 
I'll tell the whole Wing what he looks like when he -- >> before he is 
forcibly cut off.

Benden LC> P'tran grins and chuckles faintly. "Well, I certainly don't see 
a problem with it. Next Fall is not for two days anyway."

Kethran ambles after Ursa, looking around at the others.

Fiona lsitens in on the conversation, then says with a grin, "How about 
one of those Thread drinks?"

C'ron takes another gulp or three of Thread happily. He shakes his head to 
R'val, "I'll hol' my own, R'val."

Channie waves over to G'rel with her freehand.

Idly fingering her glass, Meli grins wickedly at Kassi. "Louder, did ya 
say?" Raising her voice, she calls "Hey, Kassi, sing us a song?"

Jekar frowns at Fiona, muttering, "Well, I never could refuse you..."

R'val grins at C'ron, "I don't doubt it, you enormous runner you." He 
winks at C'ron teasingly and turns to regard the crowd.

Aellya grins and says to C'ron, "I wonder if I can out drink you." She 
pats his belly and says "You think?"

Aphrael peers around the group, trying to figure out who's the last one 
in, so that she can find out who's going to pay.

Kassima winces. "Nay, Meli... these folk've done nay wrong to deserve 

Benden LC> P'tran adds, "Anyway, people need a little break from the 
tension we've all been under lately with the renegades and preparations 
for Search."

R'val grins at Kassi and pokes her in her skinny ribs. With the hand that 
isn't holding a drink of course, "C'mon you. I've heard you sing, you 
aren't so bad."

C'ron looks at Aellya, "If ya woulda asked me five minutes ago, I woulda 
said ya could ne'er out drink me. But I ain't so sure now."

Benden Weyr> Meli says, "We just want to give our new healers something to 
do, such as handing out hangover remedies :)"

Kassima shakes her head stubbornly. "Nay and nay. I sing even worse than I 
play the musical glasses, I tell you--these people don't want t'hear 

Benden Weyr> R'val nodnodnods :)

Benden LC> F'hlan nods sagely, trying valiantly to pretend he's not a 
noticeable shade of crimson along his cheeks. "Aye. What of you?"

Ursa sips her drink. "have you tried this one yet?" she frowns at the 
menu. "It's a kalbua."

R'val grins at Kassi impishly, "So be it!" he proclaims grandly, 'We'll 
make you drink till you're too drunk to say no!"

Benden LC> P'tran hmms? "Me? I wasn't the one invited," he says with a wry 

R'val adds, hastily, 'To singing us a song, that is.."

Meli chortles at R'val. "Right, bluerider, tha's all you have on your 
mind, eh?"

C'ron chuckles and shouts across the room, "I like your musical glasses, 

Jekar smirks once more at R'val, and motions the bartender over for one of 
those Tread things.

R'val sticks his tongue out at Meli and fehs, "S'not true."

Aellya grins over at C'ron and says "We'll see, yer much bigger than I, 
love, so ya could, so easily."

Channie sips at her drink, peering over the top of the glass to watch the 
goings on.

Kassima coughs. "'Twas about t'ask, R'val... don't think I'll ever be 
drunk enough t'not refuse t'sing." She coughs again at Meli and grins 
wryly. "Eh, well, he did have the randiest fire-lizard on Pern named after 
him, after all."

Fiona cocks her head at Ursa's drink, then beams a smile at Jekar as he 
hands her a glass, "I'll try one of those next, maybe."

Benden Weyr> F'hlan tries to talk P'tran into coming with him. Let's see 
somebody try to give him a drink and a green egg with the Weyrleader 
around. :)

C'ron chuckles and squeezes Aellya, "Well, I got no duty tomorra...So 
let's have at it, lass!" He then takes huge chug of the Thread. His eyes 
bugging out a bit.

Ursa laughs, "Save up, we've got another eight bars, remember?"

Meli winks at Kassi. "Sometimes, I wonder wha' he'd be like w'out that 
randy dragon o'his in near ev'ry flight across th'whole continent."

Benden LC> F'hlan says hastily, "I'm sure no one would mind...!"

R'val ahems and Meli, and pokes her indignantly with his now empty mug,' 
Hush up, greenrider. I'm a perfectly wll behaved rider. As is my dragon!"

Kassima grins and calls over in reply, "Aye, they were fun--until Aph 
drank all the wine out of 'em, at least!" She sticks her tongue out at Aph 
at the memory.

Jekar hmphs. He peers into the shot of Thread dubiously.

Aellya lifts her mug to C'ron and says "Alrighty. " She takes an equally 
big swig from her own mug, wheezing a little this time from the shock.

Benden LC> P'tran appears to consider for a moment and then shrugs. "Don't 
worry about it F'hlan. This sort of thing just comes with the territory. I 
doubt you got invited to many of these things when you were Weyrleader."

Tamma finally finishes her first glass of Thread, and, without a momen'ts 
hesitation, follows Jerissa in running through the menu, questioning what 
each drink is. One catches her interest and she says delightedly, "Green 
Dragon? That sounds like a good one."

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Tzornth rumblechants to his rider, 
<< Gold dragon. Gold dragon. Gold dragon Gold dragon >>

Marcus hands Tamma a glass of Green Dragon.

C'ron nods to Kassima, "Ruined a perfectly good song, I thought." He seems 
to be a bit dizzy with that last swig of Thread, he leans on Aellya a tad.

Benden LC> F'hlan says gruffly, around another blush, "I, ah, um.. " His 
voice drops a few decibels. "Don't normally get asked at all."

Ursa shifts a bit closer to Kethran, wrapping her arm around him rather 

Kethran grins at Ursa and orders one. "Haven't tried it, no.

Fiona smiles over her glass at Ursa, "We could just have Vidarth plant me 
on Spinneth's back again, if need be." She glances over aththat group, 
"Assuming R'val's still standing, that is."

Aellya's arm around C'ron squeezes him most affectionately as she peers 
about the room. She looks into her mug, amiss and says "Oh my, I'm almost 
done wit this."

Marcus places a glass of Kahluah in front of Kethran.

G'rel downs the rest of the wine, grinning, "Have to make up for what I 
missed." He watches over Tamma's shoulder, leaning on her. "Let's try? If 
it makes one belch fire, it's worth it!"

C'ron manages to finish his drink of Thread and gawks, smacking his lips 
unpleasantly. "It don't taste good, but I don't think that's the point o' 
the drink."

R'val grins at C'ron impishly, "Thread gettin' to you?"

Kethran takes a sip and slips his arm around Ursa as well, looking a bit 
amorous himself.

Benden LC> F'hlan considers this concept, brown eyes slightly wide, more 
than slightly surprised.

Benden LC> P'tran nods. "I can understand that feeling," he comments 
softly, then smiles again. "Well, anyway, please, feel free to go."

Jekar mutters to himself before he hesitantly takes a sip of the Thread. 
Closing his eyes, he tips head and glass back to get on with it, draining 
with a few long gulps. "Damn, damn, damn..." he mutters hoarsely, slamming 
the glass back down on the bar.

Benden LC> Baram walks here from the Inner Cavern.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan watches it slowly sink in that F'hlan has been invited 
to something. :)

C'ron says merrily to R'val nodding slightly, "Just a touch, but I'll 

Benden LC> Baram nods politely. "Good day, weyrleader."

Ursa looks at fiona and bursts out giggling.

Benden LC> F'hlan blinkblinks wonderingly, then says with a slight grin to 
P'tran, "I'll do that."

Benden LC> P'tran gives a nod to Baram as he comes in. "Evening," he says 
somewhat absently

Fiona looks at Jekar in rather speachless aw, then glances back to Ursa, 

Benden LC> Baram sits down at the quiet table by the night hearth.

Kassima grins at C'ron. "Try nay t'over do it on our first stop, C'ron! 
There's a long way t'go!"

Ursa grins, "Just remembering Vidarth putting you on Spin's back, 

Benden LC> F'hlan, with that, gives P'tran a salute just casual enough to 
be comfortable, and turns and limps quietly out.

Benden LC> F'hlan walks down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

Benden LC> P'tran grins at F'hlan and nods. "Good. Have fun," he says.

R'val peers about him, 'Is it time to move on, yet?"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan .oO (Okay, Tzornth. _1_ 'gold dragon'. Now shut up!)

Meli continues to swirl her drink, occasionally looking as if she's 
actually drinking, although one can't be too sure. She continues to grin 
at everyone, following many conversations and poking a comment in here and 

Tamma tilts her head up to try to grin at G'rel as she swishes the green 
liquid around in the glass, then tilts the glass to match it, finishing 
off the drink all at once.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Tzornth rumbles in obvious satisfaction. 
Oh good.

Benden LC> Baram smiles at the weyrleader. "How's the family?"

Davidon sips at his wine thoughtfully, listening to everyone else, but not 
adding to the chatter at the moment.

Benden Weyr> Kassima pours one of her patented evil potions in the pitcher 
of Gold Dragon and whistles innocently. ;)

Benden Weyr> R'val hides the squadron of Zombie LCGs, in waiting for 
F'hlan's arrival.

Benden LC> P'tran watches F'hlan go and then sighs slightly to himself 
with a slightly wistful look before being distracted by Baram. "Hmm? Oh, 
they're doing quite well," he replies with a slight smile. "Jehrina's been 
rather busy lately, but Jehran and TRelina have been doing well."

C'ron disengages from Aellya for a moment as he stride over to G'rel. He 
pats him on th shoulder, "Glad ya could make it, G'rel! Hope Mammeth 
relayed the message OK."

Jekar puts a hand to his chest, and mutteringly vows to /never/ do that 
again. But /Fiona/ asked him to, so... *sigh*. He motions vaguely for the 
tender to take the glass away.

Tamma's assessment comes quickly: "Yowza. Yum."

Benden LC> Baram nods. "That's good. Ummm, you have 3 children now?"

Channie inflates the porta-table

Benden LC> P'tran shakes his head. "No, just two, Jehran and Trelina."

Fiona blinks at Jekar. /She/ asked him to? Grumbling under her breath, she 
just shakes her head.

Meli hmmms, glancing around. "We shoulda kidnapped a harper.."

Benden LC> Baram frowns slightly. "Then who had twins..?"

Aellya calls out, "Well obviously he did, C'ron sweetie, he's here, ain't 

Benden LC> P'tran ohs and grins. "You're thinking of Flannery. She's the 
one that had twins. SHe gave birth about a sevenday or so after Jehrina."

Jekar looks up and /grins/ at Fiona's grumbling. "And they say /I'm/ 

C'ron reaches out for Aellya's hand to drag her into a hug nearer to G'rel 
and Tamma. "Ayup, I reckon he did."

Kassima chuckles at Meli. "Aye--someone else to sing so y'won't be bugging 
me about it."

Fiona hrumpfs, "Well, you stole my drink."

Meli's eyes widen. "Neh, I'd still be buggin' ya about it, luv. S'part 
o'my duty t'day."

F'hlan climbs up from the caves below.

G'rel follows Tamma's lead, emptying the last drops of wine, then pouring 
with the... green. He takes a cautious sip first, then a bolder one. He 
nods to Tamma. "'xactly" and downs the glass, then refilling, with more of 
the drink.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Laerth pauses after listening to the 
conversation before deciding to ask << Now why would anyone name drinks 
after different colors of dragons? >>

Meli swoons.

Channie pushes her way in and sits down.

Benden LC> Baram nods. "Oh, sorry about the gaff."

R'val grins, "Meli, you are a truly evil person."

Jerissa's eyes glaze over and she hrmfs. "Shardit! Now? Oh alright! I'm 

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Lysseth rumbles. << The drinks are 
colored like the dragons, my rider tells me. >>

Jerissa climbs down the crude ladder.

Tamma looks up at Jerissa, and asks, "You're going?"

R'val blinks, "F'hlan?" He looks amazed to see the bronzerider here.

C'ron looks as Jerissa leaves, "Where is she goin'?"

F'hlan, slowly, makes his way up into his place, and glances around 
quietly. There's a green fire lizard on his shoulder; _she_ croons 
brightly at all the interesting noises.

Benden LC> P'tran grins. "Not a problem at all. I haven't gotten a good 
look at the twins myself, come to think of it. I remember seeing one of 
them at the Ista hatching, though. She brought them with her."

Aphrael drains her glass, waving over at the bronzerider with a hint of 
amusement in her eyes. "Heya F'hlan."

Tamma is too late. She has her answer, though. She wrinkles her nose, and 
offers her glass to the bartender for a refill. "Y'know," she remarks to 
G'rel, "There's one of these for every color of dragon in the sky."

Meli waves over at F'hlan, nearly in a salute. "Bronzerider! Well met!"

Kassima waves over to F'hlan before ordering herself a second drink, 
hiding an amused grin.

Jekar smirks. "You /did/ ask me to drink one..." With a slight hand 
gesture the bartender's back and ready to take Fiona's order. "Thread, 
you wanted, too?"

Benden LC> Baram smiles.

Marcus places a glass of Sea Spike in front of Kassima.

Marcus blinks, "Are you sure you want that drink?"

Marcus shrugs and pours R'val a shot of Thread.

Fiona nods, "Yes please."

Aellya stumbles up against C'ron, bracing herself against his side, 
"Shardit C'ron. I can't walk so well just yet, That durned Thread drink 
kinda frazzled me." She grins, obviously teasing.

C'ron waves to F'hlan cheerfully, not knowing who he is but doing so more 
to join the crowd of greetings.

F'hlan, spotting Benden riders, limps over to them. He inclines his head 
in silent greeting; his eyes, for once, lack something of their usual 
solemnity. En route, he nods to C'ron as well.

R'val grins,and mutely offers F'hlan a noxious, bubbling concoction of 
some kind.

Dragon> Laerth bespoke Benden dragons with << I see ... well, the color 
part at least. Why call them 'dragons'? >>

Meli patpats a seat near her cluster (gaggle?) of riders. "Sit y'self 
down... "

Jekar nods slightly to Marcus, who deftly pours a shot of Thread for 
Fiona. "Bottoms up, m'dear." The grouchy weaver guy winks.

Kassima grins and raises her glass in a greeting to F'hlan. "Heyla, 
bronzerider. Welcome t'the festivities and all."

C'ron hugs Aellya and kisses her briefly, "Poor Aellya. I guess I won, an' 
it took just one drink!"

G'rel arches an eyebrow to Tamma, after waving to the Benden rider, "And 
you'll surely want to try a bronze, won't you?" He drinks some more of the 
green, though.

Aphrael leans over the bar and mutters something to Marcus. She sits back 
and waits for the order to come.

Aellya snorts at C'ron and pokes him in the side gently, "Ya ain't won 
yet, lug. I was jus kidding cos I tripped." She grins.

C'ron asks loudly, "What is the best drink here?"

Benden LC> P'tran glances towards the bowl for a moment with a small smirk 
and a sigh.

Aphrael calls out, "Blue dragons!"
From the rowdy table Channie says "hey, I'm all alone over here!"
Fiona takes the drink from Jekar, eyeing him suspiciously, then takes a 
tiny sip.
Kassima grins as she sips her Sea Spike, blinking as the kick to the drink 
hits her. She calls over to C'ron, "Green Dragons!"
C'ron rubs his side and winks at Aellya, "Shells, looks like it'll take 
awhile longer."
Marcus pours a drink for Aphrael into a fluted glass.
Marcus hands Aphrael a glass of Golden Dragon.

Dragon> Laerth bespoke Benden dragons with << Nevermind ... P'tran is 
telling me to stop asking silly questions... >>

Benden LC> Baram follows P'tran's glance. "Something up, sir?"

Jekar naahs. "Her brew." He points to Kassima.

Tamma downs her second green, then offers the glass to the bartender 
again. In answer, firmly, as if it's obvious, "Scorch, yes."

Meli shakes her head. "Shardin' sweet an' spicy drinks... need some good 
ol' brandy, I do."

Marcus grins and pours Tamma a drink.

Marcus slides a mug of Bronze Dragon to Tamma.

Aphrael hands the glass, coloured gold liquid, to F'hlan, grinning at the 
Benden Bronzerider. "Try this." She suggests.

R'val grins at Meli, "Surely they have brandy here?"

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Lysseth rumblepuzzles. << I'm not sure 
there is a reason, anyway. It's just one of those strange human things. >>

C'ron drags Aellya to 'enter table' with him.

C'ron pushes his way in and sits down.

Benden LC> P'tran turns back to Baram and shakes his head. "Nothing, just 
speaking with my dragon for a moment."

Meli continues to mutter to herself "Course, since I'm sweet an' spicy..." 
and looks up to wink at R'val.

Aellya asks, "An what do I win if'n I win?"

Fiona inflates the porta-table

Kassima hmmms? Seeing herself pointed to, she inquires, "What about my 

Triayla climbs up from the caves below.

Benden LC> Baram nods with a wry smile. "I see."

Kethran pushes his way in and sits down.

Jekar smiles faintly. "Surely it's the best drink in here."

R'val waggles his eyebrows at Meli and grins. "Can't deny that, m'dear."

Aellya pushes her way in and sits down.

Meli says "Triya!"

Kethran lets out a huge burp and leaves the table.

R'val waves frantically, "Triya, hey!"

Kassima laughs. "Spicy, Meli, but sweet? You?" She grins and then waves 
over to Triayla. "Triya, welcome! Glad y'could make it!"

Benden LC> P'tran adds, "Some of the other riders went off for some 
relaxation and Laerth was curious about something, that's all," he 

Aphrael waves over at Triya as she spots the her. "Triya! Good to see 

Triayla slumps into a chair and grins. "Hi!" She waves to R'val, Meli, 
Kassima, Aph, C'ron and just about everyone.

R'val grins, and presses a brown dragon into Triya's hands, "Here. A drink 
called a brown dragon. Perfect for you to start your night off with."

F'hlan, at the flurry of suggestions directed his way, says simply, 
"Tzornth insists that I, ah, try a 'gold dragon.'" To Aphrael, he arches 
his eyebrows. "That would be this?"

Benden LC> Baram smiles. "You didn't join them?"

Triayla blehs. "R'val, are you trying to poison me?!" She refuses hastily. 
"I've tried one of those before."

Marcus hands F'hlan a glass of Golden Dragon.

Aphrael chuckles and nods at F'hlan. "Ayep, that's it."

R'val laughs, and drinks it hismelf, smiling.

Kassima grins at F'hlan. "A good drink, the Gold Dragon is, though I'm 
partial to Greens m'self...."

Aphrael bursts out laughing at Triayla. "Don't drink the brown dragon." 
She agrees with a grin.

F'hlan smiles faintly, accepts the drink, and studies it as if planning 
tactics against it.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan fehs. Nothing I can run, code-wise, to see what this 
drink does. :)

Benden LC> P'tran grins wryly and shakes his head. "Wasn't invited. 
Generally riders don't want the stuffy Weyrleader around in these cases," 
he comments. "Anyway, how do things fare at the winecraft?"

Meli tosses back the last of her bit of Tunnelsnake and eyes the cave. 
"Hrmph, is this a progressive, or are we gonna sit ere all night?" with a 
playful smile.

Fiona pushes her way in and sits down.

Tamma sips at the drink in the mug, almost cautiously. Bronzes are Not To 
Be Trusted, after all.

Benden Weyr> Kassima is tempted to offer F'hlan her highly-explosive who-
knows-what's-in-it homemade Doom Brew, but decides against it. ;)

Davidon pushes his way in and sits down.

R'val nods with Meli and grins, 'Yeah, I'm with you Meli.It must surely be 
nearly time to move on."

Benden Weyr> Meli tries to figure out an IC reason to invite the WL :)

Jekar pushes his way in and sits down.

Benden LC> Baram smiles. "The winecraft's doing fine, thanks."

Triayla looks at Aph. "As I recall, that's what you said last time, and I 
tried it anyway, much to my regret."

Kassima chuckles. "Most potent, p'rhaps, but I don't know about best... 
I've never tasted it. Don't dare to."

Kethran grins and finishes the last of his drink, his arm still around 
Ursa. He smiles quietly and considers what to try next. Ah, yes.

Marcus places a glass of Blue Dragon in fron of Kethran.

Benden Weyr> P'tran smirks. Don't worry about it, Meli. If you think of an 
IC reason, fine, otherwise its ok :)

Benden LC> Baram grins at the blue flit.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Lysseth warbles. << My rider says that 
if you're curious about the drinks, Laerth, maybe you and your rider 
should come up here and see for yourselves. >>

Aphrael nodnods at Triya, her eyes not yet showing the amount of blue 
dragons she's had so far. "Glad you remembered. How's Jadith doing?"

Benden LC> Verlyt is always carefull to keep out of Salless' way, due to 
the fact she once tried to quash him with a frying pan.

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Prefeth rumbles agreement with Lysseth. 
<< Perhaps he would like the Bronze Dragon. >>

Benden LC> P'tran nods to Baram, "Good to hear. I take it then that the 
renegade raid at Benden didn't do any lasting damage .."

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Juliath rumble-snorts. << Or perhaps he 
would like the Gold Dragon too. I do now see why, though.>>

Triayla smiles beatifically. "He's as lovely, as clever, as handsome as 
always. And Prefeth?"

Dragon> Laerth bespoke Benden dragons with << Well, I can try to ask 
P'tran if he wants to go. He insists for some reason that no one would 
want him there. >>

R'val grin at Triya, "It's been too long, my dear."

Benden LC> Baram rubs the back of head. "No. No permanent damage."

C'ron lets out a huge burp and leaves the table.

G'rel glances at the bartender, narrowing his eyes. He waves him closer, 
then tells something quietly in his ear. He puts five glasses on the bar, 
and fills each. G'rel grins to Tamma. "Let's do half of each. Easier to 
try them all." He starts with a sip from a gold and a sip from a bronze. 
Now both are hazardous, aren't they? His first sip went much harder than 
the second.

Benden LC> P'tran ums and nods, and glances towards the bowl again.

Meli goes distant, then refocuses. "Eh... " she says loudly over the din. 
"Anyone think we should convince P'tran t'join us t'night?"

Aphrael giggles at Triya. "That's great to hear. Prefeth's really great as 
well. Enjoying the time we spend down here at Boll, no doubt."

Kassima grins. "Eh, soon enough, R'val. Nay many other places that serve 
drinks like Boll's...." She seems to be drinking her Sea Spike rather 
slowly, determined not to get sloshed this early in the trip.

Triayla grins over at R'val. "I don't believe you suffered, sweetie, but 
it's nice to see you again too."

R'val says "P'tran? Sure, let's let him in on the fun!""

Tamma takes a few swallows to decide whether or not she likes the Bronze 
Dragon. Another few swallows to decide whether or not to keep drinking it. 
Oh, hey, whaddya know, it's all gone. She thumps the mug on the bar for a 

R'val laughs softly, "Don't believe, or don't care?" he winks at TRiya, 
"It's nice to see you too."

Kassima hrms. "Sure, Meli, sounds like a good idea!"

C'ron asks Meli as he gets his discarded Blue Dragon, looking behind him 
to see if Aellya follow him, "P'tran? Why would the Weyrleader o' Benden 
wanna be here?"

Dragon> Lysseth bespoke Benden dragons with << Your rider is welcome to 
come, Laerth, if he wants. >>

Aphrael says "Let's get the Benden Weyrleader drunk!" She calls out.

Tamma ohs to G'rel, hrming. "Well, okay." She pushes aside her Bronze mug 
for a moment to follow the bronzerider in tastetesting.

Kassima giggles. "Never seen P'tran drunk... might be a thought."

R'val grins at Aph, "That would be something to see."

Dragon> Laerth bespoke Benden dragons with << I will tell him ... >>

C'ron looks at Triayla pleasantly, "Hello, rider! I'm C'ron. Who is she, 
R'val?" He smiles chipperly then takes a gulp of the Blue Dragon.

Benden LC> P'tran hmms and runs a hand through his hair. "Apparantly I was 
mistaken .." he says in a tone that's both surprised and relieved.

Meli starts to build a small pyramid out of dirty glasses on one of the 
tables, whistling softly as she does so.

Triayla looks suspiciously up at C'ron. "Of course you're C'ron. I wasn't 
*that* drunk that I wouldn't remember you."

Benden LC> Baram looks up. "Eh?"

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Prefeth sounds out a rather amused 
rumble, then adds. << You will like the warmth down here, Laerth. >>

Kassima suddenly recalls something and grins at Triayla. "Say, Triayla, 
d'you remember just how many bars we went to th'last time we did this? Aph 
and I can't remember any more than six, but I know we thought we'd done 
nine at the time...."

C'ron looks at Triayla curiously, "Uh...Have we met? Shells, I feel right 

G'rel does the first cycle, ending with the green, then goes over the 
glasses to the gold. His hand tries to pass around Tamma's clumsily 
somewhere on the brown, but he solves the problem by taking two sips of 
the bronze instead. Then he leans on the table heavily, grinning. "For the 
greens!" He yells to C'ron, answering his question.

Triayla gives a long-suffering sigh. "Yeah. Right here in fact." she says 

Benden LC> P'tran says "About being invited. Apparantly I am."

Benden LC> P'tran smirks. "Hopefully it wasn't because Laerth badgered 
anyone about it."

Benden LC> Baram smiles. "Ummm, maybe you're not as stuffy as you 

Happy Bouncy Porta-table wobbles

Tamma doesn't mind G'rel's doublesipping the bronze. She does, after all, 
have her own mug of it.

Triayla looks at Kass. "I'm afraid I really don't remember. I remember the 
first two, but I'm sort of hazy after that."

C'ron nods his head to G'rel and yells, "Get me a Green Dragon, then. I'm 

Benden LC> P'tran chuckles faintly. "Perhaps. Well, anyway, I best not 
disappoint them ..."

Benden LC> Baram reddens a little, but continues to grin.

Porta-Table Two wobbles, too.

Kassima grins. "Green Dragon! Now there's a drink! Think I'll have another 
m'self." She acquires a glass of the green liquid and gulps the rest of 
her Sea Spike before starting in on it.

Alea climbs up from the caves below.

Benden LC> Baram nods politely. "Have fun, weyrleader."

Benden LC> P'tran pulls out his riding gloves. "I better get over there. 
I'll talk to you later ..."

Happy Bouncy Porta-table shimmies.

F'hlan very quietly sips his gold dragon, not commenting that no one here 
has ever seen _him_ drunk, either. Anybody looking at him just _might_ 
notice a subtle lightening of his eyes and a faint flush to his cheeks, 
though, as he leans back in his chair.

Meli double blinks. "Shells, only had two, an' the tables're movin' on 
their own..."

Alea waves. "Heya!'

C'ron asks everyone in a loud voice, "Alright, what Pub ratin' shall we 
give this place? From one ta ten." His face lights up as he waits for the 

Benden LC> P'tran walks down the short tunnel and out into the bowl.

Benden LC> Baram waves at P'tran as he departs.

Porta-Table Two does a lil dance on it's own.

Aphrael peers suspiciously over at the tables, then waves to Alea.

Kassima grins. "Ten! The Lava Lounge's always been my favorite."

Meli ponders this profound question with the consideration due, and calls 
out "Seven!"

Tamma pipes up as she steals the Gold Dragon out from under G'rel, "I give 
it a Nine."

Aphrael hrms. "Aside from the bartender, nine!" She smirks.

Alea grins and orders up her favorite...green dragon of course!

R'val grins, waving furiously as he spots Alea, 'Hey! You're here! Hi 
Alea!" he toddles a bit dizzily towards her.

Kassima waves to Alea, raising her glass of Green Dragon in greeting. Then 
she hrms at Aph. "Y'know, you may have a point there...."

C'ron waves to Alea, looking about for a certain Igen greenrider. He 
laughs at Aphraels comment, "Alright....10,7,9,9...I give it a 9 as well. 
Looks like the Lava Lounge gets a Rider Ratin' of Nine. Where to next?"

Alea sips her drink. "Ah, Ten, nine what? Waht are we counting?

Aellya lets out a huge burp and leaves the table.

Tamma turns to check out the bartender, hearing Aphrael's decision. She 
examines him for a few moments with the eye of a greenrider. Turns back 
and changes her own scoring. "Ten, I mean."

Alea grins as she see's Aellya. "heya!"

F'hlan closes his eyes, with slow deliberation, and presses the glass 
holding the remnants of the drink for a moment against his flushed face. 
"Faranth," he mutters.

Aphrael lets out a cheer.

Kassima lifts her glass and cheers the rating.

Alea saunters over to Kassi and Aphrael. "Whoa, let me finish this. I just 
got here!"

From the rowdy table Channie sips her drink.

G'rel yells back at C'ron, "Let Mammeth get one himself!" After a moment, 
he mutters, "Not that he needs being told to." He leans down, stealing a 
sip from Tamma's own mug, grinning at her broadly.

Aellya stands up from one of the tables and heads back over to the bar 
with a purpose. She spots Alea and waves as she finally arrives there and 
says "Lemme try one of them other drinks there." She tries to find C'ron 
admist the crowd again.

Meli hrmphs, having a soft spot for the Hulk.

C'ron laughs heartily and downs the rest of his Green Dragon, "Alright 
Alea! We'll wait a spell. How 'bout the Dawn Sister's Tavern next?"

Triayla shakes her head. "I can't give such a good rating to a bar that 
has such a horrible drink called a "Brown Dragon." she frowns 

Kassima grins. "Sounds good, C'ron. Either that or the Rusted Hulk."

Aphrael laughs at Alea. "Better hurry up and grab a drink. It sounds like 
we're moving on soon."

Dragon> Benden dragons sense that Tzornth croons in deep satisfaction, 
sensing something akin to his rider's mouth being set afire. << _Now_ he 
knows how it feels! >>

Tamma laughs, being close enough to hear G'rel's mutter. She tries to pull 
the mug away from G'rel before he can steal it, but fails. She wrinkles 
her nose at him.

Alea looks over to Kassi. "Where have /we/ been so far?"

Meli comments aloud "P'tran's here."

Kassima grins at Alea. "This is the first stop, actually...." She nods to 
Meli. "Looks like!"

F'hlan abruptly grins, widely, at Meli's comment, and looks vaguely 

Aellya takes the drink she recieves and after spotting C'ron, heads back 
over to him. "Hey there C'ron." She says in a low voice, low to get 

Alea grins. "Wunnerful, I didn't miss much then."

R'val grins, "How're you doing, Alea?"

R'val grins oer at Meli, 'He is! wonderful! Even the weyrleader's joining 
in on the fun.

From the rowdy table Channie kicks her feet up on the table and sips her 

Alea grins and hugs R'val. "Looks like I'm playing catchup at the moment. 
Everyone was ahead of me."

Aphrael glances over at F'hlan. "How are you doing there, bronzerider?" 
She asks, perhaps noting the faint blush.

Meli grins. "A fine Weyrleader, we have now, don't we?"

C'ron goes through the crowd to loop an arm about Aellya, "Alright, last 
call. Finish your drinks. Dawn Sister's next."

P'tran climbs up from the caves below.

Meli chuckles. "Speak o'the..."

Tamma picks up what's left of the Green Dragon on the bar, and finishes it 
off before G'rel can get to it.

Kassima grins. "Aye, 'tis true," she agrees, raising her glass in yet 
another toast before giving a sharp salute to the Weyrleader in question. 
"Heyla, sir!"

Aellya finishes off most of her drink, quickly, and setting it aside to be 
cleaned up after the group is gone, "I'm sure ready to go."

Alea gulps her green dragon down. "Oh, Wow! Those are hard to drink fast." 
She giggles.

Aphrael gulps down the best of her blue dragon. "Ready." She announces, 
casting a glance at the bartender. She salutes over at P'tran, waving.

P'tran glances about in some surprise as he emerges into the cavern. "So 
this is where everyone from Benden has been hiding," he comments with a 
humorous smirk.

R'val grins, waving towards P'tran, "hey P'tran, welcome to the fun, 

F'hlan lets out a low, slow breath, and murmurs reverently, peering at the 
remnants of his gold dragon, "Faranth!" At the arrival of the younger 
bronze rider, he looks up. P'tran, of all people, may best be able to note 
F'hlan being uncharacteristically mellow of eye.

R'val winks at Alea, 'They'll hit you hard when you've had enoughof 'em. 
Want to try something different?"

Alea grins. "Not me, I'm hiding from Jerissa."

Meli unstacks the glass pyramid, and gives a salute, still crisp, at least 
for now.

C'ron laughs and salute P'tran, "Ista's duty ta Benden an' her Queens, 
sir. We's headin' out shortly."

Alea giggles at R'val. "I'll get my next one at the nxt stop."

Kassima laughs. "Hiding? Nay, sir, just having a bit of a jaunt... 
things're about t'move over to Dawn Sisters, actually." She grins at 

F'hlan. "A good drink, nay?"

P'tran ums and nods, a bit uncertainly at first. "Well, Laerth seemed a 
bit insistent, though I hope he didn't badger anyone into getting 
invited ..."

F'hlan smiles crookedly at Kassima, and nods, a single time.

R'val grins at P'tran, "They badgered him into inviting you sir, you're 
wanted here. Come have some fun."

Alea chuckles. "Can't visualize J'rell here, that's for sure.'

Meli nods. "Yeh, someone get the weyrleader a drink, he's behind... an' 
then we'll move on."

P'tran chuckles at R'val. "Well, in that case, I suppose I can stay for a 
little while anyway ...

Aphrael peers at C'ron. "Hey, I thought we said no more duties?"

R'val grins, nodding to P'tran approvingly and winking at Alea, "Oh? I 
suppose not. So how's Igen, Alea?"

C'ron hugs Aellya and chuckles to Aphrael, "Well, it's the shardin' 
Weyrleader o' Benden, I figure it'd be not right not ta say that."

F'hlan raises his glass-occupied hand, beckoning P'tran over. "You, lad," 
he calls. 'Lad'? Since when is P'tran 'lad' to F'hlan. "You'll want this. 
But drink it slow."

Benden Weyr> R'val says, "Hey Kassi. Give F'hlan some of your special 
drink . Mwhahahaha ;)"

Aphrael giggles at C'ron. "Aye, I guess you're right." She glances over at 
F'hlan, then P'tran, half blinking.

C'ron chuckles at F'hlan's comment and shakes his head. He calls out, 
"Everyone ready for Bar Number Two?"

Channie lets out a huge burp and leaves the table.

Tamma turns around in her chair, careful to steal both the Brown and Blue 
Dragons out from under G'rel, as well, and making sure her own Bronze 
hasn't been stolen yet. There's time enough to finish all three off before 
they go. Really.

Aellya smiles and leans into C'ron for a moment before saying again, "I 

P'tran hmms and looks over to F'hlan. "What would that be?"

Kassima grins to the Weyrleader. "R'val's telling it true, sir." She 
wrinkles her nose at C'ron. "Hey, what happened to that 'only give your 
duties once' rule thing? Oh... well, I guess you've a point, maybe." She 
drains her glass of Green Dragon and sets it on the counter. "Aye, C'ron!"

Alea giggles at the bronze riders. "Did you give him a bronze dragon." She 
turns to C'ron. "I'm ready."

F'hlan says succintly, "The Gold Dragon." His gaze is strangely soft. "But 
slow, I'm warning."

Channie heads over to the bar with her empty glass, she waves to people as 
she crosses the room.

Benden Weyr> Kassima dunnos, R'val... might kill him, and how would we 
explain that to Melora? ;)

Benden Weyr> R'val says, "Feh. Details :)"

C'ron takes off towards the ladder, "Alright, last one there covers the 
tab!" He winks as he heads out.

P'tran ums and nods, and takes the drink from F'hlan's hand, looking at it 
a bit warily. With a raised eyebrow he says to F'hlan, "And you've had 
some of this?"

Kassima glacks. "Faranth forbid!" She flees.

[Editor's Note:  The scene resumes in the Dawn Sisters.]

R'val walks in from the hallway.

Ordnan chirples at the strangers.

Aellya walks in from the hallway.

Kassima whews. "Escaped having to pick up the tab again, looks like."

Aellya crows with laughter as she stomps in, shaking out her short mop of 
hair, "Shard it all, Cam, you beat me here."

Aphrael giggles. "Lucky Prefeth's quick." She winks.

C'ron gasps a bit from running so hard. He grins broadly to R'val and 

Triayla walks in from the hallway.

Channie walks in from the hallway.

R'val winks at C'ron, "Your'e slow, m'friend!" He grins broadly, and moves 
towards the bar determinedly.

Aphrael peers suspiciously over at C'ron. "You and Mammeth musta cheated, 
getting here so fast!"

The barkeep looks at the riders as they enter, "Can I help ya?"

Channie walks in with her hands in her pockets.

C'ron chuckles to Aphrael, "We hogged the ladder." He winks.

Triayla swings herself onto a barstool and gazes around nostalgically.

Kassima sits on a stool and nods to the barkeep. "Aye... what d'you 
recommend here? Got any brandy?"

Aphrael rolls her eyes. "Figures." She replies to C'ron, then peers over 
at the bar, deciding what to drink.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan considers. He's had this 'gold dragon', can he go home 
now? :) :)

Benden Weyr> Aphrael says, "Nah. We're dragging you along with us. ;)"

Benden Weyr> Kassima says, "What, and miss the rest of the festivities? 
Awwwwww.... :)"

Aellya looks faintly indignant. She stalks over to the bar.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan winks.

Benden Weyr> Aphrael says, "Now that you're part of the pub crawl, you 
have to come. Passing out's the only way out. ;)"

C'ron rushes over and picks Aellya up in a hearty hug. "Aellya!" He plants 
a kiss on her mouth and asks her, "Whatcha wanna get ta drink?"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan ahhhs, is _that_ the rule. Dang, nobody told F"hlan 
that. :)

"I recommend the 'Nova' if ya be tough enough for it," replies the 

Benden Weyr> Aphrael giggles :)

Channie pushes her way forward towards the bar and looks at what's to 

Benden Weyr> Kassima muwahahahahas. :)

Benden Weyr> Meli hopes none of us have dawn sweeps tomorrow.... :)

C'ron laughs boisterously, "A Nova it is, then!"

Channie pipes up with, "What's in a Nova?"

Kassima blinks. "Nova? I've nay heard of that--must be a specialty. What 
is it?"

Aphrael doesn't -want- to know what's in it, nope. She just orders it.

R'val returns, wandering towards Aph and Kassi and the others, with two 
different drinks in his hands, grinning like a fool, 'Now I'm partying in 
style. 'He announces.

The barkeep winks at Channie, "Aie, thats a secret lass."

Aladis walks in from the hallway.

Channie titls her head to one side and holds out her hands, "I'll have one 

Aellya grins and says "Whatever yer having Cam." She squirms in his 
embrace, after doling him back a kiss. She snugs him tight, giggling.

Kassima hears the barkeep's response and wrinkles her nose. "Guess I'm 
better off nay knowing anyway. I'd like a Nova too, please."

Aphrael groans. "Oh no, not another one of -those- barkeeps." She remarks 
to Channie, grinning.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan gets this image of P'tran and F'hlan staggering home 
drunk, and S'riv being stone cold sober. Now what's wrong with THIS 

Channie grins back at Aph, "Jays, you'd better becareful around him then."

Kassima grins at Aph. "At least this one's nay after you, aye, m'friend?"

Lizzie peers out from behind the counter, looking at the crowd in the 

R'val chuckles, "Novas. All you're drinking the same thing. Me, I'm 
sticking with good, strong brandy here>"

Benden Weyr> P'tran smirks. :)

Aladis trots into the cavern, pausing for a moment to look around before 
heading over to her frinds. "Kassi! Aph! Channie!"

Channie turns around and waves happily at Aladis, "Hi there!"

R'val waves his free hand to Aladis, "Hey Aladis, join the fun."

Aphrael giggles and nodnods, peering around. "I think we lost some 
riders." She remarks, then waves at Aladis!

The barkeep turns his back to the corwd as he mixes the Hall's most famous 
drink. He hands it to Lizzy to take to the others. He adds a glass of 
brandy to the order.

Kassima waves to her wingmate. "Heyla, Aladis! C'mon over and try this 
Nova thing...." She nods to Aph. "I do believe you're right."

C'ron chuckles to Aphrael, as he holds Aellya, "Ayup! Means less damage if 
we got less riders."

Aladis grins, pulling up a chair. "Had to finish drills before I could 
come. S'good to see you all." She smiles companionably to the others she's 
not met. "Nova thing? Sounds interesting."

R'val grins at Kassima, 'Any idea what's /in/ this Noa thing?"

Lizzie takes the tray out to deliver the drinks. She stops at the first 

Aphrael shakes her head in mock disgust. "After only the first bar?" She 
accepts the drink with a polite nod, sniffing curiously at it.

Aladis winks at R'val. "*Never* ask what's in a drink unless you *really* 
want to know."

R'val laughs at Aladis's wink and remark, and grins, "True enough."

Kassima shakes her head. "Nay've heard of it before," she admits as she 
waits for her drink. When it arrives, she peers at it, then sips.

C'ron chuckles as he receives a Nova from the barkeep. He takes a sip and 
gasps. "Wow!"

Triayla walks away from the noise of the tavern and out into the corridor.

Aphrael peers outside and grins. "Ah.. here's some more of them."

Kassima glances outside. "There they are!" she proclaims, grinning. "Guess 
we've nay lost 'em after all."

Aladis's eyes unfocus for a moment and she lets out a little laugh. 
"You'll never guess who's just arrived."

Kassima hrms? at Aladis. "Meli, P'tran, and F'hlan... they must've been 
delayed at the Lava Lounge."

Aphrael giggles at Aladis. "Ayep. F'hlan and P'tran were at the lava 
lounge with us."

Aellya grins and takes a Nova as well, sipping it cautiously and saying 
"Now thats good."

Lizzie ducks her head as the drinks are lifted from the try. When the tray 
is emptied, she moves about picking up empty glasses.

Kassima mmms and nods. "Nay quite Aph's doom drink, but nay bad at all."

C'ron sips his Nova happily, "Shells, didn't expect any weyrleaders. Oh 
well, Tamma'll protect me."

Aladis bursts out laughing as she takes a drink from the proffered tray. 
"Hard to believe, isn't it? And it seems there are more riders arriving 

Channie squishes up her nose a little as she sips her drink, "Ohhie! 
strong stuff huh?"

The barkeep smiles with pride, "Me own recipe."

Meli walks in from the hallway.

F'hlan walks in from the hallway.

C'ron regards Aladis curiously, "Uh, who are you? I'm C'ron. An' shardin' 
fine drink, barkeep!"

Aellya snorts with laughter, "What'bout me?"

Meli slips in, ahead of the bronzeriders. "Heh! Not last."

R'val calls out, "Meli! Here! try one of these things!" He shoves a drink 
towards Meli.

P'tran walks in from the hallway.

C'ron hands Aellya a Nova, as well. "There ya go, ya wench!" He chuckles 
merrily and hugs her tight.

Kassima nudges Aph. "Y'ought t'sell your recipe for the Doom Drink to 
someone.... I'd do the same for m'own brew, but I don't think anyone'd 
live through the first full glass." She waves to the newly arriving 

F'hlan limps slowly into the tavern, a trifle behind P'tran, and looks 
around mildly.

Aellya smacks C'ron on the rump and says, "I already got one."

Aladis quite calmly tosses back half of her drink. Blinking a moment, she 
then smiles and says in a somewhat raspy voice, "Good drink." Waving 
cheerfully to P'tran and F'hlan as they arrive, she turns to C'ron. 
"Aladis, green Asabeth's rider, of Benden."

The barkeep just keeps filling glasses, handing them to Lizzy to serve.

Meli takes the drink, only spilling a bit on her leathers. "Shells, 
R'val... tell me wha' it is at least!"

G'rel walks in from the hallway.

Tamma walks in from the hallway.

Aphrael shakes her head at Kassi. "I can't make it the same every time 
tho.." She protests.

P'tran hmms as he comes in, commenting to F'hlan. "Interesting drink, 
though," he says. "They always have that? I admit to not 'making the 
rounds' like this before .."

Tamma tags along behind everybody, /still/ a slowpoke.

F'hlan smiles to Aladis, his wingmate, and gives a single eloquent shrug 
to P'tran.

R'val grins at Meli, "I dunno what's in it. but...it's a Nova. Spciality 
of the house, I gather."

Benden Weyr> F'hlan peers. Four or five T-bolt riders here.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan fights with a strong temptation to get F'hlan drunk 
enough to sing the Thunderbolt Wing Fight Song. :)

C'ron grins to Aladis and extends a hand, "Nice ta meet ya!"

Kassima laughs. "Variety's the spice of life! Though that bitter one of 
yours I could've done without." She winks at Aph and finishes the rest of 
her Nova in one gulp, blinking a bit as it takes full effect. "This one's 
almost as strong... but not quite."

Meli hrms, eyeing the glass. "What's a nova?" But she takes a swig, and 
grins. "Hrm... Better'n the 'snake'"

Channie takes another deeper drink and makes a little face, trying not to 
gasp out as she gulps it down.

Meli sits at a large table along the back.

P'tran hmms as he is handed a drink before he can say a word. "What was 
this again? A Nova?"

C'ron looks around the bar a bit happily. "I like this place, not as 
festive as the Lava Lounge, though."

F'hlan sits up on a stool at the bar.

R'val grins at Channie, "Looks like that one got to you. Strong drink?"

Aladis smiles in contentment taking a sip of her Nova, coverin C'ron's 
much larger hand with her own. "Well met, C'ron." She raises her glass to 
F'hlan. "C'mon and try one of these Novas, sir. Excellent drink."

Channie nods to R'val, "Mmm, it's a little strong alright! Try some?" she 
holds out her glass towards him.

Aphrael sips at her drink, letting it take hold of her slowly. "Yah, I 
don't know that I can make the nice one again though." She grins over at 
P'tran. "Don't ask sir, I don't think you'd want to know."

C'ron nods to F'hlan brightly as he sips his Nova, "Ayup, sir, right 
powerful drink."

F'hlan nods companionably to Aladis as he carefully eases himself onto a 
stool. Passed a Nova, he inspects it solemnly.

P'tran takes a small sip, then pauses a moment, blinks once, then shrugs 
slightly and takes a larger drink of it.

R'val takes the drinka nd sips it, his eyes widening, "Dear me. Is this a 

Tamma pauses in the doorway, and decides it's best not to let people know 
she was the last in. She heads for the bar, pretending like she's been 
there all along. She even manages to swipe a half-drunk Nova out from 
someone who isn't paying enough attention to it.

Kassima glances at what P'tran's holding and nods. "Aye, sir, 'swhat they 
said 'twas. Seems t'be some sort of bar specialty." She hrms at Aph and 
grins a bit. "I recall the approximate way I brewed mine... but I doubt 
the *first* bottle will ever be drank!"

Meli checks over the crowd, gauging everyone's state of inebriation. 
Deciding she's behind a bit, she tosses back the rest of her Nova in a 
large gulp, only slightly coughing.

Aladis mutters to Channie, "... apprenticing... a... had it's good sides."

Aladis raises her glass, winking at Channie, and finishes the rest of her 

Meli stands up from a large table along the back.

P'tran rolls his eyes. "You know, everyone does not *have* to call me 
'sir' every time they speak to me," he replies suddenly, but with a slight 

Channie grins as she leans over to Aladis, She mutters to Aladis, "And 

Meli sits up on a stool at the bar.

R'val pours himself a third brandy and grins at P'tran, "Force of habit, 

The barkeep writes down the tab as the riders drink, noting shoulder knots 
and picking up names from the conversation.

C'ron winks at Tamma, having observed her entry. He walks over to her, 
leading Aellya by the hand, "So do I got Dawn Sweeps day afta next?" He 
winks and chuckles.

R'val sits up on a stool at the bar.

Kassima nods to R'val. "Aye. Strong, nay? About as bad as the Thread at 
the Lava Lounge...." She blinks at P'tran and grins. "Eh, sorry, si--err, 

R'val flops down on a seat at the bar, and watches the crowd, glugging 
back another brandy.

Aphrael bursts out laughing at Kassi. "The problem is to get control of 
the bar again.."

Aladis chuckles. She mutters to Channie, "... to drink!" 

P'tran nods to R'val. "Thank you. I was wondering if anyone remembered my 
name," he says with a slight smirk, taking another drink

Tamma swishes the stolen Nova in the glass a bit, and looks up at C'ron 
innocently. "No, not unless you really /want/ them."

"Nor," puts in F'hlan sternly, "I. _I_ am no longer Weyrleader of Benden." 
His eyes have lightened even further, though, offsetting his Weyrleaderish 

R'val grimaces at Kassima, "Don't know if it's quite as bad...nearly, mind 

Meli nods to F'hlan as she takes her stool, then to R'val, still fairly 
clear-eyed. "Brandy, R'val? eh, why'd you give me tha' nova thing when 
they ahve brandy?"

Channie mutters to Aladis, "Well,... drink all... much--I hope... be 
alright tonight!"

R'val hmmms? " I like the brandy here. Want me to get you a Noa, Meli?"

P'tran chuckles at F'hlan. "You want to trade?" he says humorously.

Aladis winks. She mutters to Channie, "... fine...." 

C'ron chuckles at Tamma brightly, "Good! So, how ya like this?" He waves 
his hand about the room full of riders.

Meli shakes her head. "Neh, brandy's always been m'drink. Get me one 
o'those, an' I might make it worth yourwhile."

Channie grins happily at Aladis, "Ok, if ya say so."

F'hlan says dryly to P'tran, "Been there. Done that. Worn the 

R'val hands Meli a brandy that he picked up from the bar and beams at her, 
"Anything for you, Meli M'dear."

P'tran laughs at F'hlan. "All right, I'll take that as a no. You can't 
blame me for trying, it'll probably be a long while before Leilanth rises 

Tamma observes, "It's crowded. But I like it anyway."

Aellya drinks her own drink, having fallen somewhat quiet. She squeeze's 
C'ron's hand however with a solemn grin of one who isn't trying to show 
that she's overly tipsy.

Lizzie scurries back to the bar to get another round of drinks that have 
been ordered.

Aladis overhears F'hlan's comment and bursts out laughing as she asks for 
another drink.

G'rel chuckles to P'tran and C'ron, "Well, let's try it?" He seems a bit 
refreshed from between. His eyes are turned the same way. He takes a glass 
from the bar after it's filled, then eyes the contents suspiciously.

F'hlan sips the Nova, _very_ slowly, and grins to P'tran.

Kassima laughs at R'val. "Careful, R'val--you'll make T'lar jealous if he 
hears." She winks and then laughs as she hears F'hlan's remark.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan MUST be getting drunk. He's not only grinning, he's 
calling P'tran 'lad' and making jokes in public.

R'val snorts at Kassima and grins rakisly, "The fun is in not getting 
caught.' He waggles his eyebrows.

P'tran finds he has already finished about half his drink and ahems, 
blinking a few times. "Hmm ... I think I better slow down a bit .."

Tamma nudges G'rel with her elbow, and says, "It's good." Motions her 
half-empty glass to him. Neglects to mention that she isn't the one who's 
drunk half of it.

Meli giggles. Yes, giggles. Maybe she's finally catching up. She takes the 
brandy with a grin, and tosses it back neatly in one fell swoop. "Oooh..."

C'ron looks with tipsy grin at Aellya, he chugs a bunch of the nova and is 
almost done. His cheeks burn slightly from alcholic heat, "Ayup! A right 
fine bar. I like it here."

Channie looks into her glass and takes another drink.

Benden Weyr> P'tran is joking about the WLship, so he's at least slightly 
bent in that direction :)

F'hlan leans back slightly, against the bar, unashamedly employing it for 
support. He studies P'tran and leans over to him to murmur, then...

R'val grins at Meli, "My my! You sure can slug back your randy Meli."

Aellya nods and leans up to kiss C'ron on the lips with a wet kiss. "Me 
too" She starts to slurr a little.

Kassima snorts in amusement and picks up another Nova, sipping this one a 
bit more cautiously. Glancing at Meli, she advises with a giggle, "Might 
want t'be saving some room for the Hulk's brandy, y'know."

Aphrael blinks and giggles over at Meli. "Oh, hey wait! I gotta catch up 
with you!" She picks up a similar drink, downing it as quickly as she can.

R'val starts to sway in his seat as he drinks back his brandy.

F'hlan mutters to P'tran, "... me... the..."

Lizzie cautiously looks back out before heading out to pick up empty 

Aladis peers at her second drink for a moment, then drinks it down in one 
gulp. Setting the glass down on the bar with more firmness than is 
absolutely necessary, she giggles for a moment. "Not a bad drink at all."

Meli blinks three or four times, then focuses on Kassi. "Eh, maybe... have 
some o'that at home, though too. Nice bottle, been savin' it..."

R'val slams down his last mug of brandy, almost too hard, and blinks 
owlishly. He orders, calling out, another brandy.

Empress arrives from *between*.

The barkeep continues his running tab, making sure the knots he sees on 
the riders are noted, as well as their names.

Firelizard Perch makes a grab at Empress who deftly flies out of reach.

P'tran hmms? and looks over to F'hlan strangely for a moment and then 
chuckles. "You look like you're doing quite well yourself. I simply cannot 
handle it as well."

Aphrael is glad she's not the last rider in, since that person is picking 
up the tab for the group.

Tamma quietly replaces the glass of Nova back near the hand of the rider 
she'd swiped it from, and orders her own.

Kassima takes another gulp of Nova and grins at Meli, starting to look a 
bit dizzy. "Well, then, y'can drink that *and* a glass at the Hulk! I've 
got some Harper's Folly stored away, and some of something Tinya made... 
'course, I didn't bring 'em with me. Just that one drink I concocted."

F'hlan nods sagely to P'tran, and confides...

Aladis leans over to Kassima and murmurs softly to her.

Lizzie jumps at the noise getting ready to take off. But when nothing 
happens, she continues picking up glasses and mugs. Balancing the tray, 
she dissappears behind the counter.

C'ron goes over to G'rel, walking just a tad unsteadily, "Well, it looks 
pretty happenin'. Shells, I think we should do this again."
F'hlan mutters to P'tran, "... tomorrow...."

R'val's eyes alight, "Harper's Folly!?" he swivels his somewhat 
nonfunctional gaze towards Kassi and eyes her intently.

P'tran takes a long drink of his Nova as he listens, obviously ignoring 
his own advice about taking it more slowly ..

Dragon> Cirdanth bespoke Lysseth with << My rider wishes to know if we can 
join you? >>

G'rel walks away from the noise of the tavern and out into the corridor.

Lysseth> I bespoke Cirdanth with << You're welcome to. We are at *Dawn 
Sisters.* >>

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme preens, and croons to P'tran near her.

Dragon> Cirdanth bespoke Lysseth with << We come! >>

Kassima giggles at Aladis and whispers something back.

P'tran grins to F'hlan and nods. "I know. I'm only sorry I won't be able 
to see it to the end."

Alisa walks in from the hallway.

Aellya nudges C'ron in the ribs, having been dragged around by him and 
says "You know, I jus though. We mightn't wanna go betweenin' once we get 
too drunk."

Alisa walks in with N'fan drahhed along behind her.

N'fan walks in from the hallway.

P'tran is not making much of an effort to say anything quietly to F'hlan..

Meli calls out, pointing at N'fan "Last!"

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme prettily curls her tail around F'hlan's neck, 
giving him a green necklace, and nuzzles his hair repeatedly.

Alisa grins and ut ohs, murmuring to N'fan, "Wonder what happens to you 

C'ron turns to regard Aellya kidnly, "Well, ya can *between* as long as 
ya ain't really plastered, was my understandin'!"

N'fan gets dragged in behind Alisa. He tries to take a moment to get his 
bearings..and then he smiles and waves at all the familiar faces.

Aphrael shakes her head at Meli. "Prefeth hears.. Cirdanth now."

Kassima nods to R'val. "Ayep, Harper's Folly. Been savin' it for something 
special." She shakes her head at Meli. "Nay, Kershala's just got here--she 
can pick up the tab!"

F'hlan nods regretfully to P'tran.

Aellya grins and says "Well, yeah, but how do you know when you're really 
plastered?" She grins.

N'fan blinks at Meli. "Last..?" he repeats uncertainly.

R'val beams towards Kassima," Oh really??" He laughs evilly, "I'll have to 
have some."

Aladis giggles at Kassima's comment and quietly orders another drink. As 
she waits for it, she spares a particularly bright smile for F'hlan.

Meli grins at the replies. "Eh, well, y're safe then.." in a bit of a 

N'fan glances at Alisa and shrugs. "No idea," he murmurs.

Alisa grins, "When you have to grab the hold to keep rom halling all 

P'tran clears his throat again as he nearly finishes off his drink. "I 
just don't ... " He pauses a moment and blinks a few times. "Ah, don't 
handle it as well."

Tamma asks, being rather near C'ron and Aellya, "Isn't getting really 
smashed the point of this? An' I think maybe y'might want to be able to 
get out of *between*, too, not just go in."

R'val nudges Meli and murmurs" yer slurrin' Meli."

Aphrael explains to N'fan, somewhat shakily. "The last in picks up the 
tab, N'fan."

F'hlan, spotting N'fan, nods amiably to him, then to Aladis again, then 
he shifts his gaze back to P'tran. "Well, granted, my flits going up once 
a Turn _has_ gotten me broken in on this..."

Kassima shakes her head at R'val, then giggles as this makes her head spin 
a bit. "Nay, nay--I've only one flask left!"

Meli turns her head to look at R'val, swaying on her stool at the sudden 
movement. "I am?"

Channie hops up onto the edge of the bar, feet swinging back and forth.

Kershala walks in from the hallway.

R'val points an accusing finger at Kassi, "Share or..or..I'll sick 
Slithereth on you!" He turns to Meli and bobshis head, 'Uh-huh. Tis true."

Kershala ducks in the door and glances around at the chaos.

Channie waves to Kershala.

P'tran laughs a bit loudly and finishes off his drink with a bit of a 
flourish. "To be frank, I'm glad I'm not in that situation. Laerth rising 
to chase Leilanth -- and, um, the few times he's chased greens -- is more 
than anough for me in that area."

C'ron waves brightly to Kershala and says warmly, "Kershala!"

Meli swings her head back towards the door dangerously, and grins 
crookedly. Pointing at Kershala this time, she calls "Last?!"

Aladis's cheeks dimple as she notices F'hlan's glance, bumping into the 
rider nearest her as she leans over to fetch her drink. She winces, 
turning to R'val. "Sick Slithereh on her?"

The barkeep clears his throat before addressing the crowd, "I don't care 
who picks up the tab, but I /will/ get paid."

P'tran is not quite sure that made any sense, but shrugs.

Kassima snickers. "Don' think you can control Slithereth, R'val... he's 
got a mind of his own, that snake does." Yep, Kassi's definitely starting 
to get just a *little* tipsy. She waves gaily to Kershala, sloshing her 
drink around a bit.

Kershala grins and starts inching toward C'ron through the crowd, waving 
to Meli as she goes.

Empress snorts at the room.

Empress launches into the air and disappears *between*.

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme croons, punctuating her human's and P'tran's 

Aphrael spins around and waves at Shala. "Hey Shala!"

R'val bobs his head to Aladis, "Uh-huh. Don't you know the story of 

Channie glances over at the barkeeper and smiles sweetly to him.

Tamma turns, looking relieved as somebody else walks in. She's not the 
last anymore. Not like she had plans to pay for anyone except herself, 
anyway, but it helps not to be expected to. She downs the Nova, and mmphs. 
Perhaps she shouldn't have done that so fast.

Meli chortles, nudging R'val. "I 'member one time, we dunked ev'ry ninth 
one through th'door in a bit vat o'water..."

F'hlan blinks, then, and glances over to R'val. "'Slithereth?'" he echoes, 
dark eyebrows going up.

Lizzie begins wiping up one of the nearby tables.

Kershala waves back at Aphrael, nearly lost in the mass of human 
surrounding her. "Scuse me, pardon me..."

Benden Weyr> F'hlan uh-ohs at Aladis going dimply at him. :)

Aphrael giggles and nuges her friend. She mutters to Channie, "Hey,... can 
convince... to... the tab?" 

Aellya leans into C'ron somewhat ineberatedly.

Aladis chuckles, taking a sip of her drink. "Oh, I've heard tales of 
Slithereth and his exploits." She turns, spotting F'hlan, and winks.

R'val grins and nudges Meli back, his eyes gleaming, though they're a bit 
glazed, "Oh? Dear me. That sounds like a plan. We oughtta try that."

N'fan looks around for a pair of open seats for Alisa and himself.

Channie smiles innocently, flittering her lashes, She mutters to Aphrael, 
"... just..."  she giggles.

P'tran glances over to R'val, eyes taking a moment to focus, and chuckles 
slightly. He clears his throat again. "I'm afraid I'll have to head 

Kassima nods to F'hlan, though the question wasn't addressed to her. 
"Y'remember him--the tunnelsnake said t'be living in the latrines? Big 
thing, eats whole wherries for breakfast?"

Kershala tugs up an empty chair and settles next to C'ron, waving to the 
harried barkeep. "Cider, best y'got."

C'ron grabs a sack and then says seriously in a happy drawl, "This is the 
drinkin' riders fund. Toss in the amount o' marks ya think your drinks 
are." He circulates the riders with a happy grin holding out his sack.

R'val nods to all those who r epeat the name and regard him strangely, 
"Uh-huh. Slithereth. Benden's giant tunnelsnake."

Aphrael nodnods, her eyes wide. She seems convinced. She mutters to 
Channie, "Oh... How... it..." 

F'hlan nods ruefully to P'tran, but he's staring, now, at R'val and 
Kassima. "Benden's giant _what_?"

Meli grins, holding a finger before her lips unsteadily. "Shhh...." she 
shushes overloudly. "We'll get 'em at th'next stop..."

The barkeep pours a mug of cider for Kershala and sends Lizzy over to 
deliver it.

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme flitters as her human's voice rises a few 

R'val grins at F'hlan broadly, "I m'self never heard of the thing. Kassi 
and her group of andidates apparently saw the thing first."

Kelah walks in from frolicking with Kemith, "Fire-head, that dragon of 
yours is a nut..."

Channie glances over at the barkeep again, She mutters to Aphrael, "... 
depends... guess--on... rate is..." 

Aellya pops open her pouch and tosses in a few marks to the sack as she 
snugs C'ron with her other arm. She picks up her drink after doing so and 
grins "C'ron, yer gonna have an awful headache in the mornin'."

Tamma rummages around in her pocket and finds a mark peice, checks its 
worth, checks her drink, and tosses the piece into the sack, ordering 
another drink to make it even.

P'tran ums at R'val and looks about to say something, then shakes his 
head. "I'm not getting into *that* one," he says, grinning

Channie waves to Kelah from her perch on the bar, "Cousin!!"

Kassima grins at F'hlan. "Tunnelsnake! Said t'be absolutely huge. Remember 
writing a song 'bout him once...." She gets a reminiscent look in her eye 
as she drops a few mark-pieces into the bag being circulated.

Meli dips into her beltpouch with clumsy fingers, pulling out some truly 
worn old seacraft marks, dropping them in the circulating bag.

P'tran takes a moment to refocus and then quietly heads out

R'val fumbles in his pockets for some coins, and deposits a clumsily 
counted amount in the bag.

P'tran walks away from the noise of the tavern and out into the corridor.

Kershala shrugs and pulls out a couple of marks to donate to the bag. 
"Hadn't a sip yet, but this ought t'cover when I do."

Aphrael hrms as she considers that. She too, watches the barkeep 
speculatively. She mutters to Channie, "... -could-..." 

C'ron gets another Nova from the barkeep and filters through the crowd. He 
smiles thankfully to Aphrael and circulates. "Well, Aellya, I might have a 
headache, but tonight I'm havin' fun!"

F'hlan distractedly chips in on the tally, waves to P'tran, and frowns 
slightly at R'val and Kassima, particularly the latter. "You're pulling an 
old bronze rider's leg," he accuses mildly.

Jekar lets out a huge burp and leaves the table.

Fiona inflates the porta-table

Aladis digs in an inner pocket, finding a cookie and popping it into her 
mouth, then finds a couple of marks which she tosses into the collection.

R'val shakes his head at F'hlan, "Apparently, tis true. If you can trust 
Kassi.' He winks at the greenrider.

Channie runs a hand through her hair and smiles over at the barkeep 

Aellya chuckles and says "I got a cure for them hangovers though." She 
grins "I'll pinch your nose and make ya drink it."

Kassima shakes her head, blinking dizzily after this activity. "Nay, 
nay--Dwane was the first t'see him and t'name him... even got bit by him. 
An' several others've said t'have seen 'im."

Kelah pulls up a stool next to his cousin and slaps her on the back, "So 
what're you havin' you little scamp?"

Kershala grins at C'ron. "Looks like it. Don't envy you t'morrow. It's 
Aellya's groaning our Weyr's going to hear."

C'ron laughs to Kershala, "Glad ya couldmake it. Ya missed the Lava 
Lounger, the Drinkin' Riders gave it a 9 of 10."

Channie grunts as her back gets smacked as she looks at her cousin with 
narrowed eyes, "Well, it took you goodly long enough to catch up! Have a 

Kershala says "So sorry. What a thing to miss." She doesn't sound all 
/that/ sorry. "Well, I'm here now."

Jekar looks around for any more weaverfolk. Well, other than Fiona, since 
he's practically her shadow.

Kelah smirks, "Well Kemith had a spot that he was begging to have 
scratched... and sure I'll have a drink, glad to hear you're buying!" ;)

C'ron laughs boisterously, "Well, ya're here now!"

The barkeep prepares the next round, giving Kershala a quick wink in the 

Channie pokes Kelah's arm and calls out, "Ah, one of those--ah, what are 
those things called?" she looks over at Aphrael.

Kershala grins at the barkeep and winks back before tossing back her 
cider. "Whoo! Good stuff. 'Nother of those?"

Aphrael hrms. "Nova?" She suggests to Channie.

Kelah raises an eyebrow at his cuz.

C'ron sips his Nova cheerfully and replies lightly to Aellya, "Well, I 
think I might need an aewful lot of cure."

Aladis leans back against the bar and takes another sip of her drink, 
chuckling softly to herself and glancing back over in F'hlan's direction.

F'hlan, having finished off his Nova, stares with slightly furrowed brow 
at his wingmate Kassima. She holds her own in Fall, but shards if he ever 
heard he concct THIS tale, or anything like it. Then again, this is the 
first time he's really gotten _social_ with his younger wingmates. "So how 
big _is_ this Slithereth?" he demands.

R'val calls out, "C'ron! You drinkin' cider?"

Aellya smiles and snugs C'ron lightly and says "I'm sure." She murmurs.

Channie nods and swings her feet again, "right, A Nova for my dear cousin, 
make it two, cuz he has to catch up!" she giggles softly.

The barkeep prepares another cider, personally delivering it to Kershala.

Channie sighs over at Aphrael, She mutters to Aphrael, "I... little... 

Kelah smiles and smiles at Channie, "Is that a doubting quality I detect 
in that ever-so-cute voice of yours cousin?"

Kassima hrms thoughtfully. "Well, he'd have t'be big enough to eat full-
grown wherries.... I *think* Dwane says he was about man-sized." She 
honestly seems to believe what she's saying, which is probably one of 
those effects of being tipsy.

Aphrael shakes her head regretfully. "I don't think so.. but at lease -we- 
don't have to pay." She winks.

Kelah smiles some more for good measure!

Channie just flitters her lashes as she looks up at Kelah. "Hm."

C'ron delivers the sack of marks to the barkeep and works out payment, 
winding up with some extra change. He shrugs puts it back into the sack, 
heading over to listen to R'val and Kassima's tale.

R'val snorts at Kassi, "I wishI 'd seen this thing. "He mutters into his 
drink, "I still don't quite believe it."

Aladis frowns thoughtfully. "Y'know, Kassi, I think I've seen some large, 
hulking thing about the Weyr."

Kelah chuckles and winks at his cuz. "So what're in these... Novas?"

Kershala nurses this cider mug a bit more slowly, then winces as a tinny 
creel sounds in her ear. "Ah... barkeep? Have anything meatroll-style? 
Something for hungry little pests. Baby pests."

Channie grins over at Aph and nods slowly, her eyes flickering over to 
Kershala and the barkeep."

The barkeep counts the marks and nods to C'ron. "Good doin' buisness with 

Channie purses her lips slightly, "Hm, they wouldn't tell me what was in 

Kassima recites almost absently, "Deep in the latrines, beyond hope of 
cleaning, a pair of snake eyes are said to be gleaming.... It eats full-
grown wherries for breakfast, it's said, and the Candidates whisper about 
it with dread...." She blinks at R'val. "Well, I've nay actually *seen* 
him," she admits reluctantly.

The barkeep sends Lizzy after food for Kercshala.

C'ron gets up onto chair and towers above everyone, he calls out happily, 
"Alright, we ready for Number Three yet?"

F'hlan flicks his lightened gaze, closer to gold than brown now -- or at 
leat goldd-flecked brown -- to Aladis, and accuses, "You're all pulling an 
old bronze rider's leg!"

Aphrael raises an eyebrow at Channie, and watches interestedly.

Lizzie nods and dissapears out the tavern door.

Meli spins halfway round on her barstool, stopping facing out over the 
crowd, swaying unsteadily a moment and reaching a hand back to steady 
herself on the edge of the bar.

R'val snorts softly at Kassima's words, and grins triumphantly, pointing a 
finger at her again<" See? Tol ya. S'just a legend.' He seems to have 
forgotten that five minutes ago he was proclaiming the reality of 

Tamma blinks as she scans the tavern. She knows nearly no one. Well, 
that's okay. She's drunk, they're drunk, nobody'll notice. She, too, heads 
over to listen to Kassima.

Kershala grins up at C'ron. Waaaay up. "Don't fall, please, Cam... You're 
a little too close for my comfort."

Kassima hrms at Aladis. "I think that could easily be Shlith--err, 
Slithereth, aye." She glances at C'ron and protests, "But we haven't rated 
this place yet!"

F'hlan, at C'ron's call, looks up.

N'fan overhears enough of Kassima's comment to recognize the humor in it. 
He chuckles quietly, still smiling as he turns towards the sound of 

C'ron's voice. "Number three?" he asks.

Fiona deflates the porta-table and takes it away!

R'val looks up and beams, standing, unsteadily, "Three?"

Aladis blinks innocently at F'hlan, her lips curled in a smile. "Now, 
sir," she asks, her eyes twinkling, "would I do that to such a charming 

Benden Weyr> Kassima says, "FEAR Aladis, F'hlan. ;)"

Aladis turns slightly toward Kassima, and winks.

C'ron grins to Kassima, "Right right. Alright, what is the Rider Pub 
Ratin' for the Dawn Sisters? Between one and ten!"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan is Fearing. He saw her dimple. :)

Channie pushes the drink into Kelah's hands and eyes him, "Hm? C'mon now."

Tamma turns. Oh, hey, c'ron. She knows him. She calls out her score: 

Aphrael frowns. "Rating? Oh yeah.. I'd give it a 7 or 8, I think. I like 
those Nova's."

Lizzie comes back into the tavern with a huge bowl of scraps for Kershala. 
She hands it to her with a shy smile and scurries off again.

Kershala thumps the bar with a grin. "Good cider. 8 from me."

Jekar looks up at mention of number three, and shrugs into his jacket, 
collecting Fiona's and helping her into it as well. "I gotta be one of the 
/few/ people here not drunk under the table..."

Kelah laughs and studies the Nova.

F'hlan states firmly, "Seven," and adds to Aladis, "I'm not that sharding 

Kassima considers this for a long time, then swigs the rest of her Nova 
and says in a reasonably clear voice, "Eight, I think."

R'val calls out, OH, I dunno. a six, maybe a sseven>"

Meli consisters, and says "Seven" again.

Aellya rubs a hand through her hair and shrugs as she says "Aye, a seven."

Kershala nods and smiles after Lizzie. Smiles... and almost opens her 
mouth to say something, then grins and shakes her head.

Channie crosses her arms over her chest and frowns at her cousin, "Going 
to let your little cuz outdrink you?"

Aladis finishes her drink. "Seven," she says quite clearly. Then, turning 
to F'hlan, she winks. "Are too."

Four tiny hatchlings converge on Shala's bowl of scraps, two blues, a 
brown, and a slinky green creeling and fighting for space.

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme COOS! at her human and nuzzles him vigorously, 
evidently agreeing with Aladis.

C'ron nods his head, teetering for a moment on the chair before regaining 
his balance. "Alright, sounds like a 7! The Dawn Sister's Tavern has an 
official Rider Pub Ratin' o' 7. How 'bout the Hulk next?"

The barkeep scowls, "Is that all? This is the best tavern on Pern. You'll 
never find a drink like the Nova elsewhere."

N'fan seems a bit confused, since he arrived late to this party. Quietly 
he asks no one in particular, "Three? Seven?"

Kassima giggles at F'hlan. "Then why're all the lower caverns girls so 
enamoured of you, hmm?" She sets down her empty glass and grins. "The Hulk 
sounds great. I'm in the mood for some of that brandy of Hugh's."

Channie waves over to N'fan.

Aladis raises her nearly empty glass to the little 'lizard on F'hlan's 
shoulder. "See? I've got agreement."

Kelah laughs and winks at his cousin and tosses the drink down his gullet, 
wiping his lips with a smile on the way back up.

Aladis perks up. "Brandy?"

N'fan smiles a little, but still looks a bit bemused as he waves back to 

Fiona smiles at Jekar as he helps her into her jacket, "Well, that /is/ 
their objective." As she overhears the next stop, she says softly, "I've 
been to the Hulk enough times. Wanna go back to the Hall?"

Kelah coughs a little, "Well, that's quite... good."

Kershala sets the bowl on the table to let the hatchlings eat, and stands 
up. Not quite unsteadily. Not yet.

F'hlan snorts, but not unkindly, and carefully starts getting to his feet. 
"The lower caverns girls are as mythical as Slithereth," he declares, and 
adds to C'ron, "So where's the Hulk?"

C'ron steps off the chair and grins to everyone, "Alright! Last call 
everyone...The Hulk is Number Three."

Channie beams and hops down from the bar.

R'val beams, 'Ah, the hulk!" He leaps to his feet.

Jekar can't nod quickly enough to Fiona's query. "Indeed...who'll take 

Tamma tags along out the door. She won't be last this time.

Kassima nods at Aladis and whispers, too quietly for that barkeep to hear, 
"The best brandy on Pern!" She looks over to F'hlan and nods sagely. "Aye, 
both're absolutely real. Absolutely."

Kershala frowns and murmurs, "Hulk?"

C'ron totters to F'hlan, "It's in the Seacraft Hall, suh."

Meli stands at a slant, almost as if she were on a ship on the sea in a 
slight swell. "Th'Hulk..."

Channie grabs Kelah's arm and pulls him out with her.

Aladis sets her glass down and grins. "Shall we?" She beams, perhaps a bit 
too brightly, at Kassi, "Sounds fantastic!"

The barkeep walks over to Kershala and grins, "And what would you rate my 
tavern, lovely lass?"

R'val puts an arm under Meli's armpit and grins< "Don't fall Meli."

Kelah downs the second Nova and slaps some marks on the bartop, "Not 
paying as usual cousin?" He chuckles and follows Channie out.

F'hlan nods a trifle less firmly, mutters, "Not that sharding handsome," 
and limps carefully out the door.

Kershala grins at the barkeep. "Oh... the cider's great. 8 at least."

F'hlan walks away from the noise of the tavern and out into the corridor.

Meli turns to eye R'val. "Fall?" she considers. "Hey, why're you standin' 
on an angle?"

Aphrael walks away from the noise of the tavern and out into the corridor.

Kassima hops out of her seat and beams. "Aye, t'the Hulk!" With that, she 
skips merrily out of the tavern.

R'val snorts at Meli, "I ain't. You are!"

Aladis wavers slightly as she heads out the door.

[Editor's Note:  The scene now shifts to the Rusted Hulk, just as Kassi

R'val wanders in.

Kassima whees. "Beat C'ron this time, we did!"

Tamma wanders in.

Aphrael runs in, all but collapsing against a table. "Woo! First in!"

Kershala wanders in.

Meli wanders in.

R'val hurries in after Aph and Kassi,g rinning triumphantly, a'llright! 
Man, we're fast. Not bad for half-inebriated riders."

Kassima grabs a bar stool with confidence and sits on it, regardless of 
its questionable state of togetherness. There is a loud creak as she puts 
her full weight onto the chair. First one leg of the barstool gives out, 
then another, followed by a loud *OUCH* as she falls to the ground, 
surrounded by splintered wood.

Aellya wanders in.

Kershala grins at Kassi. "Try a sturdier chair?"

Tamma almost lets out a triumphant whoop, chanting, "I'm no-ot la-ast, I'm 
no-ot la-ast!"

Hugh slowly pours a bit of fine, aged brandy into a mug, and hands it to 

Kassima yelps and eyes the broken stool. "Shells!" Rubbing her sore... 
dignity... she tries again.

Meli sits down on a rickety looking bar stool, which sways a bit, but 
remains standing.

Kassima sits down on the barstool and perches there with confidence.

F'hlan wanders in.

Kershala pulls out a barstool of her own and settles down. "Cider! Two of 

Aladis wanders in.

F'hlan murmurs, appearing at the door, "Tillek air..."

Hugh slowly pours a bit of fine, aged brandy into a mug, and hands it to 

C'ron wanders in.

F'hlan says "Tillek red!"

R'val sits down on the barstool and perches there with confidence.

Meli points at C'ron. "Tha's Nine! Someone get a bucket!"

Aellya grins wryly at C'ron, "I beatcha this time handsome."

Hugh pulls a draft of rich dark stout and slides it down the bar to 
*slosh* near R'val's hand.

Hugh slowly pours a bit of fine, aged brandy into a mug, and hands it to 

Aladis grins as she comes in, wandering over to her friends.

Hugh slowly pours a bit of fine, aged brandy into a mug, and hands it to 

R'val grabs a mug of stout and, beaming, takes a heavy slug out of it.

Kassima licks her lips and takes the brandy, sipping it and savoring the 
flavor. "Best brandy on Pern!" she enthusiastically acclaims as she grabs 
some jellybeans from the jar and stuffs them in her jacket pockets.

Aellya walks up to C'ron and hugs him tight before loosening him and 
walking over to the bar.

F'hlan, grinning a strangely fond grin, puts in his order.

Hugh pours F'hlan a glass of red wine from a dusty red bottle. "Ey, Tillek 
Red, Best Red on Pern." He says, as he hands it to F'hlan.

R'val grins owlishly at Meli and Aph and Kassi, "Think I'll try some beer 
before I have the brandy>"

Aphrael peers over at F'hlan. "Tillek red?" She slurs, picking up her 

C'ron hugs Aellya happily and kisses her. He then asks aloud, "Alright, 
what's the best ta drink here?"

Kelah wanders in.

Hugh hands Meli a bucket of water from behind the bar. She nods to him and 
stalks purposefully towards C'ron. "You were ninth in th'door, C'ron...."

F'hlan smiles kindly to Aphrael. "My foster father's favorite."
Channie wanders in.

Kassima shakes her head. "Nay accountin' for taste, I suppose... F'hlan, 
you should really try the brandy 'fore we go, though." She wrinkles her 
nose at R'val. "Yech."

C'ron laughs heartily and nods to Meli, "Well, as Ninth, I guess I get 

Channie grins sheepishly as she walks in.

Kelah bounds in shaking his head at all the riders and pulling his cousin 
along, "Can't believe you talked me into this..."

Meli grins and lets fly with the water.

Kershala says "Heh, not with my cider!"

R'val giggles uncontrollably at Huhg and grins at Kassima, "Brandy is 
fabulous, aye, but I need a warmer-upper."

Kershala tosses back her cider, still grinning. "Not bad... not bad at 

Channie giggles widely and beams up at Kelah, "Tell me you're not having 

Aphrael shakes her head at F'hlan. "Too weak, F'hlan, you'll have ta have 
some of the brandy before we go onto out next bar."

Tamma turns to watch C'ron as she gets a glass of white wine, and laughs.

Aladis takes the brandy and raises the glass to Kassi, then drinks a good 
half of it. She blinks, smiling sweetly at F'hlan. "How sweet of you to 
drink the red in remembrance."

Channie re-waves to everyone.

C'ron gently pushes Aellya out of his proximity as he is dreached with 
water from Meli's bucket. He sputters happily and cries out, "Hugh! Give 
me a Brandy!"

Kassima laughs at Meli and applauds the soaking. "Good show, Meli, good 

F'hlan sips at his red contentedly, and tells Kassima and Aphrael, 
"Lasses, if I'm going to get drunk enough to go *between* without my 
dragon tonight, I'll have to pace myself." He adds to Aladis, "Well, 
Marrill's a good man. Miss him. Should visit him more often."

Channie titls her head to one side, "oh--Brandy?"

Kelah chuckles and has a seat at the bar, pulling Nie up with him, "C'mon 
cuz... you're slowing down... "

Channie leans against Kelah and smooches his cheek "Heh, you wish!"

R'val calls out, laughing uproariously, "Bet that soak sobered ya up, eh 

Kelah snickers.

C'ron chuckles to Hugh and adds, "Another for the lady," he motions to 
Aellya. He takes his mug and tosses down some brandy and laughs. "Good 
shot, Meli!"

Meli sets the bucket down and bows, arms flailing as she balances herself 
and sraightens."Why, thank ye."

Aphrael blinkblinks. Logic. Wow. "Uh.. you're right, F'hlan." She seems to 
consider this, sipping at her brandy a bit slower.

Channie orders two brandies, not wishing to be left out of, and makes sure 
one goes to Kelah.

Kershala scoots her stool over closer to C'ron and Aellya. "'Nother 
cider.. Good sh.... stuff."

C'ron pats R'val on the back, "'At's right, 'course I was ne'er drunk." He 
nods his head and winks at the bluerider.

Aphrael cheers C'ron's soaking.

Meli sits down on the barstool and perches there with confidence.

F'hlan smiles serenely, and takes his time with the red, watching the 
antics surrounding C'ron.

Aladis runs a hand through her mop of curls. "Delightful drink," she 
murmurs taking a sip. She smiles again, perhaps a bit too brightly at 
F'hlan. "You drunk, sir?"

Kelah smirks at his cousin as he takes up his brandy. "A toast little 

R'val snorts at C'ron and winks," NEver drunk? Fah. I don't believe it." 
He turns to Meli, and passes her a brandy as he gets two from Hugh, "Here! 
This is the best brandy on Pern!"

Meli grins, fait accompli, and resumes drinking her brandy.

C'ron goes over and gives Meli a big huge wet hug, "Thank you, Meli!"

Kassima hrms and nods thoughtfully. "'Tis a point you've got there, 
F'hlan... methinks I'll be buying a bottle of this brandy to add t'my wine 
stores at home an' just have one glass here. Benden Winecraft's got too 
many things to try to fill up here." Wow, logic from a semi-drunk Kassi--
who would've thought it?

F'hlan lifts his dark eyebrows at Aladis. "What, now? Or in general?"

Channie narrows her eyes at Kelah, "hm, a toast to what?" she does, 
however, hold up her glass.

Kershala suddenly is attacked by a number of hatchlings settling on her 
shoulders. "Gee-eez... Hush up, guys."

Meli splutters, laughing. "Why, C'ron, y're all wet!" And looking at R'val 
she adds..."Yeh, used t'live here, y'know."

Tamma finds herself a table and perches on a stool, sipping at the wine 
and scoping out the seacrafters, first warily - as if checking to see if 
somebody's going to catch her - and then just lazily. Hmmm.

Aladis tosses off her first drink and quietly orders another. She grins at 
F'hlan, cheeks dimpling again. "Now. Think you can?"

Kelah smiles, "Why, to clear skies of course!!!"

C'ron deposits Meli, chuckling incessantly, taking a pull from his brandy. 
He then shakes himself out spraying those near him with big droplets of 

Kershala sprawls a bit, back against the bar while she sips at her cider 
and watches, grinning.

R'val grins at Meli, "You did indeed. So you know how awesome the brandy 
is. "he takes both o them, and begins happily chugging back more brandy 
than he ought to.

F'hlan says dryly to Aladis, "Rider, I've gotten myself drunk enough to be 
unable to walk. It's not a matter of whether I can."

Channie giggles and nods, "Aye, a fine thing to drink to!" she lifts her 
glass a little more before taking a deep drink.

Meli wipes damp hair back from her face and grins crookedly and somewhat 
cross-eyed at C'ron and R'val. "Right." To both or either of them.

Kershala peers down into her mug thoughtfully. "Ne'er been drunk before."

R'val grins at Meli triumphantly, "Any other real good drinks at this bar 
then Meli? Since you're the expert and all."

C'ron states aloud in a confident voice, "This is shardin' fantastic 
brandy. Pity about the nine rule. But rules is rules."

Aladis jumps a bit as she is splattered with water, casting an amused look 
toward C'ron. She chuckles at F'hlan. "The secret is," she says drolly, 
"is to walk so smoothly that one doesn't appear drunk at all."

Kassima leans over to talk to Hugh, passing over a mark piece and 
receiving a flask, which she sets on her lap and watches carefully. She 
grins at R'val and C'ron and Meli, though she's not sure why. "The brandy 
here's the best, aye... nothing like it on Pern."

Meli shakes her head, then grimaces at the motion of the room that 
results. "Neh... but th'fish'n'chips are great."

Kelah smiles at his cousin and takes a long drink of brandy, coming up and 
wiping his mouth with a sleve, "Clear skies," he hoots, "and brandy to 

C'ron approaches Aladis and adds, "Or ta be so drunk, lass, that ya don't 

Kassima blinks at Aladis. "That's possible?" she asks, obviously intrigued 
by the concept.

R'val hrms, "Not sure I got room for food in my stmoach, right now." He 
muses at Meli.

F'hlan's mouth curls in a smile. He nods wisely, and finishes off his red, 
tilting his head back, and letting it flush his way down through his 

Kershala tilts her head. "Brandy, huh? Think I'll try that..."

Aphrael blinks, eryes wide. She almost knocks her brandy over. "Food? Fish 
and chips!" She bounces over to the bar.

Channie quiets down a bit to listen to what the others are talking about, 
she sips at her brandy.

Hugh drops some breaded fish sticks and tuber wedges into some hot oil to 
cook. When they are done cooking he takes the 'fish n chips' and drops 
them into a basket in front of Meli with some tartar sauce.

Aladis sips from her brandy glass, nodding to Kassima. "Stuff's even 
better than a Miner's Special."

Hugh drops some breaded fish sticks and tuber wedges into some hot oil to 
cook. When they are done cooking he takes the 'fish n chips' and drops 
them into a basket in front of Aphrael with some tartar sauce.

Hugh slowly pours a bit of fine, aged brandy into a mug, and hands it to 

Meli grins. "Close..."

Channie enters the closet casually, the door closing behind with an 
ominous crack.

Meli giggles at Channie.

Kassima giggles at C'ron. "That's when you start wearing wine glasses as 
hats, I imagine...." She blinks again at Aladis. "Miner's Special? I've 
nay heard of it."

Kelah blinks at his cousin going into the closet.

Kershala blinks a little at the brandy, then reaches up to tug at C'ron's 
shirt. "So... how strong's this stuff?"

Hugh drops some breaded fish sticks and tuber wedges into some hot oil to 
cook. When they are done cooking he takes the 'fish n chips' and drops 
them into a basket in front of R'val with some tartar sauce.

C'ron points to himself, "I ain't ever worn no wine glass hat, Kassima. 
Thas' your job."

Aphrael peers over at Channie. "U-oh.. she's stuck.."

R'val manages, at last, to force the words through his booze-sodden 
tongue, and pulls the plate towardshim, licking his lips in exaggerated 
hunger. HE looks up and blinks slowly, "Uh-oh. Did Nie go into the 

Meli reaches over the bar and grabs the bottle of malted vinegar and 
plunks it near her chips. "S'better w'this on the chips, but th'tartar's 
good on the fish."

Aphrael chews happily on her food.

N'fan wanders in.

Kelah chuckles and calls out in the direction of the closet, "Hey! Fire-
head! That's the /closet/ not the bathroom!"

Aladis giggles at R'val, "How many of those have you had?" She finishes 
off the brandy, smiling widely at Kassima. "Some secret mixture of the 
Minecraft. Very strong and very good. I think Master Lily knows how to 
make 'em." She pauses a moment, glancing toward the closet. "Channie's in 

Kassima grins. "Aye, and a fine job it is!" she agrees. "Almost as fun as 
playin' Moreta's ride on the musical glasses." She peers after Nie and 
shakes her head. "She did, aye... poor Nie. That closet's horrible."

R'val blinks at Aladis and grins< "How many fish n chips? None, this is my 
first plate!" He looks proud of his restraint.

Tamma taps her fingers against the table, eyes still scanning the tavern, 
still sipping at the wine. Well, it can't hurt to /look/ at the guys, 
right? Right. She finishes her wine and gets a refill. Can't hurt.

Kershala frowns, unable to get C'ron's attention, and finally just shrugs 
and tosses back her brandy in a gulp. Then stops. Then gasps and starts to 

N'fan walks in behind Alisa, pausing a moment to let his eyes adjust.

Kassima grins at Aladis. "You like strong stuff, hrm? I know something you 
should try...." She again pulls that discolored bottle of blue-green stuff 
out of her belt pouch and offers it to Aladis.

Meli digs into her meal with zest, between slugs of brandy.

R'val calls out towards Aladis, "Don't do it, Aladis! Tis a trap. That 
boozez of Kassi's is poison."

Kelah downs the remainder of his brandy.... and what Nie left of hers... 
and orders two more before going to pull her out of that closet, "Darn 
little cousin... always getting herself in a fix..."

Kelah enters the closet casually, the door closing behind with an ominous 

Kershala gasps again, eyes watering and sets the brandy glass aside.

C'ron chuckles and pats Kershala's shoulder and winks, "That strong."

Aladis takes the bottle, peering at it curiously. "Looks like bubblebath. 
What is it?" She snorts at R'val. "Bluerider, if you can down four Miners 
Specials and remain standing, then you can advise me about strong drinks." 
Grinning, she turns back to Kassima. "It *is* safe to drink, isn't it?"

Kershala wipes at her eyes, but manages to glare at C'ron. "Thanks... 
*ack* for the war...ning."

Kassima grins at R'val and says, in a tone of disappointment, "Eh, but 
you're still alive!" She shrugs at Aladis. "Don't know... I don't think 
it's really *poison*...."

F'hlan, leaning carefully back against the back of his chair, resting his 
head against the wall behind him, watches his greenrider wingmates and 
grins faintly.

C'ron pats Kershala's shoulder happuly, "Ayup! I figured ya needed a 

Alisa nestles herself against N'fan, sliding one arm around his waist, and 
looks about for a nie glass of stout somewhere.

R'val pokes out his tongue at Kassima. Roughly. He's having trouble seeing 
straight. "Feh! Nothing you concoct could poison me, you dsilly 
greenrider." He proclaims this, pours another brandy, and slugs it back 
witha loud, satisfied belch.

Kershala coughs a couple more times. "I... " She shakes her head blearily. 
"Stick t'cider, I think."

N'fan smiles at Alisa, and tries to get Hugh's attention so he can get 
some juice for himself.

Kassima wrinkes her nose at R'val and says, quite clearly, "Feh."

Meli * hangs around for a few more stops before being dragged home, 
honestly :)

Aladis passes the bottle from hand to hand. "Odd," she mumbles to herself, 
"it's *hot*." Carefully, she uncorks the bottle, holding it away from her 
body as she hears a hiss and sees white vapour coming from the bottle. 
Smiling bravely, she riases the feared bubbling bottle to her wingmates 
and takes a drink.

C'ron hops from foot to foot and winces. He says a trifle loudly, "I gotta 
use the men's room."

Meli wanders over to the Courtyard.

Alisa laughs softly and shakes her head, grabbing a stout from a passing 

R'val watches Aladis fearfully, his drink hovering in his hand as he 
focuses all of his booze-sodden attention on the grenrider.

Aladis wrinkles her nose and closes her watering eyes. Stifling a cough, 
she turns to R'val with a grin. "Smooth. Very smooth. Sure *hic* you won't 
*hic* try some?"

Benden Weyr> Kassima notes that Aladis is drinking something truly evil. I 
have *no* idea what it is, except that one of these days I'm going to have 
it spontaneously combust. ;)

Aladis giggles.

Kershala orders another 'safe' cider and sips at that, but is looking just 
a little crosseyed.

Tamma pauses in her seacrafter-scoping - apparently not having found much 
of interest - to peer over to Aladis and The Bottle.

Benden Weyr> Alyssa says, "Not a Miner's Special?!"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan yegads. I'm the oldest one on the crawl.

C'ron rushes out the door, comically impatient. He comes back after a 
minute looking much more relieved. He asks loudly, "Who took my brandy?"

Kelah wanders in.

R'val grimaces at Aladis, "I already did. SMooth it is, if smooth is 
something what eats away yer innards!" He has a vague accent all of a 
sudden. Or is he just plastered?

Channie wanders in.

Kelah /pulls/ his cousin out of the closet!!!

Aphrael blinks over at C'ron. "Who shtole what?" She slurs.

Channie blinks and looks around, wavering on her feet, "Oh, thanks!"

Kelah shakes his head and retieves his second brandy from the bar.

Kershala tosses back another cider and, wobbling a little, shoves it over 
with a demand for another brandy. Brandy?

Alisa sips from her stout, giggling at the drunken riders.

C'ron complains bitterly, "Someone took my brandy. Hugh, hit me again!" He 
grins with a disoriented smile.

Kassima grins crookedly at Aladis. "Y'like it, then? I'll have t'brew 
more...." She glances around and inquires of F'hlan, since he's nearby, 
"D'you want to try whatever's in the bottle?"

R'val orders, in a sludder voice, yet another brandy.

Channie looks around as she climbs back into her seat.

Hugh slowly pours a bit of fine, aged brandy into a mug, and hands it to 

F'hlan stares with commendable levelness at Kassima. "Lass, I'm nearly 
twice your age. You want to kill me?"

Aphrael shakes her head carefully at C'ron, so the room doesn't spin. 
"No.. I think you took it with you?"

Aladis snorts at R'val, swaying as she wanders over toward F'hlan. "Sure 
*hic* you wouldn't like to try some?" She hiccups again. With a silly 
smile on her face, her attempts at batting her eyelashes don't quite 
succeed. Instead, her eyes cross. She turns toward Kassima, "My *hic* 
thoughts 'xactly."

Kassima peers dubiously at the bottle. "It hasn't killed anyone *yet*," 
she protests.

Tamma looks from The Bottle to her glass of wine. The Bottle. The wine. 
"Faranth, I'm missing out," she mutters, looking back up at the white 
vapor from The Bottle that is dispersing above the other riders' heads.

R'val whispers a bit too loudly to Kassi,' Shards, Kassi, look what yer 
concoction's done to Aladis!"

Kershala tosses back half her new brandy, and gasps a bit, but is really 
too drunk already to tell.

Aladis turns hand on hips, staring somewhat to R'val's right. "Bluerider, 
*hic*, if you'd stop moving around like that *hic* I'd...tickle you for 
that comment."

F'hlan smiles faintly to Aladis, noting that himself, and he adds to 
Kassima, "Besides, woman, I get enough headaches as it is." His voice is 
not particularly angry, though.

Kelah tosses his head back and downs the remainder of his brandy, trying 
to focus on the two images of his cousin when he comes back up for air.

Aphrael peers over at Aladis, giggling. "Shards, Aladis, we're only on the 
third bar!"

R'val looks as if he's having trouble resisting an attempt at that stuff. 
He calls to Kassi, "Heh...*belch* Kassi..can I try some of yer concoction 

R'val nods," Yeah. We are only on the third bar. Isn't it time to move 

N'fan smiles and thanks the bartender as he brings the juice. He ignores 
the odd look..he apparently expects it, being the only one in the room who 
doesn't like alcohol.

Kassima overhears Tamma and tells her, "You're welcome t'try it if'n you 
like... there's quite a bit." She giggles at Aladis and nods to R'val, 
wrinkling her nose a bit. "Aye, y'can if y'like."

R'val sticks his tongue out at Aladis, "Hush up,yer drunk,' He retorts, 

Aphrael blinks and calls out. "Rating?"

Kassima chuckles at F'hlan. "If'n you're sure, then...." To Aph, she 
calls, "Eight!"

Channie orders another brandy and crosses one leg over the other. She 
holds the glass closer and sips slowly.

Aladis blinkblinks. She grins at Aph, "M'fine, Aph. Just fine." After a 
pause, she calls out, "Eight."

Tamma looks down at the wine again. Up at Kassima. Hopefully, "May I?" She 
sets down the wine glass - wine is, after all, for sissies. Right? Right.

Aphrael adds to that, "I think I'll give it an 8 too."

F'hlan says unhesitantly, "Ten."

R'val nods in agreement, "Yup. A definite eight."

C'ron chuckles to R'val and then exclaims loudly, "Rating! We need a 
ratin' for this shardin' seashack."

Kassima nods and gestures to the smoking bottle. "Anyone who likes can try 
it, aye... c'n you pass th'bottle to Tamma here, Aladis?"

Kershala grins and nods vehmently. "Eh... give'm a ten. Ish good shtuff." 
Then she slips and has to catch herself from hitting the floor. "Good 

Alisa chuckles softly, and shakes her head, nuzzling agaainst N'fan and 
sipping her one and only stout.

F'hlan tells the other bronze rider, wryly, "Say that ten times fast."

C'ron nods his head and slaps a counter with his hand, "An Eight it is!"

Channie lifts one shoulder, "Uumm, a seven, only cuz I had to be pulled 
outta that room!"

Tamma pipes up, "Eight." She hops down from her stool and heads over to 
Kassima and Aladis and all.

Aladis smiles companionably and hands the bottle over to Tamma. "Watch 
out. Bottle's hot."

R'val flashes a grin at Channie, "How'd you get stuck in there, anyhow?"

Channie puckers up her lips a little, "Ummm, I dunno.'

Merla wanders in.

Channie gulps down the rest of her drink and licks her lips.

Alyssa wanders in.

F'hlan shifts his gaze around from grinning at C'ron -- and then stares, 
as Merla and Alyssa arrive. He grins at the former.

Tamma yows, "You're scorching right about that," as she takes the bottle 
and attempts to peer into it. She draws her head back, blinking, eyes 
watering already. "Yow," she adds, then takes a big gulp of the stuff - 
sips apparently being for sissies, too.

N'fan glances up at the two who just entered, catching the movement from 
the corner of his eye. He smiles and nods friendly greeting to the 
familiar faces.

Alyssa follows Merla in, squinting a bit at the change in light and 
looking, already, like she feels a trifle out of place.

Merla comes in with Alyssa. In fact, she holds the hatch open for the 

Kassima waves unsteadily to Merla and Alyssa. "Heyla," she calls 
cheerfully, watching Tamma's reaction. "How is it?"

Aladis does her best to hold the wall up as she runs a hand through her 
hair. Then she hiccups. Chuckling, she watches Tamma take a drink. 

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme TRILLS brightly, from where she is perched on 
F'hlan's shoulder and pratically entwined, rapturously, in his thick 

R'val's grin is huge as he waves repeatedly, and somewhat unsteadily, 
"Merla, Alyssa!"

Channie gives a cheerful wave to the newcomers.

C'ron sighs and exclaims, "Let's go to the Herder Lounge, it's sorta a 

Aphrael looks rather drunk. Yep. In fact, she's just about clutching onto 
the bar for balanace, but her voice is clear as she calls out a greeting. 
"Hi! Merla! Alyssa!"

Alisa catches sight of the bottle, and her eyes glint faintly with 
interest. She begins to slowly weave her way towards it, making slowy 
progress as she pulls N'fan along.

Benden Weyr> Alyssa ut-ohs...a WHOLE buncha drunken riders. :)

Merla blinks a little, quite surprised at seeing F'hlan here. She grins at 
him, and heads over that way, with a wave at Kassima, R'val and anyone 
else who's eye she catches.

Kershala blinks at C'ron, then waves her drink wildly. "Yeah! MBH!"

Tamma carefully lowers the bottle, ducking her head. "Mmm-mm-mmph," she 
says, not quite able to speak yet.

Benden Weyr> Kassima nodnodnods to Alyssa. :)

C'ron cries out loudly, "Next stop! Herder Lounge!"

Kershala manages to pour half her drink over her head.

Channie says "what do they drink at the Beasthall?"

R'val bounds to his feet, "Herder lounge? Well, off we go!"

Benden Weyr> Alyssa ut-oh.

Kassima peers at the bottle. "Maybe I should try some of that stuff 

Aladis waves brightly to Alyssa and Merla. She pushes off from her spot on 
the wall. "Herder lounge it is!"

Kelah blinks, "The /herders/ have a bar???"

F'hlan, uncharacteristically mellow of eye, his face slightly flushed, 
rises slowly from his seat at C'ron's bellow.

N'fan tries not to bump into anyone as he keeps up with Alisa..

Kershala says "We gotsh ush a great lounge..."

Channie grabs Kelah's hand and pulls him out.

Aphrael jumps up. "Beastcraft! Yes!" And hurries out.

Channie wanders over to the Courtyard.

Kelah chuckles and follows.

Kershala staggers up and toward the door.

C'ron nods to Kershala, "Damn straight."

N'fan blinks as everyone suddenly starts to leave..

Kassima hops off her seat at the bar and whees. "The Lounge is great!" She 
reclaims her bottle before running out.

[Editor's Note:  Again, there's a shift of scene, and the action resumes
in the Beastcraft Lounge.]

Kershala staggers in a little after the others, grinning to herself.

C'ron waves to Sukari and Sammis, "Hello!"

Aladis stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Kelah stoops as he comes into the lounge.

Channie stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Sammis watches the arriving riders warily, shifting uncomfortably in his 
seat. (His feet don't quite touch the ground.)

Kershala waves to Sukari and Sammis, then heads for anything that looks 
liquid. "Should... should've brought sh...some of that brandy."

Kassima grins. "Nay last an' nay ninth!" she exults as she sits down--
missing the chair at the first try, but succeeding on the second.

Aphrael says "Next one's in is the ninth one." She murmers, watching with 
interest. "Who's not here yet?"

Aladis winks at Kassima as she comes in. "S'fun, this." Looking over to 
C'ron, she calls out, "So...what's good here?"

Channie wanders in looking around.

Kelah boundstumbles in after his cousin.

Yeldon comes in from the hallway.

C'ron says loudly to all, "The cider an' ale is the best here."

Kassima grins at Aladis. "Y'should try the ale... I don't normally care 
for the stuff, but here, 'tis nay bad."

Channie waves to Sukari

R'val bobs his head to C'ron," Yeah, C'ron, old buddy, what /is/ good to 
drink in here..cider/ You got it!" He orders cider enthusiastically.

Sammis attempts to remain out of notice in his chair, which is luckily in 
the shadows.

Aphrael waves, somewhat unsteadily at the herders in the lounge, not 
getting past "Benden's duties" As she tries to fall into a seat.

Kershala hmms at C'ron and nods. "Ale. Not tried that..." She hunts about 
for a while, and finally stumbles (almost literally) over the skin of ale.

Yeldon looks around at all the people, "Sharding crackdust!! What's 

Kassima grins at Aph mischievously. "F'hlan isn't... nor N'fan."

Aladis grins at Kassi, taking another deep breath. "*'tween* was sure 
refreshing. Think I'll try some of that ale."

Sammis shrugs at Yeldon. "Evidently riders who've had a little much to 

Aphrael giggles evilly. "Oh..." Her eyes light up.

Alisa stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Sukari grins and waves to Channie, then motions Yeldon ove.

Kershala scoops up the whole ale skin and wanders unsteadily over to 
Sukari to lean against the wall.

Channie runs a hand through her curls as she moves over to the others, 

C'ron wanders over to Sukari and says cheerfully, holding a mug of cider 
in his hands. "Sukari! How're you?"

Aphrael blinkbliks over at Yeldon. He was the next one in. But he's not 
one of those on the pub crawl.. hrm.

Yeldon shakes his head, "Blasted tankered rider..." he sits down heavily 
next to Sukari.

Lysseth> Glynna stares -- just stares -- as dragon after dragon lands in 
the fields, hands on her hips.

N'fan stoops as he comes into the lounge.

Kassima hrms. "Aph, y'go ahead an' do the honors, I'm going t'have m'self 
some ale." Her normal accent has become noticeably thicker with all she's 
been drinking.

Lysseth> F'hlan pauses to rest for a moment at his dragon's side, moving 
much more slowly than the rest of the riders.

N'fan blinks and lets his eyes adjust. More dim lighting.

Sammis shrugs at Yeldon. He rasps, "RiderS."

Sukari smiles and sqeezes Yeldon's shoulder,"So Shala, how are your new 
little ones?"

Lysseth> Merla moves up to walk next to F'hlan.

Kelah chuckles at the perterbed herder, "So, what's to drink here... C'ron 
was it??"

Aladis takes her tankard of ale, turning toward the door and grinning at 
N'fan. "Nine, isn't it?"

Kassima rummages around behind the serving table and locates a rag which 
she uses to wipe out a mug before pouring the ale into it.

Kershala peers at Yeldon, then at Sukari. "Shards. Need... 'nother seat." 
She tugs up a chair and drops into it, taking a heavy swig of her ale. 
"Ahh.... they're good. Eatin' me out th'weyr, but good."

Channie smiles happily and a little waveringly to Sammis, and the others 
while she waits for something to drink.

Aphrael cracks open a cask of cider and pours herself a mugfull of the 
slightly-brown liquid.

Lysseth> F'hlan smiles kindly to Merla as she joins him.

Lysseth> Glynna clears her throat and says, clearly and stridently, "The 
craft's duty to you all..." She peers and adds, "Apparently to Benden 
first and foremost. Is there a fire? Threadfall? Plague? Famine? What?"

N'fan fixes on the source of the voice who said his name. "Nine?" he asks, 
somewhat confused.

C'ron mutters to Yeldon, "... will... up... An'... more'n... the... we 

Kelah winks at Aph, "I see that something to drink has been found."

Lysseth> Merla looks seriously at Glynna, "I'm afraid it is more insidious 
than that even."

Lysseth> Alyssa moves to stand behind Merla and F'hlan and peers at the 
small woman who has just appeared.

Sammis decieds that when the riders are about, best to do as the riders 

Sukari grins brightly at Shala,"You look like you're having a good time 
tonight though."

Kassima raises her glass of ale to each person as they come in, then 
finally takes a deep drought of the contents. "Aye, 'tis a rule or 
somethin' that the ninth in the door gets a bucket of water o'er the head, 
methinks 'twas."

R'val sips his cider, his eyes alighting. "Shards, "He proclaims, "This 
/is/ good!"

Sammis cracks open a cask of cider and pours himself a mugfull of the 
slightly-brown liquid.

Lysseth> F'hlan abruptly smiles to the woman greeting them, and says 
politely, "Benden's duty to the Beastcraft. No, good Steward. We've simply 
come to sample your brews." He gestures off after where the other riders 
have gone.

C'ron nods encouragingly to Sammis, "Join in, Sammis lad! Get a mug!"

Aphrael holds up the tanktard. Having lost count of who's ninth - or any 
another number, she edges towards R'val and dumps most of the drink on 
him, getting the rest on herself.

Kershala grins back at Sukari. No, actually leers would be closer as she 
leans a little over. "Ohhh yesh. Lotsh of fun...."

Lysseth> Merla grins, nodding at what F'hlan has stated.

Yeldon looks pointedly at C'ron, He mutters to C'ron, "... sharding 
well... Lori... fit if... out about..." 

Kassima sets down her glass to applaud gleefully at Aph.

Channie pushes forward a bit to fill a mug for herself.

Sammis chuckles at Cam, drinking some of the cider.

Aladis giggles as she sees R'val get drenched, spilling a good bit of her 
own ale.

R'val finishes off his first mug, and enthusiastically refills it, 
wandering towards Kassi and Aladis.

Lysseth> Tzornth CROONS pleasantly down at Glynna. His eyes whirl blue.

Aphrael takes a bow, and somehow ends up tripping and falling on the 

Lysseth> Glynna nods and replies evenly, a smile pasted to her lips, "Are 
you," she checks the knot, "Wingsecond, telling me that a veritable 
epidemic of riders has arrived at this hall?"

C'ron nods vigorously, He mutters to Yeldon, "... will,... ya!" 

R'val stops. He seems not to be registering something. Oh wait. He's 
soaked. He frowns.

Sukari laughs lightly at her friend,"I'm glad that we can trust Danth to 
take care of you then....or have you found another to do that this 

Kelah fills up a mug with cider and smiles at his cousin, offering to do 
the same for her.

Lysseth> Alyssa mutters to Merla, "Careful. She's..."

Alisa keeps her arm around N'fan's waist, still working her way towards 
that bottle...

Lysseth> Glynna glances at Tzornth, quirking a brow, not at all fooled by 
the whirly-eyed critter.

Aladis lifts her hand, one finger pointing at R'val as she bends over, 
giggling uncontrollably. "Someone spilled."

Channie holds out her mug towards Kelah lazily.

C'ron tilts his head and then heads for the door. He turns behind him to 
call, "I'll be back!"

C'ron leaves the lounge through the door to the Landing Field.

Lysseth> F'hlan's eyebrows go up. "If nine count as an epidemic..." He 
quirks his head, and adds mildly, "Will we cause a problem?"

Aphrael giggles madly at R'val, managing to half hold herself off the 

Kershala blinks a little. "'Nother? Nobody but 'Danth carries me n'more. 
But he might carry shomeone else..." She winks broadly at Sukari. "Want 

Yeldon folds his arms and shakes his head muttering to himself, "... 
suppose.... blamed for ... this!"

Lysseth> Kimbrith moves over next to Tzornth, taking a close look at 

Sammis drinks his cider quickly. Ah, heck. If there's a bunch of riders 
doing it, how much trouble is /he/ gonna get in?

Lysseth> C'ron follows Mammeth's glance to rush towards Glynna with an 
intoxicated light-hearted smile.

R'val swivels towards Aph and frowns at her, "Hey." he says, thickly, 
slurring, "Yer supposed ta /drink/ the stuff, not pour it on me!" He spits 
out what landed in nhis mouth on APh, then giggles madly.

Lysseth> Merla grins, She mutters to Alyssa, "So..." 

Kelah smiles and pours Nie a mug of cider as he takes a gulp from his own 

Kassima giggles madly at Aph and R'val both. "Good job, Aph!" She lifts 
her mug in a toast to her friend, then giggles again at R'val's response.

Channie gulps at her cider, then turns to giggle at R'val's condition.

Sukari smiles,"No Shala, but thank you..I meant company of another sort 
for you....but that's alright.

Aphrael blinkblinks at R'val, then ewwwwwwwwws. "That's gross, bluerider!" 
She goes over to grab some more cider.

Aphrael pours the slightly sweet cider into her mug, almost filling it to 
the brim.

R'val sticks out his tongue at Kassi and Aph, "S'ok. I can aabsorb the 
stuff!" He fills another mug and drinks, nonchalantly. He /acks/ as he 
sees Aph head for the cider, and moves away from her.

Aladis is still giggling, but somehow manages to take a healthy swig of 
her ale.

Lysseth> C'ron reaches over to give Glynna a hearty warm hug, "Glynna! 
It's alright, they's with me an' Shala. An' only 'bout a dozen of us, 

Sammis attempts to beat Aph to the cider, needing a refill.

Kershala has to stop and think for a bit, then nodnods quickly. "Ohhh... 
yeah, that short of company. C'n 'ave that too. Ever seen m'weyr?" She 
stops and frowns. "No, guess not. Want to?"

Aphrael advances on R'val, grinning evilly. She bumps into Sammis trying 
to get to the ale, and spills some of it on him. "Oh shard it all! I 

Lysseth> Glynna takes a deep breath, inventories the dragons and the 
riders and realizes a majority are already within, and glances at 
Kimbrith. Inclining her head to the queen, she then sighs and shrugs. "No, 
Wingsecond, not at all," she says in a voice that sounds not overly keen. 
"Be welcome at the Hall." She then OOOOFs as C'ron embraces her. "Y'oaf!! 
Let go before y' smother me."

Sukari smiles,"Perhaps some other time....I think the evening is still 
young for you."

Yeldon shakes his head at Shala.

N'fan suddenly drops off to sleep.

Aladis snickers, holding her still mostly full tankard out to Aph. "Want 

Lysseth> F'hlan says sincerely to Glynna, "If any of our party cause undue 
damage," he promise with a slight bow, "I shall pay the compensation. I've 
the marks for it."

Channie blinks and then giggles even more as Aph stumbles around, she 
attempts not to spill her own ale.

Kassima drinks another draught of ale and returns the tongue gesture. 
"Y'had it coming, R'val, don' be trying t'deny it...." Why, she doesn't 

Lysseth> Alyssa watches Merla and Glynna and nods, quiet and happy behind 
her gold and bronze protection.

Sammis gets himself soaked and decides it's not a good idea to race 
drunken riders. "No, not really."

Benden Weyr> Kassima okays, everyone, F'hlan's paying! Let's wreck the 
place! ;)

R'val thpts! loudly at Kassi, 'OH yeah? Tell me why, huh?" He challenges, 
while glugging back a large amount of cider.

Lysseth> C'ron chuckles and stops hugging Glynna, "Alright, no smotherin' 
the steward. Gotcha!" He winks at her.

Kershala frowns and looks at the door blearily. "Ohh... all right, 

Aphrael rubs at her eyes. "Sorry and all." She murmers, then accepts the 
mug from Aladis greatfully, finally getting a drink in her mouth.

Kershala leaves the lounge through the door to the Landing Field.

Lysseth> Kershala says "Shtupid dragon. All right, we'll go home."

Sukari looks over a tYeldon and winks.

Lysseth> Cirdanth snorts and helps Shala up to the straps.

Kassima blinks and says, "Why, 'cause you're R'val. Reason enough, don't 
you think?" She turns to Aph and Aladis and grins at them. "That's a good 
reason, right?"

Lysseth> C'ron grins thankfully to F'hlan, "Thank ya, sir. An' Glynna, 
we'll take care o' it. Honest."

Lysseth> Glynna waves a hand before her nose. "Cam, you smell like week-
old ale. Where have you all been? And why wasn't I shardling invited?

Lysseth> Cirdanth rumbles a farewell to the people, then steps back and 
leaps upward.

Sammis decides he'd eventually get cider-sodden anyway, so concentrates on 
catching up with the riders.

Aladis smirks at R'val, then turns to Kassi. "Oh, most definitely."

Kelah leans over near his cousin and winks drunkenly. He mutters to 
Channie, "... Aphreal is... cute..." 

Lysseth> Merla chuckles at F'hlan, "Be careful what you offer...."

R'val pokes Kassima in her flat stomach teasingly, "Feh. In that case, I'm 
gonna dunk you in the lake, just cuz you're Kassi. Same as my dragon did, 
way backwhen." he grins broadly.

Lysseth> C'ron shrugs and pokes Glynna's side lightly, "I sent word with a 
sweeprider. Don't tell me H'fin didn't give it ta ya."

Aphrael blinkblink peers at Kassi, then nods vigourly. "Oh, ayep." She 
agrees, having no idea what she's agreeing to.

Lysseth> F'hlan inclines his head serenely to Glynna, to the departing 
rider and dragon, and with slow and careful steps, limps his way into the 
lounge. He says pleasantly over his shoulder to Merla, "I'm not yet drunk 
enough to have lost my head, my friend."

F'hlan stoops as he comes into the lounge.

Sammis gets to four mugs of cider, getting a little disoriented.

Lysseth> Merla follows after F'hlan, pulling Alyssa along with her.

Merla stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Alyssa stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Sukari grins and shakes her head at Sammis.

Aphrael spins as she hears her name, managing NOT to spill the cider this 
time. "Whassat?"

Kethran stoops as he comes into the lounge.

R'val looks up and grins, waving enthusiastically to Merla and Alyssa.

Lysseth> C'ron grins and reaches for Glynna's hand, "Come on in and join 
the fun!"

F'hlan limps slowly into the room, looking for a seat.

Sammis grins at Sukari skewedly. "When in they weyr, do as the riders 
do... Although..." he tries to work out a thought.

Kelah tilts his head back and downs some more cider.

R'val pours the slightly sweet cider into his mug, almost filling it to 
the brim.

Sukari arches an eyebrow at Sammis.

Channie grins as she overhears Sammis.

Aladis takes another tankard of ale, drinking from it. Seeing the new 
arrivals, she raises the tankard, smiling brightly at them, one eye 
closing in a wink at F'hlan.

Lysseth> Glynna watches the Bendenites leave and mutters, "Shardling 
double-scorched flaming riders, coming here to drink us dry!" She sighs 
and looks up at C'ron, smiling crookedly. "Fun? You all are stinking 
already, C'ron! I'm surprised you're upright still." Nevertheless, she 
takes the proffered hand.

Kassima giggles at R'val. "Aye--here's to Vidarth, th'dunkin' dragon!" She 
waves in the general direction of F'hlan.

C'ron stoops as he comes into the lounge.

Kethran grins in a silly, quite-obviously-having-had-his-share manner, and 
manages to drop into a seat near his sister. "Heya, Alyssa," he drawls.

Glynna stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Yeldon's eyes go wide!

Alyssa is pulled in by Merla and looks around with a little smile. At 
least these are familiar surroundings.

Sukari raises her klah mug in greeting to Cam as he returns.

Sammis immediatly half-sobres at Glynna's apearance.

Merla follows after F'hlan. She puts a hand on his shoulder and points at 
a few seats near R'val, "How about there?"

Channie glances at Kelah and blinks slowly at him.

R'val approaches Merla, and holds out a cider to her, beaming broadly< 
"here ya go Merla. Have one!" He plops into a seat, patting the one beside 

Alyssa sighs at Kethran. "Oh, Keth, dear...you too?"

C'ron looks about sadly, not seeing his mug of ale or his friend. He sighs 
and pours him a huge mug of cider and drinks it cheerfully.

Sukari makes herself as small as possible when she sees Glynna enter the 

Yeldon shakes his head at Glynna and simply points at C'ron.

F'hlan inclines his head amiably to his Wingmates, and settles slowly into 
the nearest comfortable chair in the direction Merla indicates, looking 
for something he can prop his bad leg on.

Alisa finally makes it overto The Bottle (tm)

R'val grins, "Aye! To me blue, beautiful Vidarth! May he dunk many a 
candidate when Leilanth lays her eggs!" He laughs.

Channie mutters to Kelah, "... cute she might be,... 'ver'... is... good 

Alisa mutters to Aladis, "... of..."

Kethran quirks a brow at Alyssa. "Me, too, what?" he asks, totally 

From Kethran's shoulder, Randival bugles in agreement with R'val, and then 
looks around for a female to annoy.

Channie sighs slightly and shakes her head, contenting herself with more 

Aladis grins and points to Kassima. She mutters to Alisa, "It's..."  She 
scoots a low stool over in F'hlan's direction, again favouring the 
Wingsecond with a dimpled smile.

Glynna clears her throat and snaps, "Least all of you shardling herders 
could do is greet the weyrwoman here properly. Faranth's backside, someone 
go get the riders some food to help them drink. You, there, lad, fetch the 
better wine from my office for our guests."

C'ron raises his glass and exhoes R'val's toast, sort of, "To dunkin' 

Kassima raises her mug in a toast and, noting it to be empty, gets herself 
a refill. The Bottle <tm> is stashed in her belt pouch, with the top of it 
sticking visibly from the top flap. "Aye, to that, and to Slithereth, and 
to Candidates, and to ale, and to... to, um, to toasting things for nay 
apparent reason!"

Merla accepts the cider offered by R'val, "Thank you, my friend."

Sly pops out of between and looks for something weak to pounce on.

Alyssa says softly, "Keth, you've been following all this around and 
drinking too?"

Kethran grins to R'val. "When the Candies come to Benden, can I dunk a 
few?" he asks eagerly.

Aphrael manages to get most of the cider in the right spot, and proceeds 
to get herself even more happily drunk.

Kelah hiccups and looks back at his cousin, He mutters to Channie. 

Sukari blinks and jumps up, heading out of the lounge.

Sukari opens the door to the Herder Hall's main hallway and goes through.

Channie rolls her eyes slightly and shrugs.

C'ron drinks brightly, draining most of the cider in a single pull. He 
smacks his lips and totters a bit. "Shards, I love the lounge!"

Merla shakes her head at Kethran, "Nope. It's all mine then."

Alisa grins and wanders to Kassi, setting her stout down, "So..."

Alisa mutters to Kassima, "... there..."

Sukari comes in from the hallway.

Alyssa slips around to the klah pot and procures a mug for herself; it 
seems the safest thing around.

Yeldon shakes his head and his mouth drops at Glynna's words.

F'hlan nods thankfully to Aladis for the stool, and settles back to listen 
to the chatter.

Kethran nodsnods slowly to Alyssa. "Ayup. Indeed I have. Isn't it fun?" he 
slurs. He's not quite gone yet, but is certainly drunk enough to have lost 
most of his inhabitions.

R'val beams happily at Merla, and slugs back his ale, before helping 
himself to another.

Channie gazes into her mug with a frown.

Sammis dashes off to attend to some chore or other.

Kassima glances down to her belt pouch and, setting down her mug--which 
has again become mostly empty, somehow--draws the bottle from the pouch. 
"This bottle?"

Sukari comes back in, a few wine skins slung over her shoulder, her arms 
laden wih trays of food.

C'ron approaches Glynna and says brightly, "So, ya wanan stal away with 
Mammeth an' I for the rest of the pubs, Glynna?"

Alyssa sighs at Kethran and takes a place behind Merla and F'hlan, cupping 
her klah protectively and sniffing at the powerful aroma eminating from 

Yeldon mutters to himself, " Shardin' backwards... hall,... apps... 
publicly... a... of... arms!"

Sukari says "Glynna, were these the ones you were looking for?"

Alisa nodnods.

Alisa says "That's the one."

F'hlan smiles at the scents of food, watching the trays coming in with a 
hopeful light to his gaze. Food's good. It'll pace him out.

Sukari looks around at allthe drinking going on and sighs slightly.

Kethran grins at Alyssa. "Don't worry, sister mine. I won't mebarass you." 
He pauses for a moment. "'less I try to sing," he says contemplatively.

Aladis leans back in her chair, taking a healthy swig of her ale. After 
swallowing, she glances up and sees Alyssa, smiling brightly at her. 
"G'deve Dragonhealer." Lowering her eyes slightly, she again winks at 
F'hlan, then takes another sip of ale.

Arching a brow, Glynna replies to C'ron, "You want me to leave my Hall in 
the clutches of a dozen drunkards -- yes, Sukari, thank you, if you can 
give that to those two there," she indicates Merla and F'hlan and 
continues to C'ron, "to drink my way across Pern?"

Merla downs the cider quickly, her eyes searching across the faces in the 

R'val grins at Merla happily and sips his refilled cider mug, "How're you 
doin' Merla? How's that lovely gold o' yours?"

Kassima grins crookedly and offers her the bottle, which is still mostly 
full--it's a pretty big bottle. Must've taken up all the room in her belt 
pouch. "You're welcome t'try some, if'n you want to...." She glances at 
Keth. "Eh, Keth, don' start--they'll try an' make you sing. Meli was 
tryin' t'get me t'do it earlier."

Sukari walks around the room with the tray, piled high with a variety of 

Ryialla stoops as she comes into the lounge.

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme skitters around to croon at Sukari and her 
food. TREATS!

C'ron shakes his head to Glynna, "Naw, we will all be headin' off 

Alyssa chokes on her klah as she catches Aladis's wink to F'hlan.

Merla says, "Swimmingly good, R'val!"

R'val beams at the sight of Ryialla entering, all three of her,a nd waves 
unsteadily, "Ryi!"

R'val winks at Merla with a grin, "Good!"

F'hlan says politely to Sukari, "My thanks... where should I give marks 
for this?"

Glynna waves a hand at the herders. "These useless louts will still be 

Sukari stops by the WL'd and drops off the good wine.

Ryialla salutes, then waves. "Heyla, everyone."

Aladis gestures to Alyssa to come a bit closer.

Aphrael shakes her head to clear it, giggling and waving at Ryi. "Glad you 
could join us." She half slurs.

Alyssa moves closer to Aladis, a bit trepedatiously.

Alisa grins and takes the bottle, wrinkling her nose and jumping as she 
sniffs at it and burns her nose.

Sukari smiles brightly at F'hlan,"Don't be silly WL, it is our honor and 

Merla says, "And Vidarth?"

C'ron shakes his sack towards F'hlan, "In here is the contributions ta 
Herder Hall for their courtesy an' ale, F'hlan!"

Kelah points at about five different people before it settles on one, He 
mutters to Channie, "... that... Aladis.... er... Alyssa... er.... 
Alisa... how..." 

Glynna smirks. "Easy for you to say, Sukari, it's MY shardling wine."

Merla looks over at F'hlan, at Sukari's comment. She smiles to herself.

R'val grins, "He's fine. Better than fine, nowadays!" he enthuses, 
refilling his cider mug yet again.

Ursa stoops as she comes into the lounge.

Kassima waves to Ryi and nearly falls off her chair in the attempt. One of 
her blue fire-lizards--Kholim, by the look of him--gets jostled by this 
and falls into the ale mug with a *plop*.

R'val waves cheerfully to Ursa, 'Hey Ursa, glad you chose to rejoin the 

Yeldon shakes his head at the commotion again, "Shardin'.... fine 

Sukari smiles just as brightly to Glynna,"Yes, I had thought of that 

Channie glances at Kelah and just frowns, she narrows her eyes and shrugs, 
"I don't know Kelah----"

F'hlan inclines his head to both Sukari and C'ron, and makes a point of 
adding some marks to the contribution the other bronze rider is 
collecting. Spying Ryialla, then, he smiles over to her.

Alyssa ohs and replies to Aladis, "He does..."

A flicker of green movement attracts Randival's attention, and he cocks 
his head toward it. He pauses to croon happily at Neme, then nearly falls 
off Kethran's shoulder. It looks as if the trader has been slipping a bit 
of drink to the fire-lizard.

Ursa stumbles back in, murmering, "Shells, d'they have to hide the 
necessary so far away?"

Aphrael blinks and peers at the drowning firelizard, giggling madly. She 
waves at Ursa as she laughs.

R'val grins at Ursa, "POor dear. Here. Console yourself with a cider."

Kethran waves cheerfully at Ursa, and stands to stumble closer to her, 
Randival swaying on his shoulder.

Alyssa glances up hurriedly and snaps to Kethran, "Keth, you've not been 
giving that little bronze any alcohol, have you?"

Channie frowns and shakes her head, curling up in her chair with a sigh.

Alisa grins and looks to Kassima, with a faint frin, before finally 
knocking back a rather too large amount. It takes a moment for the heat to 
register, but soon she is coughing and gasping as a ball of flame eats its 
way through her, stomach and all.

Kelah hiccups and stumbles over for more cider, chuckling at his cousin, 
"Eh... waddoyouknowanyway?"

Kethran blinks at Alyssa, and then shrugs. "He likes it," he explains 
lamely, and grins.

F'hlan, grinning more this night than most people in this party have ever 
seen him grin in five Turns, methodically samples the food, and shares 
some with his little green.

Channie grumbles and shrugs silently.

Alisa blinkblinkblinks tearful eyes, and grins, her voice strained, as she 
holds the bottle to Kassima, "S'good..."

Ryialla smiles back at F'hlan, then glances over at R'val, making a face. 

Kassima fishes her sputtering fire-lizard out of the mug. "Eh, Kholim, get 
outta there... 'tis mine t'be drinking, nay yours." She quaffs her ale as 
Kholim chitters in annoyance, and grins at Alisa. "Glad y'like it... I'll 
have t'try it one of these days m'self."

Aladis smiles smugly. "We'll see, Alyssa." She then raises her mug to the 
bronzerider at her table. "Your health, and that of your *hic* green, 

Channie mutters to Kelah, "... any..."

Glynna fetches a large mug and gets a large portion of the amber wine for 
herself, sitting on a stool near F'hlan and Merla. She's ignoring Alyssa 
entirely. "Clear skies," she says plainly, raising her mug.

R'val bobs his head to Ryialla, and grins, "Aye, cider. S'very good in 
this place. They make it much better than most ciders I"ve had."

Ursa snatches teh cider from R'val gracefully, "Thank-ya!" giving him a 
kiss on the cheek in gratitude, and takes a big swig. She leans against 
Kethran to keep her balance. "There. Better."

Sukari mutters to Yeldon.

Merla smiles at Glynna, standing, to hold out a chair for her, "Please 
join us and relax, my lady. Benden will replace your wine, and you are 
more than welcome to join us for the rest of the evening. There is a time 
to worry...this is not it."

Alisa giggles, "You mean ya havna tried it yet?"

F'hlan says wisely to Aladis, "My health can use the toast. Thank you." He 
nods graciously.

C'ron heads off in the corner to talk ugently with someone.

Alyssa reaches over to take Kethran's hand, squeezing it. "Do NOT give him 
any more. It's poisonous to dragonkind. I am serious."

Alisa, too develops a faint accent, her words slurred as a drunken 

Kelah pours more cider and shoves one into his cousin's hands, "Juss gotta 
keep lookin' s'all!"

R'val oofs! as his cider's snatched right out of his hand. He's 
disoriented by the kiss, and he just blinks. Then stutters, "ERm. Your...

Ryialla raises an eyebrow. "I don't know..I'm not overfond of cider."

Channie rolls her eyes and her face twists into an expression of distaste, 
"Yeah--whatever cousin--"

Aladis inclines her head, eyes twinkling. "Wouldn't want to see a sharding 
charming rider like you in anything but the best of health."

Kassima ehs? "F'hlan rides a green?" she inquires of Aladis, and blinks at 
the bronzerider. "I never knew that... now how could that've escaped my 
notice? Strange." She refills her ale mug yet again. Maybe it'll make 
sense with another drink.

Yeldon glances at Sukari and gives a sigh, "You realize this won't be good 
later... we'll hear all about it..."

Kethran tosses a bit of a glare in R'val's direction as Ursa kisses the 
bluerider, and then smiles again, reaching out an arm to steady the 
brownrider as she falls against him. He blinks at Alyssa, and shakes his 
head. "I didn't know that," he admits, and then peers at his shoulder. 
Randival chitters at Alyssa for a moment. Spoilsport.

Glynna takes the chair near Merla and, after a long pull of her wine, 
remarks, "No worries, no worries. I'm Glynna, by the way. Relatively new 
steward here. My shoulder knot still squeaks."

R'val beams charmingly at RYialla, "Oh, go on Ryi, don't be a wet blanket! 
Try some."

Sukari shrugs,"Glynna knows what happened."

Kassima shakes her head. "Nay... what with it being all hot and smoky an' 
all, thought I'd let R'val have the first go. Sacrificial bluerider, an' 

Aladis nods sagely. "Yep. Think Tzornth is really a green. Haven't you 

F'hlan holds up a tidbit of meat, allowing Neme to nibble it from his 
fingers, and he tells Kassima, "Don't tell me Thunderbolt never told you I 
was trying to build myself a second dragon." He adds politely to Glynna, 
"F'hlan, Tzornth's rider."

Aphrael giggles and downs her cider. "Okay.. this is the what? Fourth? 
Sharding lost count.. anyway, a rating?" She asks.

R'val Hrms? "First go at what, Kassi?"

Kelah squeezes Channie's shoulder.

Ryialla says "Eh...well..all right."

Alyssa smiles weakly at her brother and takes her stance again, quiet and 
watchful, with her klah.

Alisa laughs softly, and batbats her eyes, "Think I could have another?"

Ursa peeeeers at Kethran with a worried frown. "You been poisoning that 
critter of yours?" she asks as she sways against him, craning to see the 
despised bronze on his other shoulder.

Glynna smiles at F'hlan, a little broader than her usual sneer. "Well met, 
F'hlan, Tzornth's ri...shells. Former Benden weyrleader?"

Channie shrugs and stands, moving over to the ale for a re-fill.

Merla grins at Glynna's comment. "Ah good....well, you should get the 
apprentices to keep it that way." she holds up her glass in toast.

Kassima taps her chin thoughtfully. "Well, think maybe I've heard 
somethin' of that... didn't know you'd succeeded, though. Congratulations, 
greenrider! What's her name?" That someone could build themself a dragon 
seems perfectly logical to her at this point.

Sukari makes another round with the food, offering it to the riders.

Kethran shrugs. "I just gave him a little -- he seemed to like it," he 
says apologetically. "Won't give him any more," he promises. Randival 
bugle(hic)chitters and croons at another green.

Channie smiles slightly at Sukari, "How have you been?"

F'hlan tells Glynna cordially, "That'd be me, aye," and adds to Kassima, 
"Larineth," his expression utterly deadpan.

You sense Aladis leans over to whisper. "I think he built them out of all 
those cute green FLs he has."

Kassima grins at R'val. "First go at that drink I brewed, y'know?" To Aph, 
she calls, "Eh... seven, I say," and then she nods to Alisa. "Aye, just 
leave a wee bit o' it in there for me."

Aphrael shrugs. "Ah well. Don't remember what the others were rating 
anyway. Where's C'ron when you need someone with a memory?"

Glynna clinks her mug against Merla's glass, grinning right back as she 
polishes off her wine. "Good stuff. Not a Benden pressing, mind you, but a 
good pressing nonetheless."

Alisa pouts a little, and pokepokes Kassi, her other fingers craning for 
The bottle.

R'val grins at Kassima, nodding to her, "Oh,allright. Love to."

Sukari pauses by Channie,"Well, very well <smiles over at Yeldon>..the 
work is very rewarding...how is life as a full fledged Dragon Rider?"

Ryialla looks bemused as someone shoves a mug of cider in her hand, and 
regards it warily. She lifts it to her nose and sniffs, then takes a teeny 
sip. "Hmm. Not bad." She takes another sip. "Surprisingly good, 

Alyssa murmurs to Kethran, "Thank you. I'd be most grateful."

Ursa snorts, scolding, or maybe swaying, "Well, if you're gonna insist on 
keeping the pest, the least you could do is avoid poisoning him."

Merla smiles, "Some of the southern wines have their own charm."

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme nuzzles lovingly against her human's soft hair, 
while pertly eying that there bronze over there.

Channie nods slsowly and gives a little shrug, "Ahhh--well, it's wonderful 
really." she wavers a bit. "I'm glad you're doing so well."

Ryialla glances over at F'hlan. "Larineth."

Kassima giggles at R'val. "You've already tried it, r'member?" She nods 
sagely to F'hlan. "That's a lovely name your green has, there."

Alisa grabs the bottle, grinning triumphantly, and downs another fireball, 
gasping slightly less this tiem as tears run down her face, "Definately 
definately sh'good schtuff...

Kelah hiccups slightly at Nie and stumbles over to Aphrael, pointing over 
at his cousin, He mutters to Aphrael, "... somethin' 'bout that... (hic)  
shess... fire-head a new man... sumpthin'!" 

Kethran looks apologetically at Ursa and Alyssa. "Is there some sort of 
list of things to do and not to do with fire-lizards?" he asks, pouting 

Glynna glances at F'hlan, murmurs something about handsome men, and turns 
back to Merla, nodding. "Well, you Benden folk likely get your fill of 
Benden wine. This one's Istan, five Turns back, I believe."

R'val blinks at Kassi, "I have? Oh yeaH! I have.' He nods decisively, and 
drinks s'more cider.

Kassima hears Aladis's comment and nods to her. "Y'may be right 'bout 
that, I think...."

Sukari studies Channie for a moment,"Everything isn't as well as it could 
be, is it?"

Aphrael giggles as a sudden thought comes to her. She nudges Kassi. "Hey, 
you think we should go to er, *pause* Benden? Yah, that's it! Wines!"

Aladis smiles, then hiccups. "Yep...and it is a lovely name."

Alyssa nods and says, without a smile, "I can make you one. Common sense 
dictates not giving any animal alcohol, though, brother."

Merla smiles, "Interesting...don't get much Istan wine..."

F'hlan winks at Ryialla, blushes very slightly to Glynna, but nods as she 
provides the information about the wine. Neme, evidently beliving she is 
under discussion, cheeps cutely at Kassima.

R'val beams at Aph's suggestion, "Yeah! Or maybe save Benden for the last 
stop, so we don't have far to go to pass out."

Channie giggles suddenly and screws up her face as if her ale had suddenly 
turned sour, "Ahh--but it's fine though."

Kassima grins at Alisa. "Will definitely have t'be brewin' more of it when 
I'm back at the Lounge." She corks the bottle and stashes it away again, 
then nods to Aph. "Sounds good! T'the Weencraft--err, Winecraft, thas' 

Kelah tils back some more cider and shakes his head at Nie.

Channie leans over a little closer, She mutters to Sukari, "... no longer 

Aphrael giggles at R'val. "But I don't know the way to Tillek's bar!" She 
complains. "The foo hides it!"

From Kethran's shoulder, Randival hears the cheep and returns his 
attention back to Neme. He bugle-hics again to her, and sways slightly on 
Kethran's shoulder, starting to recover.

From Ryialla's shoulder, Miko mrowlchirples, and tries to take a swim in 
Ryi's mug of cider. Ryi sighs. "Don't suppose Larineth is missing a piece? 
I've got a volunteer.."

Alisa giggles slightly, sending herself into a fit of laughter, and falls 
over into F'hlan.

R'val snorts at Aphrael and grins," feh, we'l find the way."

Glynna sits back, propping up her booted feet as an apprentice hurries 
over to refill her mug. "You know," she mentions casually, "Lorianne would 
pitch a full hissy fit over all of you being here. Cheers, by the way."

F'hlan cries out, startled.

F'hlan says "Whoa, there, lass..."

Sukari smiles brightly,"As it should be ....my friend. To your health and 
the health of that lovely Dragon of yours." With that she continues on.

Sukari pauses and speaks softly once more to Channie.

Ryialla chuckles and drinks some more of this lovely cider.

Merla's eyes go serious a moment, and she looks out at the group of people 

Kassima beams at the cute little fire-lizard. "You're a sweet little one, 
so y'are... nay like mine." She glances around at her fair of 35 and 
wrinkles her nose. "They're nay sweet 'tall, just... just... they're just 

Yeldon nods at Glynna's words and goes back to being angry at the whole 

Aphrael giggles doubtfully. "If you say so.."

Alyssa, behind F'hlan, reaches down to help Alisa up, looking with alarm 
at her and the bronzerider.

On F'hlan's shoulder, Neme cheeples, and flitflitflits at the sudden 
newcomer in her human's immediate vicinity.

Sukari mutters to Channie, "... are... that will..."

Alisa oopsies, and giggles softly, grinning up at F'hlan, "Hi."

Kethran smiles apologetically to Alyssa. "'Twas just a little bit," he 
says again, and gives Alyssa his most winsome small-canine look, hoping 
she'll forgive him.

R'val pours the slightly sweet cider into his mug, almost filling it to 
the brim.

J'bal stoops as he comes into the lounge.

F'hlan, blushing faintly, simply and quite decorously moves his hands to 
help prop Alisa to her feet. "Watch your step, there," he tells her 

Glynna takes another large swallow of wine and adds to her earlier 
comment, "Of course, the Hall itself, it's been said, is my domain. And a 
little bit of drinking ought not bother us over much."

Dragon> Lysseth senses that Kimbrith rumbles << Merla wonders if you think 
your rider is alright to go /between/. >>

Ursa sways around Kethran. "Yeah. Do keep 'em away from me. Most important 
one to remember."

Yeldon throws up his hands as more people enter, "More..... shardin' 

Alyssa smiles back to Kethran, an expression that doesn't reach her eyes. 
"Just don't do it again, please."

Alisa scratches her head a moment, and grins at Kassima, "Methinks I 
needshmore of dat dere schtuff of yours... yupyup...

Alisa says "I do..."

Channie blinks at Sukari a moment and leans her head in more to whisper.

Alisa reahces out towards the bottle, her fingers craning and missing 
several times.

J'bal wanders in, chuckling at all the riders gathered. He stops and 
bellows over the noise, "Fort's duty to Beastcraft", then heads for the 

Kassima giggles at F'hlan. "Don' 'spose you'd take any of my eight greens 
off my hands...?" She shakes her head and sets down her ale mug, glancing 
out to where Lyss is and frowning thoughtfully. "Should be all right, 
Lyss... I haven't been drinkin' what's in the Bottle...."

Merla says, "F'hlan...can you take Alyssa..I have to head back to the 

Aphrael half pulls herself to her feet. "Okay, lets hope we can find the 
sharding place."

Alisa frowns slightly, and hrmphs, closing one eye, to try again.

Channie leans up from whispering to Sukari and waves to J'bal.

Kelah finishes the rest of his cider, "Where's tha next stop!??"

Glynna looks up and calls back to J'bal, "Ah, Fortian addition, come on 
in, damage is already done. Well met, our duty, all that."

Lysseth> Kimbrith senses that Lysseth rumbles thoughtfully. << I believe 
so... she's drunk more than this before, though not too often. I will tell 
her not to drink so much after this, though. >>

Aladis looks at F'hlan, giggling softly to herself. Seeing J'bal, she 
waves merrily. "Heyla *hic* c'mon and go on our tour!"

Kelah hiccups, getting quite carried away with himself.

Aphrael calls out. "Tillek! The Wave Rider!"

F'hlan nods gravely to Merla. "I shall."

Alyssa says hurriedly, "There's no need for a fuss over me, Merla..."

Kelah goes over to collect his somber cousin.

Merla says more quietly to F'hlan, so that only he and those very close 
can here, "And please watch out for Kassima. She seems a bit far gone..."

Kelah leans over Channie's shoulder and smiles at Suakri drunkenly.

Ryialla upends her mug. "Sounds like a plan."

Sukari smiles warmly at Channie.

R'val leaps unsteadily to his feet, drops his cider mug, and bellows, 
"Yeah! The Wave Rider!"

J'bal grins and heads for Aladis, grabbing a bottle of something on the 
way. "Hiya, greenrider. How goes?" He drains half the bottle in one chug.

Aphrael leaves the lounge through the door to the Landing Field.

Yeldon looks up and shakes his head at Kelah, "Shardin' drunks!"

R'val leaves the lounge through the door to the Landing Field.

Ursa seems to need Kethran's help staying vertical. "Well, c'mon, then."

Kassima sighs and mutters under her breath, "Spoilsport." Who she means 
isn't precisely clear, but she does set her mug down and heads after Aph 
with something approaching steadiness.

[Editor's Note:  Yet again, exiting messages have been snipped in favor
of picking up the action where it next begins:  in the Tillek Hold 

Kassima hrms and taps her chin thoughtfully. "Where was it again? Seems 
t'me th'foo hid it last time, an' I canna remember where 'tis now...."

Aladis chews on her lower lip as she looks ovrer to Kassi. "The foo hid 

Kassima nods absently. "Aye, 'twas our guess last time when we could nay 
find it. I think I'll look this way...."

You walk across the cobbles of the courtyard, and enter the hold.

Feeling in need of an attitude adjustment, you push through the double 
doors and enter the WaveRider.

Aladis comes through the double doors from the cavern.

R'val flops down into a seat an grins at Kassi, vaguely cross-eyed, "What 

Aphrael is trying to count. "Fourth.."

Aladis stumbles in, hiccuping and waving wildly to her friends. "Fourth?"

Kassima wanders in looking a bit less cheerful than before, muttering 
something under her breath. Something can be heard about, "Sharding 
overprotective green...." She wanders over to sit by R'val and Aph. "Eh, 
Lyss says she don' want me t'be drinkin' so much any more." She blinks at 
Aph. "Thought 'twas fifth?"

Aphrael says "Fourth in to the room, that is :)"

R'val peers at Kassima worriedly, "You ok?"

Ryialla comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Aphrael sways slightly and nods. "But it is the fifth bar!"

Ryialla says "The fifth what?"

Kassima nods. "Aye, I've nay even had 'smuch as y'have, but y'know Lyss, 
an' she's got her mind set on keepin' sure I donna drink more'n a bit 
more. So, I guess I'll nay drink here. Only Tillek swill anyway." She 
glances out in the direction of where Lyss is and sticks out her tongue, 
presumably at the green.

R'val grins at Kassima archly, "Yeah, I admit..Tillek isn't a hot spot 
indeed. But hey..there's always brandy."

Channie grumbles about not being able to find her way around.

Ryialla looks back at where the -rest- of the group should be, and sees 
only Channie. "Hmm. I think people got lost.."

R'val nods towards Ryialla unsteadily, "Seems we lost lotsa folks> Mebbe 
they went home."

Channie grins at Ryialla and ambles forward.

Channie leans over on R'val as she steps closer to him, "hi--ug, you're 

Ryialla grins back at Channie. "Well, you made it, at any rate. Now. 
Brandy is the drink for here, R'val?"

Kelah comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Aphrael makes a face. "Not -more- brandy?"

Benden Weyr> Ryialla checks with the Benden booze expert.. :)

Kassima giggles and pats her clanking belt pouch. "Got m'self plenty 
o'brandy in th'pouch here. Bought it from Hugh for m'stock at home. An' 
I've still got the drink I made, too. But I'll nay be havin' none o'that 
stuff--'tis nay somethin' t'be drinkin' unless you're sober, methinks." No 
doubt about it, her accent's really getting noticeable now. Odd effect for 
wine to have on a person, but it seems to work on Kassi.

J'bal comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Channie waves to Kelah.

R'val grins and nods to Ryialla decisively, "IT is for me!"

Aphrael blinkblinks at Kassi, barely able to understand a work. "What?"

Kelah smiles at his cousin, a bit drunkenly.

Ursa comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Kethran comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Kethran staggers in with Ursa.

Ryialla chuckles at Kassima. "Well, I still -am- sober. So.." She gets 
herself some and settles into a chair, sipping slowly."

Channie glances at R'val, taking not he doesn't even notices her and 
snorts, moving away to find a nice drink.

J'bal grins as he finally comes in the door, then promptly grabs a 
wineskin and upends it over his mouth, guzzling half the contents 

Ursa looks around. "Shells, never been here before," she mumbles as she 
sloshes her way to a chair.

Kassima shrugs. "Eh, I'm nay *that* bad... I've drunk more'n this at Boll 
time an' again...." She hrms? at Aph. "What what?"

Aphrael shakes her head curiously. "What what?"

Kelah stumbles over to Aphrael and leans on her should, He mutters to 
Aphrael, " So wassa drink around here?... single male rider types... sorry 
looking cousin..." 

R'val beams at Ryialla, "Share a brandy wi' me will ya?"

Kassima is totally confused. "What what, what what?"

Channie glowers over at Kelah, only vcatching part of what he's saying.

Ryialla grins. "Aye, I will, at that."

C'ron comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Aphrael blinks over at Kelah. She looks like she's really thinking about 
this. She mutters to Kelah, "... over... But... her..." 

C'ron tromps in unsteadily, he waves to everyone. He asks in a gumbling 
tone, "We forgot to rate the Herder's Lounge!"

Kassima giggles. "Look, Aph, C'ron's ninth again!"

R'val waves cheerfully, "Id' give it a six, m'self."

Kelah chuckles at his cousin and eyes R'val suspiciously through drunken 

Aphrael replies to Kassi. "What what what what,?" Then jumps up. "Oh, 
C'ron! Ninth again?"

Channie waves to C'ron.

R'val peers towards Kelah as if he can't identify that expression. He 
shrugs drunkenly, and refills his mug.

C'ron shakes his head, "Not ninth again!"

Ryialla pauses, snifter mid way to her lips. "Waita...no-one told me we 
were supposed to rate places..."

Kassima hrms and drums her fingers, thinking about it. "Seven, 'tis what 
I think I gave it." She eyes R'val's mug enviously.

Aphrael gets a mug of brandy, grinning at C'ron as she slides to a 
somewhat shakily standing position.

R'val waves his mug tantalizingly at Kassi, and nearly spills it. He then 
puts it down.

C'ron grins, "6,7, an' a 10 from me, cuz it's home. It makes 7."

Channie grabs a huge mug, and fills it to the top with brandy, giggling 
happily as she doesn't spill any.

Kassima sighs forlornly and makes a face. "Lyss, c'mon, just one mug?" she 
pleads. Whatever answer she gets must be a negative, because she frowns 
and sulks.

Benden Weyr> Kassima is determined to get F'hlan to drink what's in The 
Bottle <tm>. ;)

Aphrael slops some over the edge as she tries to move to C'ron, then very 
helpfully spills some on Kassi. (well, she DID want some..)

Kethran joins Ursa in a chair. Randival seems to have sobered a bit, and 
returns to his usual gawking. Kethran grins. "So what'll you be having, 
Ursa?" he asks her.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan has two women to guard now, Kassima. He's on his best 
behavior. :)

R'val watches Aphrael soak Kassima, and howls amusedly.
Channie frowns at Kassi's frown.

Benden Weyr> Kassima awwwwwwws, darn it! :)

J'bal retreats to a less noisy corner and tries gamely to catch up.

Benden Weyr> Alyssa will be watching and waiting for someone to spike her 
klah. ;)

Ryialla shakes with silent laughter as Kassi becomes one with the Brandy.

C'ron chuckles to Glynna and slurs, "Ya slow-poke. Now I'm ninth instead 
o' you."

Kassima peers at Aph and blinks. "Thankee, Aph, I think...." She licks her 
fingers, which got some brandy spilled on them.

Benden Weyr> Kassima giggles! Zen brandy!

Glynna mutters to C'ron, "Why I ever let you shardling talk me into bloody 
coming here...."

Aphrael blinks. "Oops." And spills some more.

Channie giggles at Kassi and makes a little face before giggling s'more 
between gulps of brandy.

Benden Weyr> Ryialla will just have Pliarth rise, Alyssa. :)

Benden Weyr> <R'val> Vidarth perks up. << Rise? Who? Where!? >>

Benden Weyr> Alyssa AIEEEE at Rya!

Ursa bats helplessly at Kethran, laughing, "Get yer own chair!" but at the 
important question, she frowns, "Dunno. what do folks drink here?" And she 
looks around to see.

Benden Weyr> Alyssa says, "Ryi even. You know what happened the LAST 

Benden Weyr> Kassima oohs! And we brought along all these male dragons 
too--Ryi, you should do it! ;)

Ryialla says "Brandy. Well, when they're not wearing it."

C'ron asks unsteadily, leaning on a chair, "W'as good 'ere?"

Benden Weyr> Alyssa says, "Nononononoooooooooooo! :)"

Benden Weyr> F'hlan .oO (Dear gods. Wait, we have no gods...)

Benden Weyr> Aphrael laughs! We wont even have to bother getting drunk 
after, cos we already are!

Kelah licks his lips, "Brandy!" He goes over and pours himself a /mugful/ 
and one for Nie as good measure, "C'mon cousin... drink up! Fegert your 

Benden Weyr> Kassima says, "We have the Evil Greenrider Gods. :)"

Benden Weyr> R'val says, "Uh, we'd kinda need permission fromteh Tillek 
folks to do /that/ :)"

Benden Weyr> Ryialla chuckles at Alyssa. Ryanna's over on TT at the 
moment. :)

Kassima finishes getting all the brandy from her fingers. "'Sgood brandy, 
I think... did nay get much, but enough t'judge, p'rhaps."

Benden Weyr> Ryialla muhahahas, and you're safe. It's really too soon for 
Pliarth. Now, Lysseth, maybe.. :)

Channie sticks out her tongue and reaches for the second mug, blinking 
slightly, "Um, I'm trying!" she giggles softly and pats the chair beside 
her for Kelah.

Ryialla finishes her mug and gets another. "Good brandy."

Benden Weyr> <R'val> Vidarth << Ack. Lysseth. Hide me. >>

Glynna slides her arm through C'ron's and calls out, loudly, "What's a 
woman to do to get a shardling drink around here?"

Ursa perks up. "Brandy?" and some how manages to get two whatevers of 
brandy delivered to the table.

Benden Weyr> Kassima muwahahahahas. Such a shame that we *would* have to 
ask Tillek's permission, or I'd consider it. ;)

Kelah hops into the chair beside Channie.

Benden Weyr> Aphrael says, "Kassi wouldnt give up proddy rp, surely? ;)"

R'val hollers loudly in response to Glynna, "ASK!"

C'ron chuckles brightly and heads for the bar, walking surprisingly 
steadily. "Ayup! We want drinks!" He holds Glynna happily.

Benden Weyr> F'hlan could safely pass out here at Tillek. He's got foster 
kin here. Hmm. :)

Benden Weyr> Alyssa will Guard You, F'hlan.

Benden Weyr> Kassima says, "Dunno, Aph... to have a mating flight take 
place right in the middle of the Pub Crawl would be worth the loss, I 
think.... ;)"

Aphrael finally gets some drink to her mouth, and nodgiggles at Kassi. "Oh 
yep, its good!"

Channie smiles and blinks a little bit at Kelah before taking another 

J'bal tosses the skin to one side and thrusts his burly body to the 
forefront. "Brandy." Nodding with gratitude at the harried barkeep as one 
is delivered, he retreats back to his corner.

Kethran grins and takes his own glass, sniffing of it and smiling 
approval. He hefts the small glass in Ursa's direction before taking a 
sip. Randival peers down at the liquid interestedly, earning him a light 
tap on the snout of discouragement.

Glynna encircles C'ron's waist with her arm and looks very little like her 
usual self. "Well, then...BRANDY, please!"

Benden Weyr> Aphrael says, "Well, our next stop IS benden.. :)"

Balto sneaks out of *between* and checks out the opportunities for 

Channie grins at J'bal, and giggles softly.

Benden Weyr> Kassima nahs. I'm just not that spontaneous. But it would 
*almost* be worth giving up my Plans for the next Evil Proddydoings. :)

Benden Weyr> Ryialla 'sides, you'd need 'Tran back to make it perfect. :)

C'ron gets two fine glasses full of brandy and hands one to Glynna, "Here 
ya go! To long alchohol filled nights!"

Benden Weyr> Kassima LOL! Yep, that'd be evil.

R'val slugs back another glass of Brandy and asks Ryi, slurredly, 
'Ryialla. Wanna another glass?"

Ryialla raises her mug. "And waking up feeling perfectly fine the nexy 

Benden Weyr> F'hlan cackles.

Ryialla looks down at the mug, and drains it. "Sure thing, R'val."

Glynna takes a long pull at the brandy, coughs, and remarks, "Smooth."

Alisa comes through the double doors from the cavern.

C'ron spills only a modicum of brandy as he swigs some back. He sighs 
contentedly, "Thas good stuff, I reckon. Ayup!"

Aphrael peers over at Kelah, then Channie, and back. "You two are 

Alisa slowly stumbles in, nearly falling on her face a few times.

F'hlan comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Ryialla grins at F'hlan. "There you are. Have some brandy."

Kelah smiles at Aphreal and nods, his head lolling to one side as he does.

Kassima watches everyone drinking with hopeless envy, and sighs. "Lyss, 
if'n you don' let me drink at th'Winecraft, I'm goin' t'be very upset, 

Channie hears someone talking towards her and cocks her head to one side, 
wavering a bit as she gets dizy, "Ah--oh--Yeah, we are. ah-huh."

Aphrael giggles and shakes her head, murmering to Kelah. "You two don't 
seem much alike.."

Ursa clinks her glass against Kethran's noisily, leaning over to mumble 
incoherently in his ear.

J'bal blinks over at Kassi. "I s'pose you've answered this a hundred 
times, Kassi, but...why can't you drink?"

R'val refills his own mug, and RYi's, and hands hers to her with a grin.

Glynna smiles up at C'ron. "You drink like this much?"

Ryialla looks about. "Where'd Alyssa get to?"

R'val Mutters to Ryi, "She's with F'hlan."

Channie frowns and points at Kelah, "It's his dah's fault"

C'ron teeters over to Kassima and asks, "Uh, whatcha talkin' 'bout?" He 
turns to Glynna and replies, "I don't drink like this ofen 'tall/

Kelah winks at Aphrael, "Well, fire-head's always been a bit of a stick-
in-da-mud..." ;)

F'hlan says apologetically to Ryialla, "I'm sorry... I had to greet some 
of the folk who saw us come in. It's been Turns since I was here..."

Alyssa comes through the double doors from the cavern.

Channie hmpsh, "And you've always been such a wherry-head." she slurs.

Kassima chuckles dryly. "Eh, yon stubborn green outside's decided I've 
'bout had enough f'r now. So I told her I'd skip drinkin' here if'n she'd 
let me have a glass or two at th'other places."

Ryialla smiles. "I'm just teasing, F'hlan."

R'val turns to regard Channie and help grinning at her slurring.

Aphrael blinkblinks and peers at Channie, then Kelah, then laughs 
uproariously at Channie's comment.

Balto heads out into the cavern.

Alyssa hurries in, belatedly, behind F'hlan and sighs. "Drunker than 

Kethran touches his glass noisily to Ursa's, then grins and takes a sip of 
brandy. He lifts his eyebrows and regards the glass for a moment, a rather 
pleased expression on his face.

Channie blink-blinks and giggles right along, muffling her giggles with a 
long drink of brandy.

Ryialla ahs. "There she is. Good. Alyssa, have some brandy. S'good."

F'hlan smiles to Ryialla, and to Alyssa, and takes a seat near the door.

Kelah smacks his cousin's arm lightly.

Alyssa shakes her head and smiles, "Klah's fine, Ryialla, thank you. I've 
a light head."

J'bal ahs at Kassi, then takes a large gulp of the brandy, then smiles as 
it burns it's way down his throat. "Too bad. It's good stuff."

Channie ouuphs and blinks at Kelah, sticking out her tongue.

Aphrael slumps against Channie, giggling helplessly, and soon forgets what 
she's even laughing about.

Glynna leans against C'ron and sighs, "This stuff really isn't that bad. 
Not really."

Aellya walks in, ruffling fingers through her hair and grins wryly, 
"Darnit, I hate being called away for a spell." Her eyes search out the 
caverns and she pouts a little.

C'ron is holding Glynna and waves to Aellya, smiling out-of-focusly at 

Alisa stumbles into a corner, and finds two walls almost enough to keep 
her standing, as she grabs an ale from a passing tray.

Kethran grins to Ursa. "That enthusiastic, then?" he asks Ursa, not 
bothering to keep his voice quiet.

Kassima waves belatedly to everyone who's come in. "Heyla, folks--try 
th'brandy, I hear 'sgood stuff...."

Kelah smirks at his cousin, "Don't stick that tongue out 'less you plan to 
use it."

Ryialla appears to be valiently making up for her late entrance. She 
polishes off another mug and refills any partially empty one she sees.

Aellya eyes C'ron, and then the woman beside him and chews on her lower 
lip a moment before tossing her head and walking over to wherever the 
drinks are being offered.

R'val chuckles, shaking his head, "Kassi, Kassi, Kassi.You're starting to 
sound sober."

Channie is glad her glass is empty as it tumbles out of her fingrs and 
clatters to the floor, but she keeps laughing, picking up volume as 
Kelah's coment.

Alyssa glances around her for tea, milk, juice, water, klah, anything that 
is not alcohol.

Channie mutters to Kelah, "Who..."

F'hlan fishes around in the pockets of his jacket, produces a parchment 
and pen, and begins to scribble out a note.

Ryialla glances over at Kelah, sticks out her tounge, and touches her nose 
with it, getting a spot that landed there from the earlier brandy-bathing.

Ursa looks at Kethran with a puzzled expression, having lost the thread of 
the conversation in the moments it took for him to respond, "Who is?" she 
looks around questioningly.

Kassima giggles at R'val. "Well, maybe if'n I can fool Lyss into thinkin' 
I'm sober, she'll nay bug me at th'Winecraft, d'you ken?" She winks 

Alyssa glances down at F'hlan and says gently, "Your hand shakes a bit...
can I help?"

Aellya gets a tankard of the first thing set on the bar and lifts the mug 
and sips from it.

Aphrael watches the glass tumble to the floor, and that only serves to set 
her giggling even more.

C'ron chuckles and drinks his brandy with Glynna. He turns to her and says 
stammeringly, "Well, I cou...couldn't tell if it was smooth. It jus' 
tastes good, I reckon."

Kelah snorts as he throws back some more brandy and it trickles down his 
chin. He winks at Ryialla and wipes the brandy from his mouth.

Channie burries her face in Aph's neck as she tries to contain her 

Glynna grins and nods toward a chair. "Sit down, you giant. My neck hurts 
looking up at you."

Kethran chuckles to Ursa. "You... isn't that what you meant by 'couldn't 
wait to get me home'?"

R'val raises an eyebrow at Kethran and Ursa, and chokes on a laugh.

Aellya isn't quite as ineberiated as she could be, having had to leave for 
a short time. She sits down on a chair and listens to the somewhat raucous 
laughter around her as she sips the beverage.

Ursa blinks, "No, no, I need the necessary again," she assures him.

C'ron is successfully guided to a chair by Glynna and almsot falls into 
it, causing it to creak loudly.

F'hlan blinks at his fingers, then smiles sheepishly to Alyssa, and nods 
softly, murmuring to her...

Aphrael wipes tears out of her eyes, she's laughing so hard, and claps for 

Kelah, even though she doesnt know what he did. Its funny though.

Kelah smirks at Aphrael and Nie, "Lookk at tha shardin' pair uf ya! 
Drunker'n a wher with a buckett uf cider!"

Kassima sees Aph and Nie giggling and starts to chortle too, for reasons 
probably unknown to her.

Glynna settles in the chair beside C'ron, propping up her feet on his 

Ryialla laughs, and salutes him with her mug.

F'hlan mutters to Alyssa, "... Thankee... Lord and... and..."

Aellya's jaw clenches for absolutely no reason at all as she grips the 
tankard with a white fist but she smiles politely enough.

Alyssa nods understandably and looks around for a good place to write. 
"All right...go ahead, sir."

C'ron waves Aellya over to sit nearby, "Aellya?! That you. Whre d'shells 
didja go, lass?"

Channie sits up, wiping the tears from her eyes. She sniffles hugely, "Oh 
Jays--who--who's drunk?"

Kelah raises his hand.

F'hlan pauses, peers at his right hand, and studies his slightly trembling 
fingers critically. He nods then to Alyssa, and murmurs to her again....

Kelah looks up at his hand, "How'd thad shardin' thing get up there?"

Aphrael spots Kassi laughing at her and Nie and laughs even more.

Ryialla grins. "Not even close." She hiccups. "Well, okay, maybe I'm 
starting to feel it a -little-..."

Glynna doesn't look in the least bit affected by the wine and brandy she's 
had yet, though her feet are usually not propped on the legs of a tall 
Istan bronzerider.

C'ron replies boisterously to Channie, "I'm drunk enough fo' another 
rider, as well."

Davidon takes up the tail end of the drinking party, having been sitting 
outside for a time.

Kethran blinks at Ursa, now totally lost. "You need the necessary again, 
so you can't wait to take me home?" he asks.

F'hlan mutters to Alyssa, "To Lord and... F'hlan, bronze... Benden... 
regret that... tonight as... and... happened... I... left... parents, 
Marrill... to... Clear..."

Aphrael, deciding that reverse psycology is the go, speaks up. "I am not 
in any way drunk." She holds her serious face for about all of 5 seconds, 
then laughs helplessly.

Ursa pokes Kethran. "You're not making any sense," and she pulls herself 
to her feet, finding her way to the necessary.

Aellya looks fixedly at her tankard a moment and says "Oh, well I just had 
to get somewhat." She looks up at C'ron and smiles slowly, "I told you 
that before ya left the Hulk."

Channie grins at C'ron, tilting her head a little to keep him correct in 
her mind. She blinks and giggles along with Aph, just because she can't 
stop herself.

Alyssa nods, bending her golden head to write in her delicate hand as the 
message is dictated to her.

F'hlan dictates in a low whisper to Alyssa.

Kelah laughs at Aphrael!

Tinya walks in when nobody's looking, yeah. :)

Kassima starts laughing with Aph and Nie, though she has *no* idea why. 
"Neither am I, Aph," she announces with an overly-enthusiastic nod that 
leaves her head spinning.

R'val nudges Ryialla as he stands unsteadily, "Hey. Want s'more?"he 
offers, weaving unsteadily on his feet. His eyes alight as Tinya enters, 

J'bal rises after having tossed the brandy down and heads for the door. "I 
think I'll wander off. See y'all."

Ryialla nods. "Okay. Heyla, Tinya!!"

Kelah wipes his eyes as he attempts to find his mouth with his mug... or 
vice versa.

Ryialla waves to Tinya, then to J'bal as he deserts everyone.

Aellya stands, not stumbling as she was directed toward C'ron. She eases 
herself into a seat in the same chair-cluster and takes a few deep 
swallows from her tankard. She mutters, "I don't sharding know what I'm 
even drinking."

Ursa stops on her way past to stare at Davidon. "There you are," she 
pronounces. "I keep losing you." She eventually makes her way back to her 

Channie waves to J'bal, "Bye!"

Tinya waves across the room. "Heyla!" She weaves through the crowd till 
she gets over to a group of friends.

Kethran blinks. "/I'm/ not making... shards," he says to empty air as Ursa 
departs. He shrugs again and tosses back a bit more of the brandy, then 
eyes Ursa's half-full glass. She won't notice a few drops gone, he 
decides, and so dribbles a bit from her glass into his. He drinks it, then 
eyes the remainder for a moment.

Aphrael falls into a fit of laughter at Kassi's declaration, holding her 
stomach as it hurts so much from laughter.

C'ron starts to chuckle and snort with the giggling going about. "Aellya, 
this is m'friend," he pauses to giggle (which is an almost disturbing 
sound coming from this hulky rider), "Glynna, she's the Steward o' the 
Beasthold. An' this Aellya, she's a greenrider from Igen."

Davidon frowns a little, "I, I was staying behind a bit." he murmers and 
sits down.

R'val pours himself and Ryialla brandies, "Tinya, luv, want some brandy?"

Tinya grins. "Brandy? Ooh, twist my arm harder. 'Course."

J'bal heads out into the cavern.

Glynna lifts her mug to C'ron's companion. "Greetings, Aellya," she says 
simply as she tosses back the rest of her brandy.

Channie sighs, looking for that empty mug she dropped, "here mug--" oh how 
shameful for a rider to be crawling around like that.

R'val grins broadly and nods to Tinya, making his way, toddlingly, back to 
his seat, somehow balancing three drinsk in his arms.

Aellya replies, "Yes, I see she's your friend." She smiles at Glynna and 
lifts her tankard again and swallows another gulp, leaving the tankard 
nigh empty.

Ryialla whips her head around at an odd sound. Oh. It's merely C'ron 
giggling. No big deal... She looks down at her now-full mug and hastily 
takes a rather large schlurp from it.

Kassima peers at Aph on the floor and asks, curiously, "Is that where 
we're supposed t'be sitting now?"

Alyssa holds out the pen to F'hlan. "Would you care to sign this yourself, 
F'hlan?" she asks quietly.

Aphrael waves at Tinya, still giggling to herself as she peers down 
beneath her. "What -are- you doing, Nie?"

C'ron pats Glynna's leg and confides to everyone in a low whisper, "I 
don't think that I's exactly *giggle* sober right now. Shhh!"

Kelah looks down at his cousin and laughs some more, "What in Far... 
Frantha... er... The firss dragon's name are you doin' fire head??"

Glynna snorts and tells C'ron, "You think so, bronzerider?"

Ryialla looks down at Aph. "Comfy?"

Channie peers up, blowing curls out of her eyes, "I--I'm looking for me 
*Mug* Aphrael." she says seriously, but then laughs.

Alisa slowly begins to slide down the wall as she loses consciousness.

Aellya watches C'ron and his actions and intimates, "A fairly close 
friend, I might add." She smirks and says "And yes, I'm just a 
greenrider. From Igen." Her words are a bit rambling. She might not be as 
sober as her careful movements have intimated.

Aphrael bursts into more laughter as she peers around. "Here mug! Mug mug 

R'val joins Ryialla in sucking back voluminous quantities of his drink, 
beaming at Tinya, "Glad ya came, Tinay."

Channie sputters and rolls over on her side giggling.

Kassima slides out of her seat and sits on the floor, careful not to let 
her belt pouch jangle too much. An odd hissing sound can be heard from 
where The Bottle <tm> has been jostled a bit by this whole trip.

F'hlan nods thankfully to Alyssa, and very carefully, with great care, 
signs his name to the note.

Glynna's dark eyebrow reaches her hairline, almost. "A fairly close 
friend, eh? And just a greenrider? Huh. Interesting."

Davidon watches the display with wide eyes, glancing at what everyone is 

Kethran eyes his empty glass mournfully as Ursa returns to the table, and 
then glances at her full glass, waiting for her to finish it before he 
fetches another.

C'ron nods his head like mannikin to Glynna, "Ayup! I think I's a wee bit 
drunk." He reaches a hand to try and hug Aellya, "I msissed ya, I looked 
for ya but din't see ya. I thoughtya left."

Kassima cups her hands over her mouth and calls, "Mug! Mug mug mug mug 
mug, here mug!"

Alyssa takes the note carefully and tells F'hlan sincerely, "I'll see this 
gets to the Lord and Lady Tillek, sir. If you'll excuse me...?"

Kelah snorts at Aphrael and collapses to the floor in a fresh fit of 
laughter, only able to blurt out, "Here mug! Or... if you're a dragonss 
mug.... Here Mugth...."

F'hlan nods quietly to Alyssa.

Aphrael giggles at Kassi and Ryi. "Oh, this is far better on the floor!" 
She pronounces as she clambers around, still looking for the mug. She 
bumps into Kelah's legs. "Ooph! Ack! Sorry." And backs up, still on all 

C'ron replies to Kassima's chant with a groggy turn of his head, "Mug?"

Alyssa heads out into the cavern.

Channie peers up sadly, "I--I don't think 'es coming back!" she blinks and 
pokes out her bottom lip, "He's lost!"

Ryialla looks, then shrugs. "I don't see a mug down there."

Tinya grins and grabs a mug from R'val. "I can see I'm way behind," she 
says, and promptly starts remedying that.

Kelah spins around to see who bumped into him and whacks his head on a 
chair, "Oh!"

Aellya's spikey temper seems to calm. Them greenriders ya know. She 
relents, somewhat, sagging into C'ron's embrace and says "Ah shouldn't of 
thought you'd remember when you're ineb.. in.. drunk." She says carefully. 
Yes, she's being very careful, perhaps she is alot drunker than she looks.

R'val peers down at the floor, "Aph, why ya on the floor?" He grins at 
Tinya and winks, "STill tons o' time to catch up.

Glynna puts her feet on the ground. "This is shardling ridiculous. No 
reason for me to worry about a rider's jealous territorial bids. I'll 
fetch a ride back with someone else, Cam, don't worry." She doesn't sound 
all that bitter, just annoyed. Her usual tone.

Aphrael laughs and moans. "Looooooost!"

Ryialla looks confused, and says to Channie. "Who's lost?"

R'val reaches out witha boot and lightly nudges Aph,grinning, "Aw, git up 

Kelah frowns and shakes his head, "Poor, poor Mugth..."

Kassima wails, "The mug! The poor, poor mug! It's gone, gone forever...."

C'ron looks to Aellya then to GLynna. He says unsteadily, "Listen, Glynna, 
I'd love ta take ya 'round to the next pubs it'd be fun!"

Channie sits up and wipes at her eyes, "My mug!"

Ryialla looks again. "Uh, no, it's not. Aph's sitting on it."

R'val peers," OH, you're not aph." he mumbles to whoever's on the floor.

Channie gasps, "Aphrael!! you're 'squishing' my *MUG*!!"

Kassima blinks. "Aph... why're you sitting on a mug? Is it comfy?"

Glynna waves a hand. "Forget it, C'ron. I can tell when someone else is 
pushing in, and you've clearly had her push in before. Or vice versa."

Aellya frowns at Glynna steadily and says, "Jealous bids?" Her tone speaks 

Aphrael blinks. "Sitting? I don't think so.." She moves, no /leaps/ off 
the mug as Channie yells.

R'val peers at Aph oddly. Or at least, he thinks it's Aph. He sags against 

Tinya and grins at her idiotically as he sips his drink.

Glynna nods back to Aellya. "That's what I said."

Kelah hiccups, "Mugth!"

C'ron is clearly far too into hiscups to understand what Glynna and Aellya 
are talking about clearly.

Aellya stands abruptly, "Oh no. I don't think so." She sets her tankard 
down carefully and proceeds to say, "I ain't never pushed my self in on 
C'ron, at all. An I ain' startin' tonight." Her jaw clenches. "Don' need 
ta get yerself in such a huff an all."

Kassima giggles madly at the appearance of the mug, and applauds the 
inanimate object. "Hurray for the mug, it's been found! We can all rest 
easy t'night now."

Ryialla waggles an admonishing finger. "Hey, people, this is a merry 
occassion. No fighting. No need to fight. Have some brandy and beat each 
other up later."

Kelah flips over and lays on his back on the floor, breaking into a new 
strain of laughter, this one much more uncontrolled, "She /sat/ on tha 
shardin' thing!!!"

Channie holds her mug closer to her, peering up at the sound of angry 
voices, she rocks from side to side, narrowing her eyes a little, "huh?"

Aphrael is not half sprawled across the other side of the bar, peering 
over the edge of a table. She watches Nie warily. Will she get mad?

Glynna shrugs and replies in her typical sharp tone, "I don't get worked 
up in a huff, especially over a rider."

Aellya weaves slightly and straightens herself. Her movements extremely 
organized and planned, "You misjudge me .. Glynna? Whoever. You do, An I 
don' really appriciate it. If C'ron perfers your company, thas fine." Her 
head tosses back.

C'ron looks from Aellya to Glynna and gets up out of his chair, setting 
Glynna's legs down carefully. "Shells, I think I need anudder drink, ayup. 
Don't be mad. Be happy!" He turns and heads for the bar totteringly.

Ryialla looks down at her finger. "What was I saying? Oh yeah, drink." She 
picks up her mug and polishes it off, then refills it.

Aellya's eyes narrow. "Then why you mis'judgin a situation in such a way 
as to get all huffy over Cam here?"

R'val pokes RYi in the stomach, mostly lightly and grins, "yeah. Drink."

Channie sniffles a little, hugging mugth in her drunken state she keeps 
watching the people arguing, biting her lower lip.

Ryialla grins and refills R'val's mug too. "Don't poke."

Kassima gets up off the floor and pulls herself up to a stool, watching 
the others drinking. "Drinking's good," she agrees. "So... what're the 
rating's on this place?"

C'ron comes over to clap R'val's back happily, "Drink! Ayup!"

R'val beams at Ryialla as she refills his mug and he quaffs quickly, "No 

F'hlan, in his seat by the door, watches the commotion quietly, gaze 
flicking from face to face, noting in particular who's arguing with whom.

Aphrael looks up, and up and blinks. "Heya C'ron." She greets as he moves 
past her to the bar. She's not listening to the argument, nope.

R'val COUGHS! as C'ron claps him on the back in mid-drinkand his mug goes 
flying across the room.

F'hlan rises, then, and softly slips out.

Kelah shakes with laughter at R'val!!!

F'hlan heads out into the cavern.

Jalene comes through the double doors from the cavern.

C'ron turns from slapping R'val to grin and hugs Aphrael warmly, "We need 
ratin's fo' the place! What say you?"

Channie ducks the flying mug that comes right at her. "eep!"

Aphrael blinks. "Wow, neat trick, C'ron!"

R'val splutters on his drink and smiles weakly up at C'ron. His mug, 
hurtling end oer end through the air, bonks some poor staff member in the 

Kethran watches the exit toward the necessary carefully and pours another, 
larger dollop of brandy from Ursa's glass into his own. He eyes it for a 
moment, swirling it appreciatively, and then drinks it.

Aellya's hand drops to her side and fingers her sheathe. "I don' like 
being misjudges, you got me, crafter, holder, whatever ye be?"

R'val says weakly, "A five. Tillek stuff is just swill!"

Tinya giggles at R'val, and holds out her own mug, empty already. "Here, 
go refill mine while you're at it!" She grins sweetly at him.

Kassima points. "Flying mug! Wow!" She blinks at C'ron and hazards, "Eh, 
six, mayhaps?"

Aphrael pulls herself upwards and hugs C'ron back. "Can you do that 
again." She mutters, then giggles. "I say about a 6."

R'val shakes his head at Tinya, "Naw, we're moin' on to the next place 
soon! NO time for 'nother drink.'

Channie reaches over and slips an arm around her cousin.

Ryialla says "5 1/2."

Aellya's words slur slightly, beyond some control, immediately fixed.

Glynna's eyes narrow dangerously as she regards the greenrider. "I have it 
quite well, greenrider. Quite well indeed. Thank you for showing the usual 
respect I can expect from a rider. Excuse me."

C'ron nods his head and declares with drunken judiciousness, "A ten...No I 
mean, six it is!"

Kethran hears R'val's words and decides it'd be a shame to waste good 
brandy. He pours the remainder of Ursa's glass into his own, and then sips 
at it slowly.

Kelah chuckles, trying to control his laughter and rests his head on his 
cuz's shoulder, shouting, "Fourteen!"

Aellya snorts and says, "I' be a lot more nicer if you were nice ta me 

Jalene ducks her head into the WaveRider and realizes that her planned 
evening of quiet and peace is going to be hard to achieve here.

Channie snorts, "Not your age--"

Aphrael considers carefully, "Though, that mug trick was worth an extra 
point, I think."

Ryialla glances over at Glynna and Aellya. "Aw, c'mon.."

R'val hrms? "Mug trick? Say..where is my mug?"

C'ron proposes unsteadily, "How about da Benden Winecraft next?"

Kelah sticks his tongue out at Nie, "That's /your/ age fire-head... I'm... 
uh... how old /am/ I?"

Kassima blinks at R'val. "It went flying away, far far away. It's gone 
now. Say good-bye to the mug, R'val, you'll never never see it again."

Glynna smirks. "That so, greenrider? I was fine before you showed, and 
unlike you, I am not drunk. I'll excuse your behaviour for the wine and 
brandy and ale."

Aellya seems to immediately calm, once she notices where she is. In fact, 
she looks even a trifle embarassed. She eyes Glynna and says "I just don' 
like being misjudged" she repeats.

Aphrael nodnodnods at C'ron. "Ayep! I hope those nasty people who didn't 
like my hat won't throw us out."

Channie frowns and rolls her eyes, "I don't know how sharding old ya are--
and I'm /not/ fourteen!" she gives his side a tickle.

Glynna snaps to C'ron, "Take her to winecraft. I've a Hall to run."

Glynna heads out into the cavern.

Kethran peers over at C'ron. "We been to the Dawn Sisters?" he asks. "I'm 
fraid I can't remember."

C'ron proposes again, "I said...BENDEN WINECRAFT? Sound good?" His roar is 
almost deafening.

Ursa crashes into a seat, Kethran's seat to be specific, and grabs 
Kethran's glass out of his hand. "Good brandy, yes?" she sloshes.

Ryialla says "Ow. It's -fine-."

Aellya frowns and says "You sayin' that cos C'ron wanted me over there, 
you didn't have no more fun?" But her words don't fall on the right ears.

C'ron turns to watch Glynna leave, "What did she say?"

Jalene sighs and leaves. Maybe the Hulk will be quieter.

Jalene heads out into the cavern.

Kelah breaks into another fit of laughter, which stops abrubtly as he 
hears the bronzerider, "Yes! Wine!"

Kassima sticks her tongue out at Aph. "They just didn't like you 
*breaking* the hat, nay the hat itself. My hat was quite stylish, I 
think...." She grimaces at the roar and calls, "AYE! It sounds fine!"

Channie nods, "YEAH!!!!" she holds her happy mugth aloft cheerfully as she 
fights to get onto her feet.

Aellya looks confused, flushed, and angry, and completely humiliated.

Kethran grins. "Indeed it is," he agrees amiably, releasing the glass from 
his fingers. Instead, that hand reaches down to toy with Ursa's braid, 
while his other hand keeps her from falling onto the floor.

Channie crawls around for a bit till she gets to the wall, and climbs up 
to her feet. yup."

R'val blinks at Kassima, then shrugs, "S'okay." he beams,' There'll be 
mugs in the nxt place!"

Aphrael giggles. "Benden winecraft!" She agrees, then giggles at Kassi. 
"Oh, I guess so.. maybe I'll try again!"

Kelah holds Nie down as he gets to his own feet.

Aellya sags into the seat she's standing by, and simply holds her tankard.

Davidon feels really out of place and decides to call it a night.

Kassima beams. "Mugs! And those little glass hats, too! With the musical 
glasses. I'll have t'try and play somethin'... maybe even sing...." Yep. 
She *has* gotten drunk enough to forget about refusing to sing.

Channie grunts and then giggles as she gets pushed down, "Kelah! You 

R'val peers at Kassima, too drunkt o realize /what/ she's talking about, 
"Little glass hats?"

C'ron goes over and kisses Aellya's cheek warmly. He says, seeming 
completely oblivious to what's been going on, "See ya at the Winetasters!"

Ryialla starts to head toward the door, and stops by where Aellya's 
sitting. She murmurs something to the other rider.

Kelah laughs! "Fire-head, so drunk she can't get up!"

Aphrael walks out the door..

Aphrael heads out into the cavern.

Aellya shakes her head at Ryialla and sighs.

Channie whimpers,"You /pushed/ me!"

R'val heads out into the cavern.

Kassima nods as she slides out of her chair. "Hats! You'll see!" She heads 

[Editor's Note:  And for the final time, we'll fast-forward past the 
travelling scene and skip straight to our next destination:  the Winecraft
Tasting Hall.]

Kassima claps her hands and looks overjoyed. "We're here! Where the hats 

Tinya steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind her.

C'ron steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind him.

Aphrael bounces into the room, giggling. "Hat? Hat?"

R'val blinks at APh," Hat? Where?"

Kelah steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind him.

C'ron slaps the counter and smiles to the bartender, "We want shardin' 

Kassima nods, beaming. "Hat! Hat! Well, got t'drink what's *in* it, 

Aphrael bounces and laughs. "HAT!"

Kelah nods, "What /he/ said!!"

Tinya giggles and starts a little chant, "Hat! Hat! Hat! Hat! Hat!"

Aphrael points out a row of delicate wineglasses.

R'val just collapses into a seat, giggling hysterically.

Kassima applauds and jumps up and down, chanting, "Hat! Hat hat hat hat 

Aphrael takes one of the glasses and carefully balances it atop her head. 
It stays there, somewhat precariously.

Benden Weyr> Kassima watches herself suddenly be rejuvenated to age 
two. ;)

Kelah yays! Then hiccups.

Elana steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind her.

Kira steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind her.

Kelah nods, "Drink the hats! Drink the hats!"

Aphrael blinks. "Oops. Forgot to drink first."

Channie steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Alisa steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind her.

Channie heehs as she walks in.

Kassima gladly empties a glass down her throat and perches it atop her 
head, keeping it there with praciticed ease. "I've got m'hat now," she 
announces to the room at general, then looks around. "But where're the 
musical hats?"

Ryialla steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Kelah waves at his cuz, "Heyla slowpoke!"

Ryialla makes a beeline for some Benden Red.

Channie slips an arm around Kelah and smiles winningly at him, "Get me a 

R'val notes blearily,' If someone'll get me a hat, I'll shardin' drink 
outa it."

Channie still holds that mug against her as she murmers, "Are we having a 
search here?" she asks, a little confused.

Elana pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

Kira pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

C'ron gets a glass of Benden Red and slurps it down in a moment. Then he 
puts it on his head and balances it easily on his huge head. "I gotta hat. 
But it don't play music. Nope."

R'val pokes Channie and grins, "No, we're not. We're drinkin'!"

Kassima waves to Ryi, Channie, and Alyssa, keeping her glass fez perched 
on her head. "Heya, folks, drink th'hats!" She keeps glancing around, 
looking for the musical glasses. "Can someone hand me some more hats? I 
want t'play the hats."

Aphrael takes another glass, and tries again. "Search? Yes! We're on a 
Search for hats!"

Channie says "But--" she points outside, "They 'said' it was a search!!"

Ryialla finishes walking the path of the letter B, and drains her glass, 
then gets another. "Kassi, what on Pern are you talking about?

Aphrael chants. "Search for Hats, Search for Hats!"

Kelah grabs Nie's mug and gives his cuz a light kissondacheek, "Drink from 
Mugth and then wear him as a hat!"

C'ron nods to Aphrael vigorously, watching his hat fall and smash on th 
floor with a giggle. "A Search, ayup! An' all the crawlers here is goin' 
ta Ista. An the VTOLs, too."

Channie nods gleefully.

R'val glugs back his glass hat, and belches, "What's in these things?"

Kelah grabs a glass and deems him, "Glassth!"

Kassima beams at Ryialla. There appears to be a crystal tasting glass 
perched upside down on her head. "If'n y'get some hats an' fill 'em with 
different amounts of wine, y'can make music with 'em when y'beat 'em with 

Both of Aphrael's hats crash to the floor, one still full.

Channie shakes her head a little, "Bah--buh how are you going to make them 
stay on the sands?"

Kelah pours alkyhol into Mugth and Glassth and hands the mug to Nie, 
keeping the other for himself.

Ryialla makes a derisive noise and concentrates on empty a mug of red, 
filling a mug with red, emptying a mug with red, filling a mug with red...

Ursa steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind her.

Kethran steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Kethran stumbles in beside Ursa.

Channie grins at Kelah like he's the best person on Pern, "You're so good 
to me!" she beams, "I love ya cousin!" she sways on her feet a little 
before taking a deep drink.

R'val watches Ryialla drink methodically

Aphrael blinks at Channie. "What, the hats? They wont run off!"

C'ron looks despondently and points an accusing finger at his broken hat, 
"It broke! The hat is gone!"

Tinya grins. "So what's in a hat?" Seeing as she's already emptied 3/4 of 
hers, the answer probably isn't _too_ important.

Ursa sways on in, announcing to Kethran, "We came here together!"

Kelah finishes the contents of Glassth and balances it on his head.

Kassima giggles at Aph and her hats, her own hat miraculously staying on 
her head. Just to be sure it does, she picks up her braid and winds it 
about the hat, forming a little coiled nest for it. She then pins the 
whole mess together and now has the weirdest hairdo on Pern.

Aphrael drains another glass, and gets up on tiptoes to place it on 
C'ron's head. "There ya go!"

Kethran grins to Ursa. "Indeed we did," he assures her with a smile. "I 

R'val beams at Tinya, "DUnno. But tis tasty!" HE refills his hat.

Channie blinks at Kelah and finishes drinking from mugth and balances him 
on glassth, on Kelah's head.

C'ron leans forward and ksises Aphrael's cheek, "Thank ya fo' savin' my 

Ryialla grins at Channie. "Cousin's are good. " She pauses for a moment. 
"Oh. Don -have- any cousins. Oh well. Got m'mug."

Ursa looks around. "So now we gotta taste some wine, right?"

Aphrael beams at C'ron. "Anytime!"

Kelah laughs at Kassima, his own hat crashing to the floor and Mugth 
rolling away unharmed.

Tinya finishes her and puts it on her head before she nods. Then has to 
grab at it when she nearly knocks it off.

Kelah frowns, "Glassth died!"

Kassima grins. "Mugs're better than family, anyway," she opines. She 
gathers some undrunk glasses--or hats--and draws both her belt knives, 
looking at them contemplatively.

Kelah begins to search for Mugth.

Kethran nodsnods enthusiastically to Ursa. "Indeed we do," he tells her 

C'ron rushes over to Kassima and says urgently, "We need ta get her 
hats...Ta make music. Music Hats!"

Kassima hrms. "How sad! Maybe now all the glasses will start t'keen or 
somethin'...." She listens expectantly, but hears nothing.

Channie blinks at Ryialla and looks kinda sad, "Well, you can be MY 
cousin!" she declares loudly.

R'val asks, vaguely, "Music hats/ Wassat?"

Aphrael half drains a glass, pulling out her own belt knive as she places 
the glass next to Kassi's.

Ryialla looks surprised. "I c'n?"

Kassima grins and waves her belt-knives in R'val's direction. "They're 
really neat, R'val, just wait and hear 'em!"

C'ron drinks three glasses of wine to various levels and puts them in 
front of Kassima, and he watches her enamored of her musical skills.

Ursa cheers. "Then let's taste!"

Channie doesn't see that her dear Mugth has fallen yet, she just tries to 
keep on her feet, smiling impishly. "YEeeeeeeeaaaah!!!" she ambles over 
and hugs Ryialla.

Kelah looks at Nie, "She /can/???"

R'val nods to Kassi, 'Uhm, k>"

Channie nods to Kelah, "yeah, that means that you can no kiss her or 

Kassima taps each wine glass testingly, then launches into a full-scale 
rendition of the Thunderbolt Wing Fight Song, which does *not* adapt 
easily to musical hats.

Ryialla hugs back. "I gotta cousin! Thish calls for a drink."

Channie cheers dunkenly.

Benden Weyr> Kassima is now playing the Tbolt Wing Fight Song on the 
musical hats. This's gotta be the oddest thing a drunk Kassi has ever 
done. :)

C'ron's hat teeters and he reaches a hand to steady the wineglass. A bit 
of Benden Red drips from his hair onto his nose, notthat he notices.

Aphrael blinkblinkbs, her eyes going unfocused. "Awwww.. F'hlan and 
Tzornth are heading home."

Benden Weyr> F'hlan giggles!

Benden Weyr> R'val says, "Somehow I doubt it'll be the oddest thing she 
ever does :}"

Kethran nodsnods to Ursa, and gestures for her to lead the way. "I trust 
your instincts inpeck... impecc... completely," he tells Ursa with a 

Kelah blinks at Nie, "I /can't/!!???"

Ryialla pouts. "Thash no fun. Oh well. " She refills her mug, and scoops 
up Mugth from the floor, handing it to her cousin. "Have another drink."

Channie looks around, "um, I don't think so---" she beams as Mugth is 
return to her--an--whoa, full of wine, "Ah, if ya kiss her, then ah--then 
you'd have to kiss me see---" she makes a little face and drinks down her 
fresh wine.

Aphrael peers around and nods again, to herself. Perhaps. "Alisa?" She 
stumbles closer. "How ya doing?"

Kassima's belt knives flash as she keeps beating the poor, abused wine 
glasses in a chaotic sound that bears only the slightest resemblance to 
the Fight Song at all. Once it's done, she bows. "Thankee, thankee folks, 
but I've only begun t'play... any requests?"

Kelah straightens out his tunic and waggles his eyebrows at Nie as he 
marches up to Ryialla, dips her, and lays a full fledged kiss right on 
those wine-covered lips.

C'ron looks around and asks, careful to keep his head steady. "Where'd the 
lasses go that was on m'lap? THey're all gone...Like da hats."

Ursa nods, and moves of to get to business, before turnign back to Kethran 
all confused. "Where's the wine we gotta taste?"

Channie blinks then sniffles a little as she takes mugth off to drink 

Aphrael hrms at Kassi. "How about the Ballad of How the Foo Hid the Bar?" 
She asks, making up a title.

Kassima looks over at C'ron. "Did they take the hats? Is that why the hats 
are gone? But I've still got m'hat, I think...." She reaches up to pat the 
mess that is her hair, and finds the glass. "Aye, 'tis. Good."

Ryialla pushes Kelah away. "Hey!!! Cousin Nie said you couldn't DO that!!"

Kethran shrugs to Ursa. "Maybe it's in those," he suggests, squinting at 
the vats across the room. "What, do we just stick a tap in them?"

Kassima nods happily at Aph. "I can do that!" She starts beating the 
glasses again, in an absolutely random fashion that somehow sounds more 
like a song than her last try.

Kelah blinks as he comes up for air and turns to Nie, "Heyla, where're you 
goin'? I thought I hadda kiss you two..." He makes a little face but will 
suffer through it he supposes.

Ursa breaks into a smile. "Sounds good!"

Tinya now has three empty hats. One she's still managing to keep on her 
head, and the other two are side by side upside down on the bar, while she 
works on the fourth.

C'ron reaches over and hugs Kassima happily and almost falls on top of 
her, "Ya are a great musician, Kassima..."

Kelah hiccups.

Aphrael giggles and claps happily. "Great!"

Channie giggles at Kelah's look, "Cuz, you're kiss'n her!" she points a 
finger at him--to bad the finger attatched to that hand was holding mugth. 
*splash* wine goes all over the place.

Ursa strides across the room, then stops short, causing Kethran to bump 
into her. "Wait. Every one else has wine. Where'd they get it?"

Kelah gets splashed with wine and chuckles again.

Ryialla says "We're r'lated now, and thash not good." She looks down at 
her empty mug. "Oops. Need more wine.""

Kethran stumbles into Ursa, and looks around. "Dunno," he says, and then 
taps C'ron on the shoulder. "Where'd ya get the wine?" he grins, 
forgetting any use of a title.

Kelah blinks at Nie, "Shedosn'thaveaWeyrmatewho'sgoodwithknivesdoesshe??"

Kassima giggles and returns the hug, fortunately putting her belt knives 
down first. "Thankee! Been playin' the musical hats for... well, nay all 
m'life, just whenever I'm totally drunk." She peers down at her glasses, 
trying foggily to think of another song to play.

Ryialla snorts. "Don' have a weyrmate atall."

C'ron looks to Kethran out-of-ofoucly, "WIne? It's the hats...They's 

Kethran blinks. "Hats?" he asks C'ron. "Now I'm totally confused."

Channie shrugs at Kelah, "Idunnotcousinofmine."

Aphrael giggles. "My weyrmate's good with knives. Pity he can't come along 
though. He's grounded!" She pouts.

C'ron sighs wistfully to Kassima, falling into a chair nearby, "I can't 
play music o' anything. Ya is so pretty. I like hats, they's fun!" He 
points tothe wineglass on his head.

Channie pouts with Aphrael, "I'm so sorry Aphrael!" yeah, so she knew 
about him being grounded before, but it didn't feel the same before. She 
pokes out her bottom lip a little.

Kelah reaches up and grabs C'ron's hat as he marches over to Nie, "Now 
lisssen here lil cousinn, you can't juss go makin' /anyone/ our 
cousinn..." He plunks the hat on Nie's head.

Ursa looks around really puzzled. "Oh," she says, completely mystified.

Kethran ahs as he spots the wine-glasses. "Ah! Hats!" He ponders this 
implication, and starts looking around, returning to Ursa's side to 
explain to her, in a totally serious tone, "The wine is in the hats, and 
C'ron says they're everywhere," he says sagely.

Aphrael giggles at Channie's pout.

Channie erks, "Bu--but Kelah!" she looks up with big eyes, "Why not?"

Ryialla sticks her tounge out at Aph. "Everybodygottaaweyrmate. Not Ryi. 
Ryi don' have a weyrmate. Got kids. No 'mate. Got Pliarth. All Ish need is 
Pliarth. An' s'more wine."

C'ron is now hatless and he moans, "I lost my hat...It's gone!"

Dh'lon steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Kassima nods enthusiastically, making the hat on her head slide around--
but it stays trapped in its little nest of braid. Barely. "The hat's're 
pretty, an' I bet y'could play 'em if'n you tried! Just take a knife and 
tap 'em, 'sall there is to it!"

Channie giggles and points to her head, "I got your hat! Hee hee!"

Aellya steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Aphrael awwwws and hugs Ryi. "Everyone woves you shtill!" She declares, 
with a bright smile.

Aellya walks in. Amazingly, she looks alot calmer, and even happier. 
Obviously she got things squared away.

Kelah folds his arms and looks at Nie, "I... I... /I/... I don't know..."

Channie waves to Dh'lon, "Oh , hi!!"

Ryialla upends another mug, and looks fairly morose, until Aph's 
statement. "Aw, tanks. I wove you too!!"

R'val nudges Ryialla, "Tanks?" He inquires, burping idly.

Kassima beams at Ryi. "Aph's right! We all wove you, Ryi!"

Dh'lon waves at Channie and the few others he recognizes, "Hallo."

C'ron looks at Kassima and says despondently, "If I had a hat, would 
everyone wuv me, ya think? I los' mine. It was stolen."

Aellya grins over at Ryialla and walks over to the greenrider. She leans 
close, hand on the woman's shoulder and murmurs, "Thanks for the concern, 
I think I got things all worked out with the lady."

Kethran spots a couple of 'hats' and seizes them quickly. He tries to sip 
from one of them as he hands the other to Ursa, but pulls it away after a 
moment. "Empty," he murmurs.

Aphrael giggles happily. Obiously she's in a very socialable mood. "Yay 
Ryi!" She cheers.

Ursa frowns, watching, "But if they're eerywhere, how come he lost his?"

Channie grins impishly and waves Dh'lon over closer.

Ryialla says "Tanks? I said thanks. I think yer drunk, R'val."

R'val laughs, "You said tanks."

Kelah looks this Dh'lon character up and down.

Aellya grins and circles around some of the people, eying the crowd for a 
moment, and not really sure where to go.

Ryialla grins drunkenly at Aellya. "Welcome."

Kethran adds, after considering for a moment, "Unless it's a new 'light' 
wine... hmmm? Ummm. Maybe there was a certain specific one he was looking 
for," he decides.

Ryialla phhhbbts at R'val. "Did not."

Dh'lon heads over to Channie, "How're you?"

Kassima hmms and looks about at all the glasses. "I think y'could get a 
new hat real easy, just take one o'these. An' every time y'get a new hat, 
y'get t'drink what's inside too, an' that's a good thing!

Ursa peers at her glass, then at Kethran's. "Something's wrong wif'em," 
she announces sagely.

C'ron doesn't see Aellya and inside gets another glass of wine and drinks 
it quickly. He then puts it on top of his head, and holds it there with 
one hand, "Now, I gotta hat an' everyone loves me. So there!"

Channie wavers a little. She tries to look sober, but--uh-she's wearing a 
glass of wine on her head. "Oh, I'm great!"

Aphrael waves over at Aellya "Wanna hat?" She offers, taking up one of the 

Dh'lon blinks at all the people here, he umms at Channie.

Kethran nods. "Indeed." He spots another two, these filled to the brim 
with red liquid. "Ah-ha!" he says, and starts toward them, just before a 
rather woozy bronzerider picks them up and carries them off. "Shards."

Channie just beams happily.

Aellya stops at the bar, getting herself a glass of wine and then slowly 
and carefully walking over to C'ron and nudging him gently, "Hey, Ya 
suppose I'm welcome over here?" She grins crookedly.

Ryialla grins over at Dh'lon. "She's my cousin now."

Ursa sways after Kethran, calling after him, "But I thought they were 

Channie nods quickly, "yeah, cousin." she pipes happily.

Kelah walks past C'ron, stealing his hat once again, on his way to 

Ryialla, "Y'see that! Fraterrrnising with that guyy."

Aphrael pouts over at Channie, "Awwww.. Ryi gets to be your cousin?"

Dh'lon hmms, "Heh? Cousin??"

Kassima giggles and applauds. "An' we've all got hats now, right? So 
everyone woves everyone! Isn't that sweet?" She starts tapping the musical 
hats again, just randomly, occasionally pausing to take a sip out of one.

Kelah plops the hat on Ryialla's head.

Tinya stacks her fourth hat on top of two others one the bar, and seizes 
a fifth as she heads over toward Dh'lon. She doesn't even notice when the 
first one falls off her head, crashing on the floor. "Hi there. M'Tinya, 
who're you?"

C'ron looks to Aellya happily and says studiously, "Everyone loves me. 
Hiya Aellya, I saved a hat for ya...but it broke." He then leans forward 
and kisses her passioantely, still holding onto the wineglass on his head 
with one hand.

Kethran shrugs. "Dunno. Those were there, and then they weren't." He 
ponders this for a moment. "Maybe the goal is to catch them," he suggests. 
"Sneak up on 'em."

Channie nods happily at Aphrael, "YEEeeeeah! Oh, you wanna be my cousin 

R'val giggles at the sight of Tinya with a hat on her head, and Ryi too.
He takes another hat from somewhere, and slurps the booze out of it."

Ryialla blinks at Kelah. "Guy? Where?" She whips her head about, looking 
for this guy. All she sees is a bunch of riders wearing hats. "Wha guy?"

Aellya giggles as her lips are consumed by C'ron's and she tries to hold 
herself up and not collapse under his ministrations.

Dh'lon finds a quiet corner.

Kassima looks over at Aph and Nie. "Hey, are y'all cousins? Can I be a 
cousin too? I've got lots o'cousins... could always use a couple more. An' 
y'all are crazy enough t'be my kin, don't y'agree?"

Aphrael bounces. "Can I? Pwease?!"

Kelah frowns and folds his arms, "I don' wanna another cousin! I won't 
have /anyone/ to kiss!"

Ursa looks at Kethran, and answers, "Oh!" so she starts to clandestinely 
stalk across the room, not really stalking anything, just stalking.

Ryialla giggles. "Like that stopped you afore."

Dh'lon shakes his head.

Channie grins and bounces up and down, "yeah! I guess I've got that 
dragon-rider blood--just look at all my family who's riders." she beams at 
Aph and Kassi, her two newest Cousins.

R'val laughs at Ursa's stalking. "Hey Ursa. C'mere and get another drink 
why dontcha?"

Dh'lon mutters to himself, "... it... back at..."

Kelah pouts, then gives Ryialla another kiss for good measure!

C'ron looks very happy, "Can I be a cousin, too?" He looks about trying 
to figure out why it's so important for him to be a cousin.

Aphrael woohoos and giggles. "Cousin! Cousin! C'ron's a cousin too!"

Kethran stalks behind Ursa, until he notices a pair of wine-glasses 
floating past, just in front of Ursa. He does not, however, notice the 
greenrider carrying them. "There!" he says, and pounces, striking Ursa 
lightly as he does.

Ryialla says "Hemmmppppppppppppppppph!"

Kelah folds his arms, "All riders!!! But I'm not a rider!"

Aellya after having broken off the kiss, manages to grin and slurr out, 
"I'll let you get me another hat." She nuzzles into the bronzerider's 
side, pleased to have been forgiven, or at least, the previous incident 

Channie grins and sways, "You're a cousin too C'ron??"

Kassima grins. "Sure! Now we've all got cousins! Cousins, cousins, cousins 

Channie looks at Kelah out of the corner of her eye, "you're the 
blacksheep o' the family---" she states seriously.

Ryialla says "Lesh have s'more to drink!"

Aellya frowns and says "Whats this about cousins? I ain't got any at all."

Kelah pouts and sits on the floor.

Ursa oufs, flopping forward. She manages to turn around to beam at 
Kethran, "Didja get it?"

Aellya frowns and looks agrieved, "Can I have some?"

C'ron nods bobbingly, holding Aellya happil,y "I love everyone an' I'm a 
cousin. Yup!"

Dh'lon gets knocked over by a drunk greenrider and frowns.

Kassima beams. "Aye, t'celebrate all our new cousins! Lots more hats to 

Ryialla plonks herself in Kelah's lap. "Hey, cheer up. Ish not all ish 
cracked up to be. Here. Have a hat."

Aphrael giggles. "Aellya's a cousin too! Yay!"

Aellya giggles and says "oh my." She drinks the glass of wine completely, 
and frowningly, looks around for another.

Aellya perks up, "I get to be one?"

Kelah frowns, even with the hat on.

Ryialla hands him a hat and springs up again.

Aphrael nodnods at Aeylla! "Sure!"

Kethran nodsnods proudly, holding up two wine-glasses that have only a bit 
missing from them. He hands one to Ursa. The greenrider, however, glowers 
at him. "Hey!" she says, a bit belatedly.

C'ron smacks his head and asks from his seated position, "We gotta rate 
the place...It needs a ratin', dontchathink? I say 400!"

Ryialla says "fivehunnred!"

Dh'lon decides to stay under a table, it's safer.

Ryialla says "an' 10."

Aellya's lips split in a beam fit to burn down a mountain of ice. "Oh gee, 
man, you don't know how much that makes me happy." She starts sniffling.

Aphrael pipes up. "Fourty-two!"

Channie grins and swings her arms open, "I have such a /bit/ family!" she 

Kethran indicates Dh'lon, and grins to Ursa. "It's Fahloran... wait..."

Ryialla says "That's Kassi's line!!!!"

Kassima giggles at C'ron. "Forty-two, what Aph said!"

C'ron grabs an empty wineglass and puts it on Aellya head. He says 
knowledgeably, "Now ya gotta a hat. An' e'eryone's gotta love you."

Aphrael stole it first!

Kelah nodnods at C'ron, the hat falling to the floor shattering, 
"Fifhungred! Thass how many /cousins/ I have now!!"

Ursa blinks happily at the wine-glass that's now in her hand. At C'ron's 
announcement, she looks up mournfuly, "They're -rating-? That means we're 
leaving. And I haven't had my wine!" she wails.

Dh'lon gets pointed at by Kethran and tries to hide further back.

Aellya nods and declares, "Fourty-two." Apparently she was much drunker 
earlier, than she let on.

Channie looks around, "IS everyone here a cousin???"

Ryialla flops in a seat and look at Dh'lon. "Thash not Fahloran. Or Rylan. 

Aphrael giggles. "We're all drinking-cousins!"

C'ron holds a tottering hand before him, "That makes...Uh...203. Ayup, The 
Riders Offishal Pub Ratin' is 28."

Kethran grins and clinks his glass with Ursa's, as the greenrider glares. 
"Let's drink quickly, then!"

Aellya tries to twist her head around and says drunkenly, "I's can' see 
it." She keeps twisting her head around, hands reaching up. "How com' I 
can' see it?"

Ryialla says "M'son's much.." She lowers her hand sorta towards the floor. 

Dh'lon looks Ryialla. "I know I'm not your son," he laughs a little.

Aellya shouts loudly, "I can't see the sharding hat!"

C'ron looks at Aellya and says seriously, "Ya kin ne'er see ya's own hat, 

R'val glances around him, finding himself seated alone now. He shrugs, an 

Ryialla nods solemly to Dh'lon. "I know that too. Have a hat."

Ursa clinks glasses with Kethran, managing to slosh the top fourth or so 
of wine. "Good plan, Kethran my man," she confides, getting quickly to 

Alisa is passed out in a corner quite happily, a drooly smile on her face 
to prove it.

C'ron considers carefully and asks, "Is it OK ta kiss ya cousin?"

Dh'lon says "A hat?"

Kassima peers at Dh'lon. "You mean he does nay have a hat already?" she 
asks, aghast.

Ryialla picks up one of the wine-tasting glasses and hands it to him. "He 
doesh now!"

The greenrider stands over Kethran and Ursa. "Look," she says firmly, 
stepping in between them. "Those are /mine/..." She makes a grab for 
Ursa's glass.

Aellya's lips open wide as she lets out a long, drawn out 'oooooooh!' "You 
can't?" She giggles and lowers her hands, sagging into C'ron. She says, 
"I'm mighty thirsty." She gets up a moment, wanders to the bar, and grabs 
'two' wine glasses and stumbles over to C'ron. She plops down right 
beside him and drinks one in just a few swallows. "Shards, this is mighty 

C'ron claps happily, holding Aellya between his arms, "That guys gotta hat 

Ryialla meanders by toward Kelah and hands the upset greenrider two more 
glasses. "Have s'hats."

Kelah yeahs, "I wanna know tha ssame thing C'ran... er... Crom... er... 

Dh'lon blinks and looks upwards, going crosseyed trying to see the glass 
on his head.

R'val refills his glass, and drinsk.

Channie grins, "I wanna kiss m'cousin!" she giggles.

Aellya giggles and says cheerfully, "I think ye can kiss yer cousin!"

Ryialla says "Sure! Drinkin cousin c'n kiss."

Channie sighs and looks for something to drink.

C'ron nods happily to everyone, "Ok, the rulin' o'...uh...us...Cousins can 
kiss. So kiss!:

Dh'lon tries not to drop the wineglass off of his head.

Ursa heys! and goes quickly limp, collapsing to the floor, out of reach. 
This gives her just a few seconds, but she manages to chug-a-lug what she 
hasn't spilled yet triumphantly, acting iwth amazing speed for one so 
sloshed. Must be that her wine is endangered, must be.

Kethran holds his glass aloft to Ryialla. "And kissing cousins can drink 
too!" he points out, then glares at the greenrider. "We caught 'em fair 'n 
square," he points out.

Rullem steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Kelah blinks and gets up off the floor, grabbing the glass of his head and 
pulls Ryialla to him for a kiss, cheering a little at C'ron before doing 

Raezal steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Tiranna steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Kassima wrinkles her nose, peering at Aph and Nie. "Y'mean we have t'kiss 
our cousins? But... don' think I wanna kiss Aph an' Nie! Nay offense 
meant, y'two, but...."

Aellya drops one of her wineglasses, other hand still determinedly holding 
the mostly full one, "Who's gunna kiss me?" She asks petuatantly.

The greenrider sighs and turns to Kethran, who dows his wine protectively. 
SHe then just throws up her hands and returns to get more.

Rullem blinks, looking around.

Tiranna walks in quietly after Rullem and Raezal.

Dh'lon hides under a table.

Ryialla bounces over and kisses the first person she runs across, which 
happens to be Aellya. "

C'ron kisses Aellya happily.

Channie sighs and mutters something to herself as she looks around for 

Aellya suddenly gets a flurry of kisses, and tries to kiss both of them 
back all at once.

C'ron kisses Ryialla , too, since she is nearby.

Raezal looks around her eyes wide and stays back with Rullem and Tiranna

Kelah bounds over and kisses Channie.

Kethran grins. "Who's getting kissed?" he says, that portion of the 
conversation finally reaching his brain.

R'val watches from his seat, his face blank. He appears real drunknow.

Aellya grabs Ryialla since she's too close, pulling her down and into her 
lap, giggling. "Ya can' do it from up there!"

Channie blinks a little as she's kissed and giggles, wow, a real kiss--

Aphrael blinks and peeers at Kassi. "Ewwwwwwwwwwww." She says, rather 
expressively. But that's okay. She's drunk.

Ursa reaches a hand upwards to get hlep up, giving Kethran a pathetic 
puppy-dog sort of look.

Kassima just shakes her head and wrinkles her nose again at all this 
kissing stuff, and returns to beating on her wine glasses. "Cousins, 
cousins," she chants while she plays. "Cousins with hats...."

Ryialla pouts as her nose gets mashed by C'ron, but looks much happier 
after she gets kissed. She then bounces around the room, hat in hand, and 
kisses EVERYBODY. If you don't want to get kissed, duck.

Aellya manages to swerve her remaining glass to her mouth, drinking it 
completely and dumping the glass on the floor with a clink of breaking 

Dh'lon admires Ryialla's maneuverability.

Alisa is too unconscious to duck, and just drools.

Kelah grabs a glass of wine and downs it before hopping over to kiss 

Tiranna smiles at Rullem. "Quite a party..."

Kethran turns back and helps Ursa stand, just in time to watch Ryialla 
kiss Ursa. He gets a sort of jealous look on his face, until Ryialla 
kisses him, too, and he grins.

Dh'lon peeks out from under the table.

C'ron drinks another full hat and kisses the wine glass happily. He says 
warmly, "I even love my hat!"

Ryialla flops back in Aellya's lap afterwards. "'S better?"

Rullem ummms, "Yeah."

Aphrael giggles and doesn't duck in time. Oh well.

Kelah kisses C'ron's hat.

Aellya nods and wraps her arms around the greenrider, whilst snuggling 
back against C'ron. She looks very content and happily snuggled between 
two warm bodies.

Dh'lon hmms and tries some of that wine.. hey, not bad.

Channie trundles over for more wine, picking up for battered little mugth 
from the florr to fill to the top. She perches on the bar to drink, sort'a 
away from everywone.

R'val pouts from his seat, 'I ain't nobodies cousin? I don't think I have 
any anyway."

Raezal mutters to Rullem, "... all... 'riders didn't... that... the..."

Ursa sloshes herself into a chair, before looking up. "Wait, I missed 
kissing?" she asks belatedly.

C'ron asks Aellya quietly can I ksis her again? We's cousins?"

Tiranna watches all this, looking quite bemused.

Rullem blushes and uhhs, "Yeah." He nods at Raezal.

From Kethran's shoulder, Randival warblecroons happily at all the 
affection going on, and his gaze darts around the room as he looks for 
someone with whom /he/ can share all this affection he has.

Aellya chews on her lip, "Well, maybe. " She seems to be trying to 
seriously consider the question.

Ryialla looks at the group staning in the door, and smiles brightly. "Hi! 
Have a hat! Join th' party."

Rullem pushes Raezal in front of him, "Apprentices first."

C'ron turns Ryialla's head slowly and kisses her thoroughly. After he is 
done he says, "Happy Hat Day!"

Kelah bounds over to kiss Aph then stops, "Oh yeah, yer the cousin with 
tha Weyrthingie who likes knives lots!"

Aphrael giggles at the bronze, and pushes all her green and gold 
firelizards, somewhat affected by her drinking, behind her. Or attempt to, 

Kassima whees as she gets kissed by Ryi and Kelah at once, and picks up 
several hats and kisses them, not coincidentally drinking all the wine out 
of them too. She blinks at R'val. "You don't have any cousins? Well, just 
put on a hat and kiss Kelah, an' I think that makes you a cousin...." She 
seems to be sincerely confused about this whole process.

Tiranna chuckels.

R'val grimaces at Kassima and mutters, "Think I'll just drink, thank ye."

Raezal cocks her head at the 'rider telling them to join the party and 
raises an eyebrow, "Have a Hat?" She eeps as Rullem pushes her into the 
drunken fray

Aellya sniffs, "Hey, where's mine, I'm a cousin' too!" She says 

C'ron kisses Aellya thoroughly, too.

Dh'lon has another glass. "Hmmmmm."

Aellya says determinedly "He.. o'er there." She points in several 
directions. "He said so." Her words get muffled for a moment as she 

Ryialla grins happily and tries to kiss Aellya again. She gets blocked by 

C'ron and winds up kissing her chin.

Channie just drinks from mugth, leaning against the wall a lil.

Ryialla says "Happy hat day!!"

Aphrael giggles at Kelah. "Weyrthingie? I think he'll understand though, 
since we're cousins!" Wow, dont you like the logic or a drunk person?

Dh'lon leans over and pokes Channie in the side.

Tiranna looks around, and chuckles, then follows her companions.

Channie giggles a little at the poke and leans over against Dh'lon, "hey!"

R'val glances over at Aph and Kassi and chuckles, "Maybe we oughtta send 
them three home." He glances at Ryi, Aellya, and C'ron, and chuckles.

Rullem slips into a quieter corner to watch the chaos.

Aellya giggles and pushes C'ron a bit and says "C'mere Ryi.. ry.. whoever 
you are!"

C'ron says slurringly, "How come Ryialla gotta kiss e'eryone? Is she an 
extra special hat cousin?"

Tiranna grabs up a flask and some glasses and joins Rullem.

Ryialla says "Okay."

Ryialla squirms upright.

Dh'lon smiles at Chanie, "Heya. How long have you been drinking now?" He 
takes a sip out of his own glass of Red.

Channie thinks for a moment, then a moment longer as she fights the haze, 
"Ahh, all night!" she declares!

Aellya sits up a little and tugs at Ryialla's tunic and pulls her close as 
she gives her a very long, drawn out kiss, though it looks a little 
awkward as she can't seem to stop giggling for very long.

Rullem smiles at Tiranna.

Kassima giggles at R'val. "Can't do that to a cousin, though! Don't think 
anyway... hey, Aph, can we do that?" She beams at Aph. "Of course, 
K'nan'll understand if'n he's you're cousin! Especially you're drinkin' 
cousin an' all."

Tinya blinks suddenly, eyes going wide and expression distressed. She 
reaches a hand up to the top of her head, then wails, "My hat! No wonder 
I'm nobody's cousin, I lost my hat!"

Ryialla returns the kiss fervently, then blinks. "Uh-oh. Gotta go find the 

Channie grins, and beams at Dh'lon, "Are you my cousin too?"

R'val chuckles dryly," They're gettin/ rather/ involved over there." he 
poitns out, peering atthe three increasingly lusty riders at their table. 
He chuckles to himself and blinks, "AH! A hat. S'what I need!" He grabs 
one, and plunks it on his head.

Aellya lets Ryialla loose and sinks back against C'ron as she says, 
"Faranth, you kiss good!" She starts giggling at the look on the other 
greenrider's face.

Dh'lon blinks, "Really??" He hmms, "Your cousin?"

C'ron bobs his head over the kissing lasses on his lap and replies to 
Kassima, "What she said!"

Tiranna stares into the group of dragonriders, eyes fixed on Dh'lon.

Rullem leans over to murmur to Tiranna.

Channie shrugs and leans forward a little, "Well, cuz, even if you were--I 
could still kiss ya!" she giggles and points around the room, "See."

Rullem mutters to Tiranna, "... him?"

Kassima nods to Tinya. "Of course! Y'can be a cousin if'n you get a hat! 
Right, Nie?" She asks the one who seems to be in charge of this whole 

Dh'lon ohs and smiles at Channie, "I see. Sure, why not?"

Aellya pokes C'ron in the leg, "What who said when?"

Tiranna looks at Rullem, and pales. She nods, then looks back at Dh'lon.

C'ron pouts to Aellya, "Does she kiss better'n me? Mebbe if I gets anudder 

Aellya giggles and replies, "I duno, you'd have ta kiss me again so I 
could compare and stuff."

Aphrael blinks and picks up another hat, holding the one on her head 
carefully. "I'll be back in a tic."

Kassima wanders around the room, kissing (and draining) all the hats she 
can find. Fortunately, not many, since most of the hats have been taken.

Rullem mutters to Tiranna, "Wanna... back..."

Aphrael pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

C'ron gives Aellya a very involved and passioante kiss, designed to melt 
knees and break hearts. It lasts for quite some lingering amount of time.

Tiranna looks at her glass and shrugs, not looking happy anymore.

From Kethran's shoulder, Randival chirps irritably as all the greens and 
golds disappear behind Aphrael. He looks ready to pursue them, but decides 
against it in the milling crowd. A little hatchling like him could get 
hurt in there. Instead, he just sends lusty croons and chirps in their 

Aellya clings to C'ron as he kisses her, arms around his neck, her giggles 
are stiffled for a very long moment.

Rullem tugs Tiranna outside.

Rullem pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

Channie grins happily and leans over and leans over to kiss Dh'lon 
suddenly. She grins over at him, "Ah-hah!"

Tiranna follows, dejectedly.

Tiranna pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

Dh'lon smiles and smooches Channie, laughing.

Lysseth> Aphrael steps back, admiring her work. "You look -lovely- 
Prefeth!" She gushes!

Raezal watches all that's going on around her and shakes her head, her 
eyes wide, She looks around and sees Rullem and Tiranna have disappeared 
and frowns, trying to push throught the crowd to find them but getting 
blocked by drunk 'riders everywhere she turns.

Channie grins and then blinks at the giggle, "Was there something wrong 
with it?" she asks, touching her lips with her fingertips and blinking.

C'ron ends his kiss and looks at Aellya dreamily. "How's that?" He notices 
blearily Dh'lon and Channie kising, "Chan, he don't got a hat. He's notta 

Alisa curls happily in her corner, drooling in a nice puddle in her 
unconscious state.

Aellya finally breaks the kiss, gasping for air and remarks overly loud, 
"Well, I mus say that sure beats her kiss!" She giggles again.

Lysseth> Aphrael giggles and bounces back into the hall.

Aphrael steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind 

Dh'lon grins at Channie, "No, it was fine." He kisses again.

Kethran hears C'ron's statement and giggles, placing his now-empty wine-
glass on top of his head. "Where's my kiss?" he wonders with a grin.

C'ron puckers his lips, "I gotta a kiss for someone!"

Aphrael bounces back in, giggling. "Oooooh Prefeth's deliriously happy 
now! He's a hat cousin too!"

Kassima blinks at Keth. "Wow, you're a cousin too now? How many cousins 
*are* there?"

Channie grins and then giggles, "Oh, you don't have on a HAT!" she blinks 
and leans over to fetch him one, putting it on his head, "Ok, there!"

R'val Laughs, "Don't kiss me C'ron, for Faranth's sake."

Dh'lon giggles at Channie, "Thanks." He winks.

Aellya giggles and says "Uhhoh, Anyon' that kisses that good.. I can' 
letta kiss him."

Kassima beams. "Prefeth's a hat cousin! Prefeth's a hat cousin!" She 
chants this over and over, obviously delighted by the idea.

Channie winks back and looks around for someone else to kiss.
She's on a roll now!

Aellya shakes her finger. It goes all over the place, "Yer.. " She frowns, 
forgetting what she was going to say.

R'val Laughs at Kassima's amusement, and glugs back s'more of his brandy.

Lysseth> Prefeth rumbles to Dhavoth, a small and somewhat delicate glass 
precariously perched on his head. He looks happy.

C'ron looks at R'val and blinks, realizing somehwere in his mind what he 
was thinking of doing, "Uh, maybe not R'val, then." Somehow that doesn't 
sound quite right, but right enough.

Ursa frowns. "Whose cousin?" she asks vaguely of nobody.

Channie gets a far-off look in her eyes and gazes around the room for a 

Dh'lon stands up and bangs his head on the table he was hiding under, his 
glass falling off.

Kethran grins to Kassima. "I guess I am," he says, and to prove it, turns 
to kiss Ursa.

C'ron motions for Channie to come near him.

Tinya solves her hat problem with simple efficiency by draining the one in 
her hand and putting it on her head. She looks around, a little 
confusedly, and asks, "So now whose cousin am I?"

Kelah blinks from where he must have momentarily passed out.

Dh'lon ows and falls on his face.

R'val plops his hat on his head and beams, "Mine Tinya! S ince we're 
blueriders n all."

C'ron replies happily to TInya, "E'eryones!"

Kethran glances over toward Dh'lon, concerned. He stands and walks 
unsteadily toward Dh'lon.

Aellya giggles and says "Now Channie, ya gotta kiss me too, if ya kiss 

Lysseth> Mammeth hops over and croons at Prefeth, slightly envious of his 
nice glass.

Aphrael giggles. "We're all everyone's cousin now?"

Raezal decides that she doesn't really fit in with all these drunken 
riders, being probably the only sober on in the group and edges towards 
the door

Lysseth> C'san wanders inside to get one of his own.

Lysseth> Jyrith twists her head around, trying to get a peek at what's 
going on.

Dh'lon lifts his head and blinks a few times, seeing stars. "Ummm, 

C'san steps in from the courtyard, letting the door slide shut behind him.

Ursa heys! as Kethran leaves. "What happened to my kiss?" she pouts.

Lysseth> Prefeth cant move, or he risks letting the glass crash to the 

Kethran grins to Dh'lon, then beckons Ursa over. "Tha's me" he tells 
Dh'lon proudly. "You all right?"

Dh'lon crawls out from under the table and reclaims his hat, finding 
another 'hat' to drink from. He nods, "Yep.." He wobbles a little to prove 
it too.

Channie grins and ambles over to C'ron and Aellya, "hhmm??"

Aellya waves at C'san and grins tipsily, "Hey you, comon over and give a 
kiss to us all."

Kethran grins and, now that Dh'lon seems all right, he walks back to Ursa 
and /smooches/ her.

C'san smiles as he walks in, "Still some left? My thanks to you Dh'lon."

C'ron leans forward and gives Channie a lingering kiss, as well.

Ursa stumbles to her feet, wandering aimlessly. "Where's my kiss?" she 
asks again. "Oh!" she exclaims, or attempts to around a sloppy big smooch.

Dh'lon wavies to C'san and hands him one glass to drink and another to 
wear on his head.

Kassima chortles. "So lessee now, I'm cousins with Channie, an' Tinya, an' 
C'ron, an' Aph, an' Aellya, an' Kethran, an' Ryialla, an' Kelah, an' 
Prefeth." She beams again. "I've got a whole slew of cousins! This calls 
for more hats." She drinks another hat and just sits on the floor, 
giggling helplessly.

Dh'lon says "Hey, Weyrsecond."

Dh'lon grins.

Aphrael giggles and claps as she spots C'san. "Yay! Hat cousin!"

Aellya says demandingly, "Now me Channie." Her stormy eyes gleam up at the 

Channie murmers softly and half lides her eyes as she leans into the kiss 
for a long long time.

Aphrael also has a glass hat on her head, like the one her lifemate does.

Kelah stands up and sits on a bar stool, shaking his head and says those 
words that every drunk shudders upon hearing, "Bartender! Coffee! err.... 

Channie brushes hair from her eyes and wriggles in closer to Aellya and 
presses her full lips to hers in a warm kiss.

Raezal pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

Kendra hesitates in the entrance and takes in the scene before her, 
startled to have found a collection of people up and about this late.

C'san drinks his hat.

Aellya gives Channie a kiss back and lets the brownrider go and grins "Why 
thank ya."

Dh'lon just finds a place where he can sit until his head stops hurting.

Kethran finally releases Ursa from the kiss, and then kisses her nose for 
good measure.

Kelah shakes his head and gently sips his klah, muttering "... cousins..."

C'san hmmms, "Excellent."

Channie sits up, her face matching the color of her hair, "Wow, I like 
being cousins!"

Ursa plops back into a chair with a happygoofy grin on her face.

C'ron says happily, "Jays, Channie, can I have anudder!"

C'san says "More hats indeed..."

Dh'lon grins, "Yeah, disgusting drunks!" He takes another drink and falls 

R'val's smile lessens faintly as he sits with his drink and watches the 

Channie giggles softly and looks at Aellya whom she's leaning against, 
"Um, I dunno."

Kendra laughs in a low, resonant voice, "Riders," as she eases through the 
crowds toward containers of whatever these very giggly people have had.

Lysseth> Dhavoth warbles, wanting his own glass too.

Aellya grins and looks content and says "Na, C'ron, ya got enough 
kissin'." She says matter-of-factly.

Lysseth> Prefeth croons somewhat smugly.

Channie pokes out her lower lip a little, "oh..."

Kethran grins. "wait here," he tells Ursa, and goes off in Search of a few 
more hats to drink -- a bit too unsteady to avoid any attempts to kiss 

Aphrael blinks. "Hey, is this number nine already? We all made it?!"
Dh'lon kisses Kethran. ;)

Kelah tilts his head back as he finishes his mug of klah.

Tinya collects another drink and wanders over to where R'val's sitting. 
She leans sorta half-way on the bar and half-way on him. "Hi."

Kethran grins happily and drunkenly as he gets kissed by Dh'lon, and 
returns it briefly before looking for more hats.

R'val smiles up at Tinya,' Hey Tinya." He mutters through his drink.

C'ron blinks at Aphrael and says studiously, still pouting sinceh e can't 
kiss Channie again. "I guess, so. It's number...uh...13. Yup."

C'san kisses the arm of a chair as he nearly trips over someone underneath 
him.. Shells.

Dh'lon grins and sits on a table.

Aellya nuzzles up against C'ron and grins. She strokes Channie's arm 
companionably. She sighs, squirming around comfortably.

Ursa looks around predatorily as Kethran walks away, trying to spot some 
spare lips near by.

Kassima looks up at Aph, one loop of braid practically obscuring her eye 
and her hat drooping on her head. "Nine? I guess it's nine... must've been 
nine...." She mutters, "Nine, nine, nine," to herself over and over.

Channie sits back up and brushes hair from her eyes as she smiles at 

Aellya winningly and lays her head against Aellya's arm as she grins over 
at R'val.

Aphrael blinkblinks. "13? Wow! I'm surprised I'm still able to stand." 
Actually she cant. She's half leaning against the bar.

Kethran crows triumphantly as he comes up with a tray containing four 
hats -- all full. He carries them back toward Ursa, protecting his prize 

C'san gets over his being-rather-new-at-this shyness and downs a second 
hat as any upsanding Weyrsecond ought.. those not upstanding have been 
here longer...apparently.

Kendra approaches the bar and steadies Aphrael without a word before she 
quietly requests something to drink. "Looks like I might have gotten in on 
this party on the wrong end," she chuckles. "You all have been at it a 

R'val grins up at TInya unsteadily, "Havin' fun?"

Kelah sighs as he hops off the barstool, somewhat less drunk after the 
klah, and wanders outside muttering something about cousins.

C'san shakes his head, "I just got here."

Channie waves at Kelah.

Kelah pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

C'ron leans over and kisses Aellya.

Dh'lon closes his eyes and takes a nap.

Aphrael blinkblinks at Kendra and smiles drunkenly. "Oh.. yes! 13 bars, 
we've been to!"

Tinya giggles and nods. She points up at her hat, announces, "I'm a 
cousin!" Then she pouts. "But nobody's kissin' me."

Kethran hands Ursa two of the glasses, and takes the other two for 

Channie sighs as she watches C'ron and Aellya smooching and sits up.
Aellya tilts her head back as she returns C'ron's kiss.

Ursa turns her suddenly pouty face on Kethran, moaning, "How come no one 
ever wants to kiss me but you?" *batbat* of pouty eyes.

Kassima's eyes widen at Aph. "Thirteen? Wow! That's a lot of bars! No 
wonder I'm so drunk." She starts chortling to herself again.

Kendra grins. "Thirteen? That's a pretty shardling impressive number, 

Ryialla stumbles back in from the necessary.

Dh'lon opens his eyes, then smooches Aphrael, Kassima, Channie, R'val, 
C'san and Kethran in that order.

R'val Lacks!

Kethran blinks at Ursa sympathetically, then brightens. "That's 'cause 
everybody's fraida me," he grins, and then gets kissed again by Dh'lon, 
and giggles at the bluerider.

R'val makes a face, "Stop that.

Ryialla says "Thash better. Heyla..whersh MY kissh?"

Aphrael giggles and nods. "Thank you! Aphrael's the name.." She breaks off 
as she gets smooches by Dh'lon, and tries not to swoon.

Channie mmuuurrss and smiles at Dh'lon, only, he's gone only when she 

Dh'lon smiles and kisses Ryialla too.

Channie stands up, wavering a bit, "Oh--" she wanders outside.

C'san says "Need help to the door?"

Dh'lon looks at Channie, "You okay?"

R'val stands unsteadily, and pushes his drinka side, wandering towards the 

Ryialla umms and wraps her arms around him for just a moment before 
letting go.

Kendra nods and takes Aphrael's hand to shake it, not entirely certain the 
rider could find her offered hand. "Kendra. Nice t' meet you."

Kassima giggles again as she receives another smooch, unable to swoon 
since she's sitting down.

Aellya breaks the kiss off and leans up, only to smile broadly at C'san 
and wink at him. "Hey there." She peers, not recognizing him.

Dh'lon grins at Ryialla.

Channie nods, "i'm just wonderful!"

Tinya pouts a little harder, her lower lip starting to tremble. "See, 

Ursa scowls at Kethran, pouting, "You scared 'em all off? Oh."

Dh'lon gives Channie a hand to the door, "Need some air?"

R'val returns to the bar, leans down, and plants a /kiss/ on Tinya's lips 
as he puts a drink in front of her. He grins, "There."

C'ron says lightly to Ursa, "I'm not ascared."

Tinya mms as she leans into the kiss, then giggles. "Tha's better."

Aphrael steadys herself a bit more, and grins at Kendra. "Nice to meet you 
too. O'course you realise, I probably won't remember any of this 
conversation." She grins.

Kethran grins. "All 'cept you and Dh'lon, it seems." He kisses Ursa again, 

trying to get rid of the scowl.

Ryialla says "Scared of what? Hmm. Need 'nother drink."

R'val grins and sitsin Tinay's lap with a triumphant grin, "How're you 
doin dear?"

Kendra leans over the bar a bit to get a better vantage point of R'val and 
Tinya. "You all are pretty close friends at Benden, huh," she grins. "No 
worries there, Aphrael. I've already forgotten this conversations.

Dh'lon blinkblinks, "Hmm? I'm what?"

R'val blinks owlishly at Kendra, "Oh, we're not all from Benden."

Aellya shakes her head "Na, we shouldn't drink no more. So we can fly 
home." She nods her head matter of factly.

Ryialla grins at Ursa. "I'll kissh ya agin iffen it'll make you feel 

Ryialla says "No? Oh."

Channie stands at the doorway, looking as if she can't make up her mind to 
go out or not. She notices C'san and waves. "Hi!!"

C'ron shakes his head sadly to Aellya, "No mo' hats."

Aphrael giggles. "Oh, we're not -all- from Benden." She points. "Dh'lon 
and um, C'san, I think, from 'Reaches. Tinya from Eastern, Aellya from 
Igen. C'ron from Ista.. er, Channie from Fort."

Ursa perks up brightly, perhaps from the mos trecent kiss, perhaps from 
C'ron's comment. She points. "Lookie, he's not scared!" then turns to look 
at Ryialla, "Oh!" she exclaims, looking much happier just to have heard 
their comments.

Kendra points to R'val, "No, but you are, and her," she indicates Aphrael, 
"and a few otheres round bout here." She grins, salutes R'val with her 
drink, and tosses it back in one gulp.

Tinya grins at R'val. "M'doin' good." She points to her head. "An' I gotta 

R'val bobs his head to Kendra with an unsteady grin, "Uh-huh. I'm from 
Benden. The name's R'val."

Aellya comforts C'ron and pats his thigh. "S'alright C'ron, I'll getcha 
another one latah."

Channie nods, "Right, Channie from Fort." her head bobs a bit where she 
wavers on her feet, trying to decide where to go.

R'val grins at Tinya broadly, noding,' Uh-huh. You did indeed got a hat."

Kethran takes a drink of wine, and pouts slightly. "Now /you're/ getting 
all the attention."

Kassima grins at Tinya. "Congratulations! You must be very proud."

Dh'lon shrugs at Nie and hmms, did he always have a lump on his head.

C'ron nods glumly rumbling sadly, "I like hats. They go *ting*."

C'san says "I'm Reaches.. and I probably should be looking over some hide 
or some such... but"

Aphrael giggles at Channie, glad she remembered.

Kendra obtains another drink and dispatches it accordingly. "R'val of 
Bende huh. Well, Kendra of Southern, most of the time, leastways. When I'm 
not sent about on errands."

Ursa nods happily at Kethran, then turns and batbats her eyes at Ryialla. 
"Please do?" she asks, puckering up.

Dh'lon blinks! Wait a minute, that lump is /his/ head. Oh, thank Faranth.

Kendra sticks out her hand at R'val. "Well met, rider."

Ryialla grins and plants a big wet one on Ursa.

Tinya giggles and adds, "Got five, actu...act...yeah. Or mebbe six."

Channie grins at Dh'lon and walks over to him, sitting in his lap, "Hi!"

Dh'lon blinks as he gets a guest. "Hi," he smiles and kisses her.

R'val misses Kendra's hand a few times,then shakes it firmly. "Hiya! Glad 
ta meet ya."

C'ron claps his hands happily, "Ursa got a kiss from someone notta scared 
o' hats o' the Kethrig fella."

C'san smiles as a guest gets him.

Ursa swoons. "Better!" she crows happily.

Aellya frowns over at C'san and says, "Dere's a rule ya know."

C'san says "Oh?"

Aellya points a finger at C'san and shakes it, "Yah, ya gotta have a hat, 
and ya gotta gimme a kiss afore ya leave!"

Kethran downs the rest of his juice and pouts, trying not to look at Ursa 
and Ryialla. He does see her swoon, and scowls, then looks for someone 
/he/ can swoon at as well.

Kendra laughs and claps R'val's shoulder. "Glad t' meet ya too," she 
replies in the same tone of voice. "I could use another drink..."

Aellya looks around, and frowns "Guess we can make an 'ception for the 
hat, dey all broke." Her words slur, "But ya still gotta gimme a kiss." 
She looks pleased with herself.

Ryialla giggles. "Glad to be of service."

Kassima wanders over to Aph and hands her a hat. "Here, Aph, have another 
hat... y've only got th'one."

R'val wobbles in his seat as Kendra slaps his shoulder, and slips his arm 
'round TInya for suport, somehow moving so she's on /his/ lap now. He 
grins at Kendra, "Glad ta meet ya. You live here?"

Kethran closes his eyes and picks a target at random, pointing a finger. 
He opens his eyes, and realizes he's pointing at C'ron. He shrugs, and 
then proceeds to /swooon/ convincingly at the bronzerider.

Aphrael giggles and blinkblinks. "Hrm? Oh! Thank you! Maybe I'll give this 
one to Prefeth too!"

C'san points to what is his second hat before kissing Aellya so soundly 
that it might make toes curl before shifting to a feather light spidersilk 
soft touch before letting her free. "Eh, no harm in one kiss.", he slides 
away to get some air.

Kendra lifts a glass from a tray being passed by her nose and shakes her 
head. "No, from Southern, hereabouts running errands. And heard a ruckus 
that ended up being a party," she grins. "Clear skies!" And back goes the 
drink in its entirety.

Aellya blinks and blinks at C'san's back before grining real big and 
sayin' "Why thank ye."

Aphrael picks up the glass, and wanders outside.

Lysseth> Jenren looks up and smiles,"Hello...My name is Jenren."

Dh'lon grins and huggles Channie.

Aphrael pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

Lysseth> Rafferty says "I'm Rafferty. You new?"

Randival waits for the door to open, then quickly flies outside.

Channie smiles at Dh'lon and slips her arms around him.

C'san laughs lightly, "I always follow the rules."

C'ron gets up putting Aellya near C'san and then trundles over, 
erratically, towards Kassima.

Lysseth> Aphrael wanders out, clutching a glass, with another perched on 
her head. "Hey!" She calls to the assembled dragons. "Who wanna glass?"

Ursa bats at Kethran's arm a lil annoyed. "Hey! Get in line!" and she 
trots over to C'san, pushing her way in front of Kethran to get there 

Randival waits for the door to open, then quickly flies outside.

Lysseth> Mammeth bounces a bit looking to Aphrael happily.

Aellya grins at C'san and leans toward him, "Why, ya kiss right fine, ya 
do." She grins "Who'd ya say ya was?"

Lysseth> Jenren says "Pretty new." She looks at Rafferty and smiles."

Dh'lon grins at Channie, "You feel good... I mean are you feeling good?"

Tinya grins down at R'val and slips an arm 'round his shoulders, leaning 
her head against his. "Where'bouts Southern?" she asks Kendra.

Lysseth> Rafferty smiles shyly. "Where are you from?"

R'val hugs Tinya to him companioably and grins a ther, then turns his 
attention backto Kendra.

Kethran pouts, especially since it was C'ron he was swooning at, and 
proceeds to swoon at Dh'lon, who seems to only have Channie in line for 
him. Or maybe he'll swoon at channie... he just swoons at the pair, unable 
to make a decision.

Lysseth> Aphrael peers up at Prefeth. "Not -you-! Ya already GOT one!" She 
points out the glass on the blue's head, then giggles as she spots Mammeth 
looking at her. "Hey there.. Mammeth! Would ya like a hat?"

Ryialla gets another hat, and looks about to see everyone kissing again. 
"Ah well."

Kassima glances up and frowns in the direction of the Courtyard. "*Who's* 
here, Lyss... oh, shells." She shakes her head and pulls herself up into a 
chair, eyes going unfocused as she talks to Lysseth.

C'san says "I'm C'san, Reaches."

Lysseth> Rafferty blinks at the rider.

Dh'lon giggles at Kethran.

Aellya nods and says "Ah, I be Aellya, of Igen, I do." She grins, "Weyr 
that is."

Channie grins and nods, she giggles, "Well--" she eyes Kethran swooning 
and giggles more.

Lysseth> Aphrael doesnt notice, or doesnt pay attention to, the people in 
the courtyard.

C'ron wanders over to Ursa and taps her shoulder. He says merrily, "I 
ain't afraid, canni kissya?"

Lysseth> Jenren looks Rafferty in the eye, "I've a small cothold not too 
far from here."

Dh'lon gets Kethran and Channie in a group hug thing.
Channie eeps and giggles as she wraps her arms around the two tightly.

Lysseth> Mammeth whuffles Aphrael and lowers his head.

Lysseth> Dhavoth warbles lightly, turning to regard the humans.

Kethran giggles and hugs Dh'lon and Channie both, then, kissing each of 
'em on the cheek.

Aellya adds, "I'm gonna have ta let ya kiss me again sometime, for sure." 
She nods her head again, a little erratically. "Sometime." She rakes 
fingers through her hair and breathes a sigh, her skin flushed.

Ryialla kisses her hat.

Lysseth> Jenren glances at the woman by the dragons and recognizes her, 
but does nothing to acknowledge the fact.

Lysseth> Rafferty glances down, avoiding eye contact, and nods. "You 
planning on staying at Benden?"

Lysseth> Jyrith's tail twitches. She's got an eye for that glass for 

Alyssa comes in from the courtyard.

Lysseth> Pliarth rumbles.

Ursa ohs brightly. "Hey!" she says, which translated surely must mean yes 
cause she wraps her arms around the bronzerider and puckers up.

Lysseth> Aphrael tries to croon at the bronze. It comes out as more of a 
croak. "Okay!" She sways drunkenly as she goes up on tiptoes to place the 
glass on Mammeth's head.

Dh'lon smiles and says, "Hey, this is fun." He pecks Kethran and Channie 
on the cheek again.

Kendra smiles pleasantly enough at R'val, sipping this drink more 

Ryialla grins widely. "ALYSSA!" She runs over and kisses her soundly..

C'ron kisses Ursa happily.

Kassima sighs at whatever Lyss told her and picks up a couple of hats, 
draining them within a couple of gulps and then giggling again. "Silly 
hats. I wonder if Lyss would like a hat." She waves to Alyssa cheerfully. 
"Heya, Alyssa, want a hat?"

Lysseth> Jenren says "Yes, I'm hoping to stay in Benden.""

Lysseth> Aphrael pouts at the other dragons. "What, you want glasses 

Aellya sits back, carefully, a crooked smile showing over her face.

R'val grins at Kendra amiably and nods to her words, sipping his drink as 
he holds Tinya in his lap. He looks up and waves to Alyssa.

Lysseth> Wyith wants one.

Channie hugs Dh'lon in a little closer and smiles up at him.

Alyssa stands on her tiptoes to see above the crowd, clearly looking for 
something until she's summarily kissed by Ryialla. "Um, hi," she stammers, 

Tinya looks over where R'val waved and shouts, "Alyssa!"

Ursa closes her eyes and -kisses- C'ron.

Ryialla grins, hands Alyssa a hat, and plomps into a seat.

C'san smiles warmly and slips outside.

Lysseth> Rafferty nods. "Well, our Head Steward is in bed. I'd...I'll show 
you around."

Lysseth> Aphrael rolls her eyes and giggles. "Oh... okay! Lemme just get 
some more!" She's happy to oblige, of couse, because she gets to drink 
what's in the glasses.

Dh'lon grins and rubs noses with Channie as she looks up at him, then 
grabs two more glasses of Red, pasisng one to her.

C'san pushes open the double doors and steps outside.

C'ron finishes and says to Ursa unsteadily and says, "Ya see, not afraid. 
Nopenope. Gotta go cuz Mammeth sayz if I ain't sober someday I'll be bad."

Aellya sighs a little and stands, very carefully. She wavers and then 
smoothes her riding leathers.

Lysseth> Aphrael starts to back up, almost colliding with C'san. "Eeep, 
oh, sorry!"

Ryialla pipes up, "Why wouldya be bad, cC'ron?

Alyssa says as loudly as her soft voice can carry, "Did Alisa make it 
here? Does anyone know?" She is trying to look around and NOT look at the 
same time, and heat radiates off of her very red cheeks.

Ursa pouts, all while nodding intelligently. "Don't be bad, C'ron."

Lysseth> C'san grins, still mostly steady on his feet. "That's all right.. 
more hats?"

Lysseth> Mammeth swishes his tail and croons triumphantly, he has a glass 
on hsi head. What an accomplishment.

Aellya grins and says, "He's real good."

Ryialla points over to the corner where Alisa was drooling eariler.

Channie smiles and takes the glass of wine thankfully. She takes a little 
sip, glancing at Dh'lon over the top of it.

Aellya walks over to C'ron and pats him on the shoulder.

C'ron hugs Ursa like she is his long lost mother. He says deeply, "I'll 
miss ya!"

Lysseth> Aphrael giggles and nodnods at C'san. "Yep!" She points out 
Mammeth and his new glass. "The other's want some too, I think."

Kethran releases Dh'lon and Channie and lets them rub noses, and looks for 
someone else to swoon at. He notices Alyssa and kisses her on the cheek as 
he passes, but does fail to swoon at her, at least.

Aellya turns, looking around the room and wavers again, taking an ever so 
cautious step.

Lysseth> Pliarth snorts.

C'ron stops hugging Ursa and turn to regard whose tapping his shoulder. 

Ursa patpats C'ron on the back while she hugs him. "Be good!" she urges 
him. "Be veryvery good!"

Lysseth> C'san shakes his head, "Silly dragons."

Lysseth> Aphrael blinks at Pliarth. "Okay, *some* of the others want 
some." She corrects.

Lysseth> Jenren looks at Rafferty and says, "OOh, I didn't realize the 
time. I've got to go." Then, smiling, "I hope we can meet up again at 
another time."She then begins to walk away.

Aellya turns abruptly and bumps C'ron, and starts laughing. "Scuse me.. "

Dh'lon grins and winks at Channie over her glass, drinking from his own 
and trying not to spill.

Alyssa nods and slips through the various and sundry people, trying not to 
contact any of them, as she makes her way toward Alisa. She smiles weakly 
at Kethran when she passes him, but she's really trying not to make eye 
contact with anyone.

R'val squeezes Tinya's waist,a nd grins at her broadly, "Havin' fun?"

Lysseth> Mammeth lowers his head slowly to the ground. His eyes trying to 
look at the glass on top of his head.

Lysseth> Wyith watches...

Lysseth> Jenren walks through the gates to the south, and follows the 
gently-sloping ramp down to the Upper Road.

Kassima collects a hat and announces, with a broad grin, "Goin' t'go give 
Lysseth a hat!" She skips outside, the glass on her head bouncing around 
in its nest of braid.

Lysseth> Dhavoth lifts up his head at C'san's approach. C'san wanders 
closer, "Well met."

You push open the double doors and step outside to the courtyard.

Aphrael chuckles. "But Prefeth sounds so proud." She tells C'san.

Jenren walks through the gates to the south, entering the courtyard.

Rafferty opens the northwestern door and steps into the tasting hall.

C'san nods, "Give poor Dhavoth here a complex.."

Aphrael bursts into laughter. "I was going to give him one too, if he 
wanted one."

Kassima skips merrily over to Lysseth and places a glass on the dragon's 
head, much to Lysseth's consternation. The dragon rumbles and tries to 
peer up and see her new adornment.

Dhavoth coons hopefully.

Kemith blinks slowly at the goings on.

Aphrael tilts her head, grinning. "I take that as a yes?" she questions, 
backing up again for her orginal destination. She barely avoiding knocking 
Kassi, this time.

Dhavoth tries to hold himself still.

Kassima blinks as Aph nearly runs into her. "Careful, Aph! Just came out 
here to give Lyss a hat. Thought she might like one. Don't you think she 
looks good with her hat?"

C'ron pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Zara opens the northwestern door and steps into the tasting hall.

C'ron approaches Kassima and Aphrael and plants a kiss on each of them.

Aellya pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Aphrael hrms? "Oh, yes Kassi." She angles for Dhavoth, then gets 
interrupted by C'ron. "Cam! Mammeth looks great." She says, hugging him.

Kassima blinks in surprise and grins at C'ron, pointing to the glass 
perched on Lysseth's head. "Doesn't Lyss look great with her new hat?"

Aellya smiles cheerfully and sways as she stands, before walking over to 

C'san vaults up onto Dhavoth's back, using his foreleg as a step.

C'ron nods his head looking at Lysseth, "She looks great! 
Greatgreatgreat! :)"

Aphrael glances up, after Dhavoth, as she heads closer. "You still want a 
glass?" She asks, offering the one from atop her own head.

Kassima nods and pats her dragon's head, beaming proudly at the befuddled 
green. "See, Lyss? Told you all you needed was a good hat."

C'ron unsteadily tries to mount Mammeth a few times.

C'ron climbs atop Mammeth dextrously, rubbing his hand lovingly over his 
lifemate's side. He settles himself quickly as Mammeth croons happily.

Dh'lon pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Channie pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Ryialla pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Mammeth launches off of the ground with his legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of his wings.

Channie walks out with her arm around Dh'lon.

Aellya mounts Jyrith's proffered foreleg before pulling herself up toward 
the neck with the riding straps. She swings up into the saddle afixed to 
the higher part of the neck with an ease born from years experience. She 
pats the green's neck affectionately.

Kassima waves to everyone coming out and points to Lysseth's glass hat, 
looking very proud. "Look, I gave m'dragon a hat too! She looks nice in 
it, don't y'think?"

Dh'lon grins at Channie and then stops, "Hmm. Where are we going again?"

Dhavoth coons, laying down to be glassed. Heedless of the fact that his 
rider is being jossled about.

Sitting high on Jyrith's neck, Aellya climbs up somewhat easily, though 
she sways in her saddle. She straps herself in carefully and pats her 
green's neck. "Comon Jyrith, I ain' so bad as that."

Jyrith launches off of the ground with her legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of her wings.

Channie looks around, "Has anyone seen Kelah? ?

Ryialla waves to Dh'lon and Channie, and leans against Pliarth, sipping at 
her hat. "Everyon' leavin, Pliarth. All 'lone, again."

Aphrael giggles and happily places the glass on Dhavoth's forehead. "There 
you go! I crown you a drinking cousin!" She giggles as she steps back, 

Channie shrugs at Dh'lon, "hol' on--I gotta find Kelah!!"

Dh'lon smiles over at Ryialla, "Ummmm, hey, you're the person who's not my 

Pliarth wurbles to her lifemate.

Dh'lon nods to Channie...

Prefeth croons at Ryi.

Alyssa pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Randival hops over and crooooons sympathetically to Pliarth, as if to say, 
I'll keep you company.

Ryialla looks over at Dh'lon. "Thought you and my cousin were leavin?"
If the little bronze hatchling had eyebrows, he'd waggle 'em.

Raj flies out of the tasting hall just as a patron opens the door.

Channie looks up at Kemith, "oh--I guess we can go." she grins at Dh'lon, 
"Wanna come to Fort with me?"

Dhavoth straightens up very carefully before spreading his wings all the 
way out

Dh'lon is about to answer then hmms, turning back to Channie, "Um, sure!"

Dh'lon says "You can show Wyith the way?"

Wyith lifts his head and rumbles.

Aphrael giggles happily, missing completed.

Channie grins and ambles over to Kemith noding to Dh'lon,"Mm, hhmm."

Alyssa takes a deep breath, cups her hands to her mouth, and calls as 
sternly as she can, "Anyone too drunk to visualize his weyr had better not 
go up. You can stay here and sleep it off. I mean that."

Dh'lon laughs and heads for his blue then.

Channie swings up gracefully onto Kemith's shoulders with the help of the 
riding straps, and a little push from Kemith's freckled muzzle. The brown 
whuffles his lifemate happily as she settles down onto his shoulders.

Dh'lon vaults up onto Wyith's back, the dragon's sparkling eyes watching 

On Dhavoth, C'san takes the glass, "I'll keep it safe till we get home.. 
then you can wear it for longer than just a few seconds.

On Wyith, Dh'lon straps in, pulling on jacket and gloves.

Kemith croons as Channie lets out a loud hoot!!

Aphrael turns back and giggles at Lys, trying hard not to look drunk. 
"We're fine, Lys. I ddin't know you were here!"

On Wyith, Dh'lon laughs over at Channie and waves for her to lead on.

Kassima glances over to Alyssa and blinks, reaching up absently to 
straighten her hat. "Lyss'd been planning on flyin' straight..." she says 
by way of reply, looking up at her glass-wearing dragon.

Ryialla waves again, and lets her hand droop. "don' worry, Alyssa. Not 
goin' anywhere. Least not now."

On Dhavoth, C'san watches the other Reaches rider.. as they always seem to 
rise together.

Mounted atop Kemith, Channie waves, "We get to do this again--right?" she 
calls out before Kemith gets ready to fly.

Aphrael waves up at C'san and Dhavoth. "Clear skies!" She calls.

Kemith launches off of the ground with his legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of his wings.

On Wyith, Dh'lon grins over at C'san and waves as he waits to follow after 

On Dhavoth, C'san smiles.

Wyith launches off of the ground with his legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of his wings.

Dhavoth launches off of the ground with his legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of his wings.

Alyssa smiles thinly at Ryialla but tells the other Benden riders softly 
but sternly, "If you're drunk, even flying straight can be hard because 
being drunk affects your lifemates. This does NOT make me happy."

Ryialla sits on the ground by Pliarth and plays with her empty hat.

Alyssa stands near Ryialla and scritches Pliarth quietly as she looks at 
the others.

Pliarth whuffles Alyssa happily, then croons down at her semi-sober and 
unhappy rider.

Kassima yawns and shrugs. "Fine, then, I'll sleep out here with Lyss... 
doesn't bother me any. Done it before, right, Lyss?" She reaches up to 
scritch the dragon's head, careful not to endanger Lysseth's hat.

Alyssa says, again quietly, "Kassima, it's going to get cold out here, you 

Ursa pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Kethran pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Kassima hmms? "No colder than it's been on night watch," she points out. 
Despite her appearance, she's apparently still got some sense left. "So I 
think we'll be all right. But thankee for the concern, Lys...." She smiles 
slightly. "Even though *I* might be half out o' m'mind, Lysseth's never 
been one t'let me do somethin' foolish."

Rafferty pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Kethran follows Ursa outside, regarding her warily.

Ursa glares at any one who dares to look at her as she loops her hand in 
the straps and pulls herself up to her spot between Spineth's neck ridges.

Ursa clambers up onto Spineth's back with the assistance of an extended 

Alyssa hmmms and nods slowly at Kassima, still scritching Pliarth with one 
hand, rubbing Ryialla's shoulder with the other. Her eyes follow Ursa, 

Kethran hesitates before following Ursa onto Spineth's neck-ridges.

Ryialla looks up at Alyssa and smiles, then heads back in to the hall. 
"Gonna clean up."

Ryialla opens the northwestern door and steps into the tasting hall.

Atop Spineth, Ursa glares right back at Alyssa.

Pliarth wurbles sadly after her rider, then nuzzles Alyssa's hand.

Alyssa blinks, startled at receiving a glare in return for a worried, 
harmless look.

Kethran's eyes watch Ursa as he approaches Spineth, just waiting for her 
to yell at him again.

Alyssa pats Pliarth one last time and notes to herself, sadly, "Time for 
me to find Gelth and get back. Good night, all."

Atop Spineth, Ursa loops the straps around her waist, calling down 
impatiently, "Well? Are you coming?"

Alyssa locates the green watchdragon and leaves as quickly as she can.

Kethran finally figures he's safe, and starts to climb up Spineth's straps 
just as Ursa calls down to him impatiently. He quickens his pace and 
nearly falls in his haste.

Kethran clambers up onto Spineth's back with the assistance of an extended 

Atop Spineth, Ursa reaches down a hand quickly when Kethran nearly loses 
his grip. "Watch it..." she growls impatiently, probably more worried than 
mad at this point.

Aphrael sighs and lets out her breath, climbing up onto Prefeth's 

Aphrael turns to Prefeth with a smile, eyes slightly faded as she speaks 
silently to the blue dragon. She slaps at her lifemate's side with 
affection, then uses his extended foreleg to climb up onto Prefeth's 

Rafferty waits to help any riders that look like they need it.

Atop Spineth, Kethran recovers quickly and manages to drop into place. 
"Sorry," he murmurs quietly, though whether he's apologizing for almost 
falling or for his remark earlier it's not clear.

Kassima yawns and sits on Lysseth's foreleg, leaning against the green, 
who lowers her head to nuzzle her rider. Kassi fortunately catches her 
lifemate's hat before it can fall and sets it carefully on the ground.

Atop Spineth, Ursa turns to eye Kethran carefully. "You make sure you're 
strapped in, it's gonna be a long trip."

Atop Spineth, Kethran nods slowly and smiles, checking the straps again as 
he wraps his arms around Ursa as well. "Now I'm safe."

Atop Spineth, Ursa relaxes again as she feels Kethran's arms around her. 
"K. Let's go, then." she says calmly.

Spineth launches off of the ground with his legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of his wings.

Kassima peers up at Aph. "You going home?" she asks, surprised.

Astride Prefeth, Aphrael sighs and shrugs. "Yah. M'tired and wanna go 

Kassima nods, a bit sourly. "Well, even if I hadn't promised Alyssa, Lyss 
has nay intent of taking me home--not until I'm 'not so fuzzy-minded', she 
says. Feh." She gives her lifemate the evil eye. "Overprotective 

Atop Prefeth, Aphrael giggles and waves down. "Well, we're heading back. 
Prefeth says he's not tired or anything so... I'll see you back at the 

Rafferty looks up. "Be careful, riders," he calls out. "Fly well."

Prefeth launches off of the ground with his legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of his wings.

Lysseth rumbles grumpily and nudges her rider, not ungently, and Kassi's 
expression softens a bit. "I know, lump, an' you're right...." She waves 
to Aph and Prefeth. "Clear skies! See you back at the weyr!"

Pliarth croons in the direction of her rider.

Kassima's eyelids droop and soon enough, she's fast asleep, leaning 
against her dragon. Lyss lowers her head and rumbles, curling her tail 
protectively around her sleeping rider.

Ryialla pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Rafferty looks over. "Evening, rider. Be careful on the way home."

Ryialla settles in next to Pliarth, and stares up at the sky. A voice 
distracts her from her musings, and she looks over. "Mm? No, not going to 
head back just yet. Still a little woogly."

Ryialla sighs and wraps her arms around her legs, then stares up at the 
sky again.

Vidarth nudges Ryialla and whuffles her faintly.

R'val pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Ryialla glances over at Vidarth and smiles at the blue, but seems to want 
to be with her thoughts right now.

Vidarth croons somewhat sadly to Ryialla, his eyes whirling.

R'val staggersoutside and makes his way through, headed somewhere in 

R'val opens the metal doors and steps into the Great Hall.

Pliarth whuffles Ryi gently, then curls her tail around her and dozes.

Tinya pushes open the double doors and steps out from the tasting hall.

Tinya wanders out, relatively but not absolutely steady on her feet. She 
walks over to Liath, and sits down between his forelegs, sheltered.

Ryialla after quite a few hours, Ryi gets to her feet, and feels well 
enough to fly home straight.

Ryialla climbs up Pliarth's extended foreleg, giving her an affectionate 
scritch as she settles between her neck ridges.

Ryialla straps herself securely into the riding straps.

Pliarth launches off of the ground with her legs, and soars into the air 
with powerful sweeps of her wings.

After a few hours' worth of sleep, a now decently-sober Kassi wakes up and 
groggily climbs aboard Lysseth's neckridges, preparing to take off.

You place one hand on Lysseth's neck and she warbles down at you fondly. 
You grin and scratch her eyeridges once before climbing up onto her lower 
neckridges, using the riding straps and Lysseth's thoughtfully offered 

<*> Lysseth springs from the ground, the air from her wings churning up 
dust as she takes to the skies.

Launching off the ground with your legs, you soar into the air with 
powerful sweeps of your wings.